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929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.
929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.
929 backers pledged $60,142 to help bring this project to life.

MIDWAY POINT: New Rewards!

Posted by Len Peralta (Creator)

Hello all!
Welcome to all the new eyes finding this project from Bonnie Burton's CNET article or from or Gemma Cox's AGR's article!  Thanks for checking the project out! There's a lot to update so here goes:

As the title says, we are officially at the midway point of this project.  Just a little over 2 weeks to go and I've got some work to do.  Hopefully all the new eyes will also mean new backers! (fingers crossed).  I just added two new rewards of note.

  • GRAMMAR GIRLED:  At the $250 level, Grammar Girl herself will copyedit your document (up to 1000 words).  If you've ever felt like you needed a professional to check your work for grammatical errors, why not have a pro do it?
  •  "KILLDREN" PRINT AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR PATRICK ROTHFUSS:  Ok this one takes a little explaining. Last night, I was a guest on the NSFW Show (hosted by Season 5 GAW's Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood).  Also on the show was famous author, awesome guy in general and Season 5 GAW'er Patrick Rothfuss.  During the show, Justin and Brian worked with Pat to create a totally fictional. totally over the top collection of novels that Pat could release as his next project. What they came up with was a book called "Killdren: Book 1 of The BabyFighter Chronicles."  While they were coming up with the idea, I drew the cover LIVE on the show.  Here's a look at it:
Many many apologies to Patrick Rothfuss.
Many many apologies to Patrick Rothfuss.

 Pat was a great sport about it and is allowing me to offer the print as an add-on to any level. (See the FAQ on how to handle any add-ons) Also, at the $95 level, you can get this print signed and numbered (only 50 available!) by Pat and myself.  

Of course, Pat would never write anything as horrendous as this, but I gotta be honest, I might actually buy this book based on the cover. 

 Incidentally, Pat is currently dong some fundraising of his own at the WordBuilders site.  They are doing incredible charity work right now.  So please go over there and donate...after you back this Kickstarter, of course! :)

Speaking of great projects...a huge congrats goes out to The DoubleClicks on their AMAZING first day project - Backed in less than 4 hours!  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous. But they are amazing musicians and I love them more than words can describe and they deserve all the accolades and support they are getting and will get over the course of the project.

Also, I feel like I have a Kickstarter kindred spirit in the form of Geeky Sprinkles - bakery for geeks!  We have similar audiences and similar goals. So I feel like it makes complete sense to support her! You must check out creator Tara's project and watch her video. It's honestly one of the best I've ever seen.

That's it!  Two weeks to go.  I need all your support!  Thank you for everything you've done so far.  

"I'm a cowboy. Howdy howdy howdy"


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