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A feature-length documentary on Alvin Greene, South Carolina's controversial Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010. Read more

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A feature-length documentary on Alvin Greene, South Carolina's controversial Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010.

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"Who is Alvin Greene?" - a feature documentary

I'm Leslie Beaumont. Last June, David Garrett and I became so fascinated by Alvin Greene's surprise win in the South Carolina primary, that we flew out to meet him. We thought his story would make an amazing documentary: a small-town, unemployed veteran with no money and zero experience in politics gets catapulted onto the world's stage after winning the democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

So, we convinced Alvin to let us follow him on the campaign trail for nearly 6 months, where he battled bad press, racism, a felony indictment and rejection by his own party, all in the pursuit of his American dream.

Our feature-length documentary is an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Alvin Greene's historic run, during which he became the most-covered candidate of the 2010 election year. The film also examines the state of democracy in America and what it takes to get elected to higher office.

Here's some press we've gotten so far:

Vanity Fair:

Daily Caller:


Yahoo News:

Here's a link to interview we did on the Keith Larson Radio Show in Charlotte (halfway down the page next to our picture):

If you watch the video at the top of the page, you can see me in the corner shooting on the camera we borrowed from our friend Evan Boymel. Skip to 1:02:55 on the time code and see me get called to the mic by Keith Larson to answer questions on the documentary.


We financed the shooting of the film with our own money and were fortunate to have volunteers during production. People like Archie Jacobs donated their time and equipment, driving all over the state with us because they believed in the project. Right now, editor Jesse Berger from South Carolina is sleeping on my couch and helping us through post production.

Unfortunately, Jesse has to eat now and then. Plus, we have to spend money on licensing news footage, music, sound design and other costs to get the film ready for festivals. Your pledge will go toward those finishing costs plus help pay the people who have volunteered their time to get us this far. Our goal is to have the film completed by the end of April.

Check out our official website, imdb and Facebook pages:

twitter: @AlvinGreeneDoc

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments at or

This documentary is for anyone who likes a good underdog story, and we appreciate your support in getting it out there. Thanks for taking a look!

Best regards,

Leslie Beaumont & David Garrett

* Gifts: If you would like to make a pledge and then gift the reward, that's awesome! Simply go through the normal process of making a pledge in your name. After the deadline, we'll send a message to you to request things like your t-shirt size and address. Please reply with the information for the person who is to receive the reward. The same goes for any on-screen credit or phone call.

* Note for International Pledgers: If you're getting a DVD/t-shirt, we'll send it Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box, which is $13.95 for all countries. Check it out: Please throw in $10 extra to your pledge and we'll call it even. But that's only if we're shipping you something. Thanks for understanding.


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    You'll receive a Digital Download of the Completed Film + a pdf of Leslie's original treatment for "Who is Alvin Greene?" (see how it all started!) + a very special 1-minute "Thank You" video from Leslie & David.

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    You'll receive all of the above + an actual hard-copy DVD of the Completed Film with soundtrack & extras + a "SPECIAL THANKS" credit on the official website.

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    You'll receive all of the above + a personal "Thank You" phone call from Leslie, David, or both, your choice.

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    All of the above + a "SPECIAL THANKS" during end film credits & on imdb + an official "Greene Senate" campaign t-shirt:

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    You'll receive all of the above + a "Thank You" call from Alvin Greene himself + hard-copy DVD autographed by Leslie, David & Alvin + "CONTRIBUTING PRODUCER" credit on the website, imdb & at the end of the film. That's right, you are now an official producer. Your name will appear alphabetically during the end title crawl under the heading "Contributing Producers". Impress your movie-going friends relatively quickly when your name comes up on the big screen, thereby launching your Hollywood career!

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    You'll receive all of the above + 20 minute Skype session with David & Leslie to discuss anything you want + a limited edition "Who is Alvin Greene?" movie poster autographed by Alvin, Leslie & David + two VIP tickets to the film's glamorous premiere at a location to be determined. Of course, there will be a big victory party afterward so we can all hang out! (travel and lodging not included)

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    We will display your photo during closing credits under a section entitled "This film was made possible thanks to a generous grant from...". That's right, you supply us with a picture of you or your boyfriend or your grandmother or dog or whoever you want (as long as you have rights to the pic), and it will become part of celluloid history. Get seen by millions around the world! Imagine Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie watching the documentary at a private chateau in the Swiss Alps and your irresistible mug flashes on the screen. Could you be the one responsible for breaking up their marriage? You'll never know until you try! + signed DVD, signed poster, t-shirt & two VIP premiere tickets as above.

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    You'll receive all of the above + "ASSOCIATE PRODUCER" credit on website, imdb & end Film Credits + two extra VIP tickets (for a total of 4) to the film's premiere at a location to be determined. (travel and lodging not included)

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    You'll receive all of the above + "CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER" credit on official website, imdb & opening film credits + David & Leslie will fly to your city to personally screen the completed film at your home for you and your friends! Limited to within the United States. (Outside United States if travel arrangements can be agreed upon.)

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