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Having completed its incubation in the small confines of 122, the Lemon Grove can now truly fulfill its mission at 110 West Federal.

If you are even remotely aware of what is happening in the internationally recognized downtown Youngstown, OH renaissance, you know that Lemon Grove plays a BIG roll. We are able to do this in the tiny confines of a 24x150 space. Imagine what we can do with literally 10x the space! The former Rosetta Stone at 110 West Federal is a turn key establishment, with equipment all ready to go. We have what it takes to acquire the space in May. We need your help in "Lemon Groveizing" the atmosphere of this space to have it live up to the full potential of expressing and furthering our community. Lemon Grove's atmosphere is already legendary at 122, with your help we will take this to a whole new level. 

Please help us to drastically exceed our goal! The more we receive, the more we can get done throughout the building, for the economic and cultural benefit of the city.

Since opening in August of 2009, the Lemon Grove has made an undeniable impact on our city and region through its pursuit of the economic and cultural revitalization of Youngstown.

While our home at 122 contains our blood, sweat, and tears, the small confines drastically hinder us from fulfilling our true potential. As we do so many things, art gallery, restaurant, concert venue, meeting space, bar, etc, it is impossible to evolve all the aspects in our 3,300 sq foot space.

We now have the opportunity to truly evolve our mission, with twice the space... just on the first floor, and there are five floors! Acquiring the former Rosetta Stone at 110 West Federal will make the Lemon Grove a cultural crown jewel, not just for the city, but the entire region.

Phase One: Moving operations to the first floor of 110. The space is turn key thanks to the Rosetta Stone, but there is clean up needed and it is of paramount importance that we "Lemon Grove-ize" the space.

• The Tree: We are artistically styling a tree to "grow" out of the back bar and branching out above the customers seated at the bar. This will be the focal point of the space.

• The repainting of the vaulted ceiling with a starry-starry night-esque mural by Jason Van Hoose

•Deep Cleaning.

•Wall Painting

•Flooring replacement for shot carpet in the step up dining area.

•Replacement of booth with something like a large comfortable wooden pew 

•new angled stage configuration

•By far the most adventurous of these points, but what will make the most drastic impact for energizing the whole place and the street, is the replacement of the front windows with fully openable ones. So for nice days the line between the patio and the inside erases. Doing this would make an air curtain necessary to prevent smoke & insects coming in and heat/cool escaping. 

• Back entrance. We will create a more welcoming back entrance. Ideally with a back patio area. This will also require the movement of the Downtown Circle's and v2 dumpsters. I have drawn up a block plan that would help address this. 

This will accomplish Phase 1 allowing us to open the Lemon Grove in it's new home in June. The grand opening is set for June 21st.

Phase 2 begins as soon as fiscally possible after phase 1. The basement concert venue and bar is what will make 110 a regional destination. All our current equipment can go down there to get it going, so really it is just the core elements of HVAC, plumbing, and electric work that is needed.

Phases 3 through 119 will then continue until one day the whole building is fully utilized to its max all the way to the top with a rooftop garden patio, but with this successful Kickstarter campaign, we will accomplish Phases 1 and 2 completely.


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