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929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.
929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.
929 backers pledged $60,142 to help bring this project to life.

More Geeks, More Rewards (Including Uncut Sheets)

Posted by Len Peralta (Creator)

Ok, lots to update here. So let's get to it.


Hoo boy. I mentioned this on Twitter last night, but I feel it needs a proper announcement post.  

Mikey Neumann

Mikey and I have been running around with the same crowd for some time now, but we've never met formally. I was really excited to get him onto the project because I am a big fan of his writing style.  Mikey is an author, voice actor and Chief Creative Champion for Gearbox Software. He is one incredible person and I'm so happy to have him on board!

Kris Straub

I've been a fan of Kris' art for quite some time now, but for some reason, I've been scared to reach out to him.  I can't explain why, exactly.  He seems like one of the nicest people in the webcomic world. I'm happy to finally be able to meet him and add him to the Geek A Week deck.  And I am happy to report he is as nice as you can imagine! You can check out more of Kris' work here.

This brings the total number of geeks right now to 39. THIRTY NINE, FOLKS. There are still some slots to fill, and I hope to fill them before the end of the campaign. 


Yesterday, I added a limited reward of autographed Geek A Week: Legend of Videogames sets.  Very cool item. Read more about it here.

I also added a butt-ton (an actual measurement) of rewards.  The first is...


Just added at the $250 level is a awesome reward courtesy of the lovely Teal Shearer of the wildly successful web series, My Gimpy Life. Teal is offering 15 minute Skype/Google Hangouts with her! If you're a fan of Teal and her work, this could be a great time to chat her about what it takes to make an award-winning web series.  There are only five of these to snap up, so act fast!


I literally raided my closet yesterday and found a bunch of full uncut sheets of some of the original Geek A Week Cards.  When I get the cards printed, I have my printer do a full sheet proof for me to look over. I've saved some of them over the course of the last few years and I now I am making them available to collectors.

A look at the uncut sheets
A look at the uncut sheets

I was originally going to make one reward level with a "First Come, First Served" rule. But I thought that might be a little crazy. So I've created seventeen separate limited rewards where you can grab the sheet you might be interested in.  Each sheet has 25 card fronts and backs.  You can choose from Steve Wozniak, Kevin Smith, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Cinematic Titanic, Marian Call, Nathan Sawaya, Ken Plume, Mark Mothersbaugh, MC Frontalot, Molly Lewis or Fred Seibert.  There are also 5 special sheets done for the MythBusters and Discovery Channel.  And finally there is one sheets of 25 cards that includes 15 Rifftrax cards, 5 John Scalzi cards and 5 Wil Wheaton cards.

These are all one of a kind and have never been made available until now. Check 'em out!

That's it for now.  I've got more updates coming so check back daily!

Your friend in Hamboning!!



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