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Photographers and other commercial artists need a basic understanding of the law. This book will give 'em that, in plain English. Read more

San Diego, CA Nonfiction
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on March 3, 2012.

Photographers and other commercial artists need a basic understanding of the law. This book will give 'em that, in plain English.

San Diego, CA Nonfiction
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About this project

I am not an artist; I don't even play one on TV. That should explain the poor quality of the video.

I have, however, spent my entire career working with creative professionals--running their businesses and helping them market their work. Now that I've fulfilled my dream of becoming a lawyer for these same people, I want to write a book about the law for creative pros, in as plain an English as possible. Although my main audience will be commercial photographers, because I know them best, the information will cross over to other creative fields, like illustration, design, and writing.

Rather than citing cases and spewing legalese, I want to make the information accessible and straight-forward, so that the readers will learn best practices for their businesses without being bored out of their minds or baffled by the language. Humor and real life stories will help to illustrate the issues creative pros need to understand. For example, creative pros don't need to struggle through terms like "preclude" or mine the depths of the rules behind trial venue, they need to know what they should or shouldn't be doing and why signing that contract that says the venue will be in Delaware might just be a bad idea.

Topics to be covered will include: copyright (from creation and registration through infringements), DMCA issues, trademarks, releases (including rights of privacy and publicity), contracts, terms & conditions, collections, and even touch on tax and employment issues... and maybe some other stuff as I get into it. 

In order to get this in the hands of those who need it most, I want to make it as inexpensive and accessible as possible. There is not a huge market for this information, but it is vital info for artists and far too many of them are flying blind. By pre-funding the project, I will be able to offer it at a lower price to all those who don't contribute (those who do contribute get a special deal, see the premiums).

Oh, and the book's title will likely be something very different than the one for this project. Kickstarter limits the number of characters, so I had to make do.

Thank you for considering this project.  


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