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An exciting new live-action comedy web series about a gamer-geek trapped inside a world of video games, fighting for his life.
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Leon Films

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T-Shirt Sizes & Episodes 7 & 8!

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Don goes through some pretty awesome changes in Episodes 7 & 8!
Don goes through some pretty awesome changes in Episodes 7 & 8!

 Hey guys,

Petros here again with a couple of updates. So, we've started sending out T-Shirts to people as promised, but many of you haven't answered us yet with the Size you wanted. We currently only have sizes S-XL, so if you need larger or smaller, please let us know and we'll have those made specially with the next batch we brew... print... make, whatever - I dunno how the do this magic stuff.

Meanwhile, in case for some reason you're not following us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER or INSTAGRAM or PINTEREST or SUBSCRIBED ON YOUTUBE:
Here is Episode 7 and Episode 8: Huge stuff in this one, including a very special 80s Montage song by our man brentalfloss himself... is your body ready?

EPISODE 5 & 6 are out now!

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Okay, so due to a pretty big oversight on our part, we apparently didn't post Episode 5 to you guys. We're now onto EPISODE 6 too, so here are both episodes for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy this nice romp back to the 80s, it's some of our best stuff so far we think!

Don and Kera go to their first new world together. A world of bad-hair-bad clothes and bad people. Travel back to the awesome 80s into this jaunt inspired by Double Dragon and Streets of Rage!

"Beaten Up" continues the story of our heroes in the beat 'em up world. Some revelations about Kera's past come to light and Don's will to be a hero is pushed to the limit as he takes the fight to the streets!

 Don't forget to like and SUBSCRIBE! Find us on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

NEXT STORY ARC TRAILER - feat. The Voice of Honest Trailers

Hey guys, a quick update. In case you aren't subscribed to the channel yet, which you should be by now. If not go to and hit that subscribe button or just CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE. The first of the physical rewards will be going out very shortly, until then, we've got an extra special trailer of the upcoming episodes that start on Tuesday. Now please do go to the YouTube page, try to watch the ad if you can too, and most importantly, LIKE, COMMENT, FAVOURITE. Mostly the COMMENT part, we want to hear your feedback and create a vocal community. Special thanks to Jon Bailey, who did the awesome voiceover work - check out his YouTube Channel in the description on YouTube. New episodes start February 11th!

 Don't forget to COMMENT and LIKE as they really do help YouTube push the stuff we put out and recognise it as "good content".

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If you were one of our backers on this Kickstarter project, now that series is out, and the first story arc is over, we're looking to send you guys the 1080p Digital Downloads we promised for that reward level. Also going out to you guys is the Digital Soundtrack to said first arc.

What we're going to be doing is sending these out each time we finish an arc up, with two more left this season expect more to come. Hope you guys are really enjoying the show and we couldn't have done it without your help.

Check your Kickstarter inbox and/or email for the 1080p digital downloads and mp3 soundtrack.

As always for all the latest updates, find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and most importantly, WATCH THE SHOW ON YOUTUBE. 

Hope this can be a nice Christmas present for many of you to wake up to. Or belated Hanukkah, or Kwanza. Happy Holidays from the Leon Films team!

- Petros L. Ioannou
Exec. Producer

EPISODE FOUR: Killstreaking

Hey guys, check out EPISODE FOUR: Killstreaking of MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME if you haven't already. It's the final episode of the First Person Shooter story arc before we move onto the next video game world in January 2014.

Just click the link below to start watching. And please, please, share it with your friends, Like, Comment, Favourite and Subscribe if you haven't already. All these things help spread the show around and get us more views and we really want you guys to help us spread the word.

 A small update also about Digital Rewards for those who contributed $25 or more. We are going to be sending these out in chunks with 1080p downloads and Digital Soundtracks of the the First Person Shooter arc, that concludes with this episode - in a couple of days. We'll be sending them out after every arc concludes to get them to you faster.

Hope you all enjoy this episode.

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 - Petros L. Ioannou
Exec. Producer