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Two powerhouse voices deliver haunting harmonies & vivid lyrics about sexual tension, homeland, freedom, fame, addiction & survival. PRE♥ORDER today. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 22, 2009.

Two powerhouse voices deliver haunting harmonies & vivid lyrics about sexual tension, homeland, freedom, fame, addiction & survival. PRE♥ORDER today.

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Dear Friends,

I am collaborating with to raise $5500 for The Expatriate Amplification Project, a CD which will feature the unique all-vocal music from my acclaimed two-woman play Expatriate. This will be my second independently released studio record and I need your energetic and financial support.

Pledge between now and December 22, 2009 and your donation will be used to enthusiastically:

*digitally master a 12-track CD
*hire an amazing graphic designer to create CD artwork
*manufacture and duplicate physical copies of the CD
*independently distribute via, iTunes and other online sources
*hire a rocking publicist so everyone and their mama will want one
*create a project website
*create a mesmerizing music video or two


The Expatriate Amplification Project―written and composed by yours truly―will feature 12 tracks of powerful, narrative, lyrically engaging all-vocal music created with two big voices, two cool loop machines and a whole lot of heart. I sing! And so does Karla Mosley, a rising star of the stage and screen. One audience member described our sound as "post-civil rights chants/neo-Africanistic funk." After experiencing this music live, the press already has this to say:

"Armed only with their phenomenal voices and a JamMan loop machine, Moise and Mosley perform Expatriate’s electrifying original musical score. Moise’s sensual, velvety timbre is a sublime counterpart to Mosley’s glorious soprano, and her composition is hauntingly beautiful." -Go Magazine

"Jazz, hip-hop, poetry, pop rock...powerhouse singing." -Curtain Up

“Lenelle Moise’s music, created by a JamMan loop machine and a powerful voice singing evocative lyrics, has a beat that gets under your skin, fascinating rhythm, and a real theatrical power.” -Backstage


Expatriate is a two-act play about sexual tension, love, music, freedom, fame, addiction and survival. It follows achingly platonic soul mates and musicians Claudie and Alphine from the projects of Boston, to the nightclubs of New York to the glorious streets of Paris. The script features poetic dialogue, dream sequences and original all-vocal musical compositions in the spirit of Nina Simone, Zap Mama and Imogen Heap.

In July 2008, Expatriate premiered in NYC, co-starring myself and Karla Mosley. During our limited run at the Culture Project, the play was met with standing ovations and critical acclaim. The New York Times rhapsodized, "With all the theater out there, how inspiring it is to be reminded how invigorating an Off Broadway play can be with just two appealing performers, compelling music and a searching, intelligent script...Lenelle Moise has written a thoughtful narrative laden with observations about childhood, black identity in the United States and abroad, and the cost of show business on performers."

Praise is awesome. Money is awesome, too.


As I work to develop a tourable production of Expatriate, the demand for a music-only recording has been loud and clear. I strongly feel a well-recorded CD (and a well-reported CD release) will boost national interest in the show and bring its message of hope for women artists to audiences, diverse and wide. In an effort to retain creative control over my music, I am launching The Expatriate Amplification Project.

♥ HERE'S HOW IT WORKS ♥ processes all the pledges on Kickstarter. When you decide to make a pledge, you'll be quickly directed to to confirm. If you have an account this takes only a few clicks. If you don't have an account, Amazon will ask you to register―easy! Funding ends when time expires. At that point one of two things happens: 1) If the project has reached or exceeded its funding goal when time expires, all backers' credit cards are instantly charged and funds go directly to me, the project creator or 2) If funding doesn't succeed, all pledges are immediately canceled (and I say boo to option 2).


Help me reach $5500 (or more) by December 22, 2009 and let's get The Expatriate Amplification Project into the world! Thank you in advance for pledging today and for spreading the word. Your donations will get you great gifts and frequent updates. Plus, I'll love you forever. Seriously! So support independent woman-made art. It's good karma.

Warmly, Lenelle Moise

More about the play:
More about Karla Mosley:


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    Pledge $10 or more

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    AND YOU WILL RECEIVE a digital download of the entire finished album AND a special edition collage postcard, designed by Lenelle, thanking you for your donation.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    39 backers

    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS a signed physical copy of the final album one week before its official release date!

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS a copy of Lenelle's poetry CD "Madivinez."

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS 10 blank greeting cards, featuring collage designs by Lenelle, for you to collect or mail to your friends! AND Karla will add an autographed photo from her hit children's TV show "Hi-Five."

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS your name listed in the "thank you" section of the CD booklet and project website (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS a limited edition promotional poster signed by both Lenelle Moise and Karla Mosley.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS Karla will autograph a special photo from the final season of the classic American daytime drama "Guiding Light." (Limited to 5 backers)

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE times two :)

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