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929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.
929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.
929 backers pledged $60,142 to help bring this project to life.

Exclusive John Kovalic Print + Geek A Week Gloom Mini-Stretch Goal

Posted by Len Peralta (Creator)

Hello everyone!

First off, thanks to everyone who has backed this project so far.  I'm 25% funded one week in, which is FANTASTIC in my estimation.  We just need a little more steam-power, a shot in the arm, so to speak, And today's additions might help. So let's dissect them, shall we?

I am so proud to announce that incredibly geeky pal (and current Geek A Weeker) John Kovalic of Dork Tower and Munchkin fame has created a special Kickstarter-only print for the project.  Check it out:

 Those of you familiar with John's comic may recognize the image from this Dork Tower comic.  It's a silly take on the game Smash-up.  I'm so incredibly excited to offer this exclusive print to my Kickstarter backers. If you haven't backed yet, it is available at the $75 level.  Or if you have backed and really want this great piece of Kovalic art, you can add it on for just $20.  Just go back to "Manage Your Pledge" and adjust the amount to include enough to cover John's cool print.

Woot!  Thanks John!

Also, this...

So, Keith Baker (creator of one of my favorite games Gloom) and I have been chatting about something cool we could work on together.  We came up with a bunch of cool ideas, (which hopefully will come to fruition sooner than later).  But in the meantime, Keith and Atlas games have allowed me to offer some really awesome Gloom-related rewards.

For $175, you can back the limited GLOOM-Y PORTRAIT LEVEL. You'll get the deck, your name in the backer credits PLUS I will draw a Gloom-inspired portrait of you that I will use to make your own personalized Gloom card! You'll also have a bit of sad poetry about your miserable life written by Gloom creator Keith Baker! You'll get a digital file that you can print and then use to play in the actual game! Only five of these available so, get your clicking hats on (provided one existed and you actually own one.)

Also, thanks to Keith and Atlas Games, I am offering this MINI-STRETCH GOAL:


 Ok, it doesn't really exist.  But it could! 

Here's the deal:  If we reach $20K in funding, everyone who backs will get a digital PDF copy of Geek A Week Gloom. Keith Baker will create *8* NEW Gloom cards featuring current and past Geek A Weekers complete with custom written copy about their miserable lives. These cards will will work with any version of Gloom.

Here's a quick little example of what one of the Geek A Week Gloom cards might look like, done up by the man, Keith:

Seth may or may not be one of the cards. You can help decide!
Seth may or may not be one of the cards. You can help decide!

 You can actually help decide who one of the coveted eight spots would be!  (Actually, seven spots because Keith wants to be one of the geeks on the Gloom cards.)  Leave us a comment all geeks are up for consideration, so let us know!

Phew!  Lots to take in and consider.  If you want the EXCLUSIVE John Kovalic Print, or a Gloom-y portrait, or you want to see Geek A Week Gloom come to life, go an support this Kickstarter today!

Thanks for looking!



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    1. Len Peralta 6-time creator on

      Adam: Sorry I just saw this comment. This is the message I got from Keith Baker:

      "I don't know of a way to print the characters on the quality of plastic that would be comparable to a true Gloom card. Because they are Characters and Guests, there is no need for them to BE transparent; they will always be at the bottom of a stack. So my advice is heavy card stock."

    2. Adam Dugger on

      Will there be a guide for how to get these cards printed on the same or similar clear plastic that's used in Gloom?

    3. Len Peralta 6-time creator on

      I like Bonus Goal.
      I didn't want to keep this a secret though because it was really cool. :)

    4. Simcha Gralla

      Bonus goal? Hidden goal? Newly-unearthed goal? What-else-can-I-do-to-tempt-you goal?

      I've seen some projects tease goals that they reveal when they hit intermediate levels. ("When we hit $20K, I'll let you in on a secret").

    5. Len Peralta 6-time creator on

      Glad you like the updates!
      Maybe we just call the goal a Mini-Goal. Not a stretch, Good point. I didn't even consider that. I am just trying to kick the ball forward, if I can. Does that make sense?

    6. Simcha Gralla

      I don't mind updates! I wonder, though, what the point of a mini-stretch goal is, unless it somehow gets delivered even if you don't meet the full goal. Otherwise, isn't it really just an added benefit of meeting your goal?

    7. John Luker on

      10 updates in 7 days is too much for me. I'm out. Good luck.