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A dark comedy about friendship & the film industry.
A dark comedy about friendship & the film industry.
23 backers pledged $1,775 to help bring this project to life.

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Hello all,

Thank foremost for not only your interest in my film, but for your patience as well. Apparently,  editing a full-length film by yourself is really goddamn difficult. Who knew? 

Lesser of Two Evils has been a work in progress for some time now, and has become a very large and important part of not only my life, but the lives of the cast and crew's too. We put everything we had into what each one of us truly believes in: good cinema. That's it. And we were able to finish it because of all the backers online that saw something in our project. 

Within the next few weeks, the Lesser of Two Evils final cut will be complete and the DVD's will begin to burn. A screening is in the works and all will be updated as much as possible. Expect more updates soon, because we are in the final stages. 

I hate to sound corny or cliche, but together WE all got a film made. How many people can say that? I thank all of you, the backers, the cast and crew, everyone. 

This is only the beginning. 

Finished Filming!

Thank you again to everyone who donated to this project! We have now officially entered POST PRODUCTION!

Be on the lookout for the finished project coming soon!!!

Thank You's all around!

Check out the video for some never before seen clips from the film and other info!

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New Poster

This is the second, or alternate version of the poster for the film.

I also want to take this chance to express my gratitude to those who have donated, we're nearly half way to our goal, thank you so much!

Expect a NEW VIDEO update later today!

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We're getting there!

I just want to thank our 3 backers for their donations thus far!

I hope to see more in the future and am excited to see everyone's interest in our project.

More to come...