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An exciting new live-action comedy web series about a gamer-geek trapped inside a world of video games, fighting for his life.
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First of all apologies for the typo, those of you who got in touch, should know by now that there was a typo on the last update. I kept it open until 8pm on Wednesday anyway, we only got one post update from the awesome Jeff Brennerman, so his video promoting our Kickstarter and show will be down below at the bottom. Meanwhile, here is today's update...

Update 3: Closing on Our Goals w/ Special Offer

At the time of writing this we are just $8020 short of reaching our goals. That is not a lot of money in the run of things and we have just about FOUR DAYS LEFT to this. We need to get to our goals and because of this and as it is here in the USA the time of Thanksgiving, the time to say what we're thankful for in our lives. We'll all be damn thankful to you and the contributors if we make it that's for sure! It's also going to be the time for Black Friday, the best sales day in the world...

As such we're going to be, from now until the end of the Kickstarter... Offering for $2000 ONLY, the position and credit of ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on My Life as a Video Game for season one. That's right, what was once $5000 is now just $2000 ONLY. You'll get info before anyone else, access to series bibles, see the dailies footage, get behind the scenes info that no-one else will and have a direct line to the Producers of the Show. Help get this show made and contribute today, spread the word.

Let's get that last push, let's get those final $8000 to get this show made!

Jeff Brenneman's Video: