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An exciting new live-action comedy web series about a gamer-geek trapped inside a world of video games, fighting for his life.
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Leon Films

407 backers pledged $32,413 to help bring this project to life.

Getting the Word Out


As we enter the final ten days of this campaign, we're very excited. As many of you may have noticed we've taken a large leap up in funds the last few days. This is mostly thanks to Brent Black, who using his YouTube channel has spread the word to his 150,000+ subscribers. Here is what he sent out:

What does this do for our campaign and why are we telling you about it considering a large number of you were brought here by this very video? The answer is simple. Getting the word out. If you've contributed to this project, or are simply seeing this update, you need to know how important it is to get the word out.

So that is why I am asking all of your for your help. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, even Google Plus if you have it. We need to spread the word and get it out there and we need to get the word out soon. 

But this is not without reward... YouTube in particular is key here. Anyone who creates a video and uploads it to YouTube by WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 20TH 2012 will get a thank you video from creator Petros L. Ioannou the next day and will receive a shout out from us on facebook and twitter. Also if you so wish, the next update will include a posting of your video too, so all the other backers can see just how awesome you are.

You can send us a message here or email us the link to enter at

Please help us spread the word as we enter the last week and some change of this campaign. Help us get to the goal, tell people about the project, the awesome rewards and how important it is that we reach our goal in time. However you can, spread the word today!


    1. Creator Leon Films on November 16, 2012

      Slight Error in the the above date, it IS NOV 20th, but that's a Tuesday not a Wednesday, my apologies, it was very late a night.