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The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
1,994 backers pledged $395,388 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tim C 3 days ago

      I was a early backer who paid a extra $20 on my pledge in order to get a nightfox. We were told to do that at the time to get the nightfox. I got a early survey at the beginning of the campaign and entered this info into the survey. Can IC confirm and verify im getting a nightfox?

    2. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili 3 days ago

      EXCITED ^_^

    3. Input Club Creator 3 days ago

      @William Chou - Please do it as soon as possible. We are getting ready to finalize things for non-Hako orders.
      @Rob - Orders are closed on Kickstarter and they are open on Kono. It is the same product, though shipping was included for the US based Kickstarter orders and discounted for International ones.
      @constexpr - We do plan on making it available with more switch types, but not before we ship in February.
      @Rick R - Hako Trues are much closer to Topre.
      @Scott Espanola and John Reiter - We can refund your order if you direct message us and you can place a new one here -
      @Mustafa Tasdemir and Les Manalili - No comment, it is a surprise! :)
      @Adrian Bjugård - Everyone will get the same packaging.
      @Brandon Tay - They are not linear switches, he misspoke. They do feel linear at the beginning as there is very little pre-load. We are not shipping any pre-orders with LEDs pre-installed, though we did include space for LEDs and an LED driver on the PCB so you can install them yourself. At some point in the future, we may offer LED options, but we do not do so currently and do not have a timeline for when it will be available.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brandon Tay 3 days ago

      I just watched this review…

      he mentioned that the hako trues were linear switches and that the option for LEDs pre-installed would be available. can you confirm this?

    5. Adrian Bjugård 3 days ago

      Oh my god, that case looks awesome, I really hope us NightFox kit purchasers will also get one! I only chose the kit version because I want to experiment a little with the layout ;).

    6. Missing avatar

      John Reiter 4 days ago

      I’m also interested in upgrading to a Night Fox! I’d be happy to pay the difference (pledged for White Fox with Halo/Hako Trues).

    7. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili 4 days ago

      @Mustafa the video says that the KB comes with the case? @_@ I want one. How true InputClub? :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Mustafa Tasdemir 5 days ago

      I have seen this review on YouTube….
      It shows a cool case which I really doubt we will get with this kickstarter but I just wanted to ask anyway to verify. Is this case included in the store orders? Or was it just a complimentary addition for the reviewer?

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Espanola 5 days ago

      I also would like to "upgrade" to a nightfox. I'm mad at myself for not doing so before the campaign ended.

    10. Rick R
      5 days ago

      I'd gone with the Halo Trues previously because the descriptions implied that they were closer to the Topre switch. Now it looks like the Hako Clears are closer to the Topre. Am I reading that wrong? Why the change? (Aware of the IP issues in the updates)

    11. constexpr 7 days ago

      Pardon, I meant to say non-Kaihua.

    12. constexpr 7 days ago

      In addition to Rob's question, I would like to know if the NightFox will be available on Kono with Hako Clears and, furthermore, with non-Hako and non-Kailh switches at some point in the future. If so, when?

    13. Missing avatar

      Rob on November 11

      Is there any benefit in purchasing the nightfox on Kickstarter vs the Kono store?

    14. Missing avatar

      William Chou on November 10

      Looking forward to reading the impartial reviews of the switches. When's the latest we can change our preference?

      I originally pledged for Halo True, but I like the feel of my Topre switch (45g) but wish it would be a little heavier, though not as heavy as Cherry MX Clear. Would Hako Clear be a better fit?

    15. Input Club Creator on November 10

      @Betti Weiss - Kickstarter won't allow us to collect additional funds using their platform. I can refund an order and you can place on here -
      @Sam Weiskittel - Yes we are working toward that date.
      @Vasilis - That is correct, it is only available with Hako True switches.
      @Vincent Duong - Send a private message and we can address this.
      @Bren Pearson + Eugen Pirogoff - We are still shooting for December for Non-Hako keyboards, will post updates when we know more however. This micro-controller issue is apparently affecting global production for thousands of companies (as we just found out this morning!)
      @Ian Marshall - Yes, you can change your address on Kickstarter.
      @Tri Le - The WhiteFox can come with Hako Clears, but the NightFox only comes with Hako Trues. We will do a sound sample shortly.
      @Chris - You should have been taken care of. Apologies for the delay.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris on November 10

      In light of the new update, I would like to cancel my order please. I tried messaging you guys but have received no response the past 3 days.

    17. Tri Le on November 10

      Can you tell us how loud either the True or the Clears will be? And is it possible to switch my orders to be all Hako Clears?

    18. Missing avatar

      Ian Marshall on November 9

      With the ship date pushed back as far as it is, will we have the ability to change our shipping addresses? I'm planning on moving in January and the new ship date means I won't be at the current address.

    19. Eugen Pirogoff on November 8

      I have actually the same question as Bren Pearson. If its going to take longer, then this whole switching switches types (hi hi) of the order with this form does not make any sense. So clear expectations (you current estimations for dates, and yes they can change) for those who kickstarted, switch the switch type (with those google doc forms) and those who did not would be really awesome.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bren Pearson on November 7

      Do people who switched to other switches to avoid the delay with the custom Hako switches still get the boards in December or are all boards now being sent out in Jan/Feb? All good either way, I understand the delay with the micro-controller, I'm just unsure. Cheers

    21. Missing avatar

      Vincent Duong on November 7

      Is it possible to change my pledge? Thanks for letting me know in advance.

    22. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on November 7

      is the night fox only available built with the True switch? I would like to get the Clear as it sounds more like my type of switch for the nightfox.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on November 7

      Is the shipping date for the DIY kits still December?

    24. Missing avatar

      Betti Weiss
      on November 7

      Is it possible to ‘upgrade’ to nightfox?

    25. Input Club Creator on November 7

      @Schild - Yes they do!

    26. schild on November 7

      do the new switches work with*

      weird a quarter of my comment got eaten

    27. schild on November 7

      work with Cherry keycaps? I'm assuming yes, but i have to ask

    28. Missing avatar

      Yan Li on November 7

      @blake thanks. I posted moments before their update � looking forward to trying the new switches in person at next weekend's meetup.

    29. Input Club Creator on November 7

      @Jason Miller - We can address that on a case by case basis.
      @Amrta Faruqi - No, we are not offering Cherry MX Green, but kit options were available and you could solder one yourself! We will be making kit options available again in the future.
      @Johannes Heise - We are ok with Chinese customs, inexperienced with all other customs branches. However, we are working with a fulfillment company who is quite good, so everything should occur correctly. If an issue happens, contact support so we can figure it out!
      @ucyo - The printing for these looks very consistent on our end. We are working with an extremely professional company and are satisfied with their work.
      @Les Manalili - I can't confirm which courier will be used for each country right now, but as we near the ship date I expect I will have a complete list.
      @Eugen Pirogoff - Yes the new Hako switches are both through-hole and SMD LED compatible.
      @ma - Exactly!
      @Jino - Everything has been revealed via the recent Update #10 or on our switch guide here -

      Let us know what you think - they are not like Speed Switches, but they are also very different from other things you may be used to!
      @Patrick - The Hako True does use a heavy, shortened spring, but it doesn't have the same heavy weighting as springs of a normal length. It is this way to provide a very specific force curve.
      @Chanel Yu - we have sorted your issue out I believe?
      @Austin Hamilton - Yes, do so via our storefront at
      @John Still - Send over a message to us and we can take care of you!
      @Izaac Tajan - They are not GMK, though they are the same Cherry profile used by GMK. They are made by our factory and use a dye sublimation process that is comparatively durable to doubleshot keycaps.
      @Daniel - if this has not already been addressed, we will take care of it now!
      @Yan Li - Yes, and we are pushing the date a bit to February to make sure we have time for testing.
      @Blake - Thanks!
      @Johnny - Send us a direct message and I will look into your situation!

    30. Missing avatar

      Johnny on November 7

      I have backed the Whitefox with Halo True and submitted the switch replacement form. Is there any confirmation email?

    31. Blake on November 7


      It says right in the update when boards will be shipping. Did you read it?

    32. Missing avatar

      Yan Li on November 7

      So with the announcement of the Hako Trues, is that what will be shipping on the boards in January?

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel on November 5

      Hello, I have also been trying to contact IC but no response yet, I want to cancel my order since things came up and I will post here since I have not been responded back to by message.

    34. Izaac Tajan on November 4

      Anyone know if the keycaps for the Night Fox are GMK?

    35. John Still on November 4

      Hey Input Club! I have a pledge for two kits, one of each night/white, but I just received the K-type and absolutely LOVE the Halo Clears. Any chance I can change the WF kit to include Halo Clears? Assembled or not, would just love to have them, I think it'd be an extra crispy combo :)

      Either way, thanks for putting together another keyboard drop!

    36. Austin Hamilton on November 3

      I have an order for 2x Whitefox keyboards (one for myself, one as a present). I'd really like to order a Nightfox; is it possible to make an additional order with Nightfox Halo Trues, even if it's delayed until January/February?

    37. Missing avatar

      Chanel Yu on November 3

      I have been trying to reach out to someone from IC but have gotten no responses yet. Joined this group buy mostly because I wanted to try out the halo true switches & spent a good amount of time researching them. But now that these will not be going forward I would like to drop out of the sale.

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick on November 1

      @Jino I have similar concerns, but instead of Kaihua I'm worried about them being like Cherry MX Clear (one of my least favorite switch). I get not bottoming out, but solving that with a super heavy spring is not ergo and, in my experience, quite painful to type on after a while.

    39. Jino on October 23

      I recently read reviews and watched videos on the Kaihua speed switches and I think they are pretty awful. I truly hope the Halo replacements will be nothing like them, hopefully more like Zealio switches.

      I would like the option of cancelling the order when you guys decide to reveal more information about the Halo replacement switches. I am willing to accept the month-long delay but if they are anything like the Kaihua speeds, I will jump ship.

    40. Missing avatar

      ma on October 23

      @ucyo they are using a different factory / manufacturer for this run than they did with previous runs. Seeing that this campaign is by Input Club themselves rather than Massdrop, there is hope that they will pay more attention to quality control.

    41. Eugen Pirogoff on October 20

      Hey folks is the Cherry MX Option that one cloud choose still compatible with the possibility to solder in some LED's?

    42. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on October 16

      I have the same concern with @Johannes Heise

      May I know which courier will be used? Some couriers send the order to the post office, and sometimes if the Customs officer is in a bad mood, we get taxed 50% :(

    43. Missing avatar

      ucyo on October 14

      Hi there.
      I just arrived home from a keyboard meetup and I'm a little bumped. There was a WhiteFox 1.1 from 2016. This was the first time I saw one in person and now I'm a bit concerned about the lettering/print. Some of the letters were off-center and others were kind of "boldish" compared to the rest. Was there an issue with that batch? Is this known? And fixed for this batch? :-/

    44. Missing avatar

      Johannes Heise on October 14

      How experienced are you with customs? For Germany in my case.

      Just wanted to ask because I really don't like having to go to the customs office to pick some package up because the sender didn't declare it correctly.

    45. Missing avatar

      Armin Zellers on October 13

      Thank you for the clarifying response. It's an ugly situation to be in, for sure, but I'll stick it out. Keep pounding the pavement. Thanks!

    46. Adrian Bjugård on October 12

      @Jason Miller - You didn't know how the Halo True switches were gonna feel either.

    47. Missing avatar

      Amrta Faruqi on October 12

      Hey, is it possible to include Cherry green as the replacement? And since I ordered two boards, how do I choose for different switches for each one?


    48. Jason Miller on October 11

      Do we have the option to return a WhiteFox with the new Halo True replacement switches if we don't like them? It's incredibly hard to know if they are going to feel good considering the crappy mass produced keyboards I'm used to. I'm not a gamer, but I like tactile without a ciick. I realize this is a Kickstarter campaign so that might not be possible. Thank you.

    49. Input Club Creator on October 11

      @Wong Pok Chi - The people changing to MX Clear (or other options) for the WhiteFox should ship in December, and with any luck will arrive in time for Christmas.

      @Les Manalili - They sure will!

    50. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on October 9

      I apologize for asking too many questions,

      Will the new switches be for sale on the kono store too? :)

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