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The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
1,994 backers pledged $395,388 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Marcin Skotnicki just now

      There are a few keycaps that were included when you sold this keyboard on Massdrop, but not included with the kickstarter version. Will it be possible to buy them separately from the Kono store in the future? (I'd only want these 3: :))

    2. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili about 19 hours ago

      They're probably making a very very similar switch to the Halos. Actually, probably the same switches but just a different name. But they can't say that. I'm guessing that's why they're quiet.

    3. Missing avatar

      Armin Zellers 1 day ago

      Alright, just so I'm clear about what's going on: you're now unable to provide the product that was marketed during the Kickstarter campaign. This is correct, yes? Though you're designing a new switch in place of the switch that you may or may not be able to legally use. However, you're unable to provide us details regarding this totally new switch until they arrive? You have engineers designing these new switches, right? Engineers should be able to provide the numbers behind the design before anything is ever manufactured. Any insight into what we've actually backed at this point would not only be greatly appreciated, but ultimately should be forthcoming. Thanks in advance.

    4. James Harton 2 days ago

      I don’t have an opinion on who is in the wrong and frankly I don’t care. I appreciate that IC is giving us updates with any information which affects project success and delivery. I’d rather have more information than less - on that score they’re doing great. I hope I have a shiny new keyboard my Xmas.

    5. Missing avatar

      Don Nguyen 2 days ago


      I would like to chime in that while I will continue to support this Kickstarter because I believe the product you will be providing will be of excellent quality, I disapprove of the actions you took in order to resolve your issue with Massdrop. The way you went about bringing an issue that should have been between Input Club, Massdrop and your lawyers to the public and antagonizing Massdrop (even if it is their wrong, which I will fully admit they could very well be) was unprofessional. Your actions were well intentioned and as a backer it is great to keep in the loop when obstacles come up, just try not to pour gasoline on a fire.

      I look forward to seeing what new innovative switches you will come up with, best of luck.

    6. Missing avatar

      Saaj 6 days ago

      Is there any update on holtite compatibility?

    7. Input Club Creator 6 days ago

      @Mitchell Fukumoto - Anyone who wants to cancel their pledge, please send a direct message to the account requesting that. It is very understandable, as this is quite a lot of adjustment.

      We would like to make sure that everyone understands the following:

      1. There is currently no delay, and our suppliers are working extra fast to make sure that is the case.
      2. You are still getting a keyboard with custom designed switches made by Input Club that feel lovely to type on (if you ordered one with switches!).

    8. Mitchell Fukumoto
      7 days ago

      In light of all the news coming out, I'd like to cancel my pledge. This is a crappy situation for everyone and I'd rather not be involved in it whatsoever.

    9. Input Club Creator on September 15

      For those interested, here is our official response to the Massdrop Update -

    10. Missing avatar

      jaared on September 15

      Hi I:C,

      I was sorry to hear about the copyright mess. I hope you can put together a high quality tactile switch in the time available. I've been interested in trying a 67g Zeal switch. Perhaps you'll end up with a Halo True replacement with a similar profile.


    11. Input Club Creator on September 15

      We are working on a response to Massdrop now with our lawyer and a large quantity of information is forthcoming.

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter Thomson on September 15

      So, what is REALLY going on with Massdrop and Input Club and the Halo switches? Feel like I'm being screwed on my K-Type order for this.

    13. Artanis Wang
      on September 14

      Hi Creator, is that possible to add another keyboard to my shopping chat?
      I'd like to update my pledge. Thanks

    14. Missing avatar

      William Chou on September 14

      Okay, thanks for letting me know. I was confused and concerned by the phrasing in the update wording, but looking forward to hearing more on the new switches as you guys have more information.

      And sorry again to hear about the issue with MassDrop--you guys must be way more stressed than we are.

    15. constexpr on September 14

      Any ETA on when more info about the new switches will be available? From what I understand you are / will be designing them from scratch. Can you give us any comparisons to existing switches (especially Halos) at this point in time? What kind of curve should we expect?

    16. Kevin Doherty on September 14

      Wow! I had no idea MassDrop would be that shitty to a seller.

    17. Missing avatar

      on September 14

      So I'm guessing this means you won't be selling the halo switches on the Kono store anymore?

    18. Input Club Creator on September 14

      @William Chou - We cannot provide more details on how the switches feel, but they are certainly not "just another Cherry MX" variety. They will have nothing in common with anything available on the market.

      However, if you would like to back out - we can definitely do that!

    19. Missing avatar

      William Chou on September 14

      Could you please provide more details on the new switches? Part of the reason why I was so enthusiastic about this keyboard and Halo True was because of how it was closer to Topre (but mechanical) rather than Cherry MX in feel. I've got both kinds of keyboards, and may want to back out of my pledge (Pledge #17) if the new White Fox is too similar to Cherry MX.

      If there are more details forthcoming about this new switch, it would really help my decision, thanks. I love the idea of White Fox and think MassDrop are total jerks for what they did, but I don't need another Cherry MX board.

    20. Input Club Creator on September 14

      @Himansu - No need to take any action, everyone that ordered the Halo True or Halo Clear options will be getting the new switches.

      We do not currently have plans to launch products on Massdrop.

    21. Tim C on September 14

      After this last Planck drop that MD screwed up and handled poorly with terrible customer service i won't be supporting them any longer. This is just the iceing on the cake. Wow i guess they care more about money than there image. Bye bye MD

    22. Missing avatar

      on September 14

      Now I'm interested. Would we be able to upgrade our pledge to include your new switches?

      Also, that is unfortunate to hear. Massdrop has not been the greatest, but they have had some good things for mk enthusiasts.

      Off topic: does this change your relationship with MD. Will you still be doing drops with them? (ergodox, k-type)? You probably can't answer that but I thought I'd ask.

    23. Input Club Creator on September 14

      If anyone wants to cancel or adjust their order in light of the news, please send a message by the way!

    24. Missing avatar

      Anthony Noble on September 14

      I have heard some very bad things about massdrop and had decided that I would cancel my account after I receive my last shipment. This is just the final straw, so friends join with me in exspressing our displeasure with a hearty "fuck massdrop"


    25. Missing avatar

      HY on September 14

      wow massdrop. real classy

    26. Missing avatar

      Celina R on September 14

      fuck massdrop

    27. Ben Hunt on September 14

      I agree with Alan

    28. Alan Robertson on September 14

      After that last update, I'm feeling a mighty strong "fuck Massdrop" coming.

      And for my part FUCK MASSDROP.

    29. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on September 11

      @Input Club

      Cool! Full working samples? Of course you need iron out some details. But does this mean we'll probably meet our December date? Or maybe beat the Christmas shipping traffic? :)

    30. Input Club Creator on September 11

      We actually just received our first samples from the factory late last week for the WhiteFox + NightFox. There was about a 10 day delay in receiving these that we weren't expecting, which is why it has been a bit since our last update.

      We are testing and reviewing the samples now and will post an update after we've looked over everything!

    31. Missing avatar

      Tom Young on September 11

      I agree, monthly updates on progress is a very reasonable and small thing to expect from a highly funded and high profile kickstarter campaign.

      It's past time for an update, please.

    32. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Gillikin on September 10

      Yeah, I would love to see some more pictures, especially the NightFox.

    33. Adrian Bjugård on September 7

      It's been almost a month since the last update, and (semi-related) we've not really heard anything since the K-Type group buy finished.

      Any chance we could get an update soon Input Club?

    34. Input Club Creator on August 29

      @Michael Jin – You can add LEDs, yes! Also for your other question, we only support the True Fox layout with keycaps and with plates, but the PCB does support the other layouts. It would not be easy to switch to another layout.

      @Mitch Lui – That is our current plan yes. They should be essentially identical.

      @Artanis Wang – You sure can!

      @constexpr – Unfortunately, the keycaps have one of the longest lead times of any aspect of this project, and they were locked in and finalized before the campaign even closed. This was necessary to be able to do ambitious additions like the NightFox. We may be able to offer what you requested on in the future however.

      @Evan Roane – Yes, you can currently change your address

      @ucyo – They were shipped last week, but have not arrived yet.

    35. Missing avatar

      ucyo on August 25

      @IC Any updates on the prototypes that arrived last week? Production quality and coloring?

    36. Missing avatar

      Evan Roane on August 24

      It is possible to change my delivery address?

    37. constexpr on August 23

      Would you consider adding two extra, non-homing F and J keys to Row 3? This would, to an extent, resolve what @Parker and @Les Manalili were discussing.
      That way, the keyboard would be suitable for use with Colemak and Dvorak—albeit without any homing keys, but at least it wouldn't have bumps in the wrong places rendering it unusable (or at least very annoying).
      Now, I realize that the campaign is over and all, but production hasn't started yet and you could easily pull this off. Plus, I'm sure no one would mind two extra keys—especially if they would open up more customization possibilities.
      (I also realize that Colemak uses the Caps Lock position for an extra Backspace, but we have to make some compromises.)

      On another note, looking forward to the backer survey.

    38. Missing avatar

      on August 23


      They still have a MX stem. You can put on any mx keycaps.

    39. Artanis Wang
      on August 22

      Hi Creator, I was wondering, can I change other DIY keycap on this whitefox keyboard?
      I noticed that it's not the same as cherry switch.

    40. Mitch Lui on August 22

      Will this come with the aluminum feet that came with the original whitefox?

    41. Adrian Bjugård on August 22

      @Michael Probably not very easy, likely you'll have to desolder all the switches in order to get the plate off, then you would have to modify the plate, potentially order more switches if the chosen layout has more than 68, and then solder them all back again.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Jin on August 22

      How easier would it be to change the assembled true fox layout to another supported layout such as Aria or even Winkeyless?

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Jin on August 20

      Can I add LEDs to this keyboard?

    44. Input Club Creator on August 17

      @Mike - The WhiteFox with a True Fox layout (the one in this campaign) has the following keys

      16 Top Row
      15 2nd Row
      14 3rd Row
      14 4th Row
      9 Bottom Row

      Total - 68 Keys

      Good job counting Alphasus

      @Joe - You can adjust that in Backer Survey - We just sent out the first round to a limited number of people to make sure our Survey was good enough.

      @We will likely add Colemak as a potential layout on the configurator, but it is not currently there. You easily will be able to switch to Colemak however, it was one of the inciting reasons why we made programmable keyboards in the first place. Les Manalili is correct though, the stock keycaps are not appropriate for non-ANSI layouts.

      @Benjamin Tapley + Adrian Bjugård - We will be using Plate Mounted Cherry Stabilizers. I don't believe we are supporting PCB mount options.

      @AG - We will take your opinion on the situation into consideration. There are many factors that go into determining the future of the NightFox, it is not as simple as you'd think.

    45. Adrian Bjugård on August 17

      I'd also like to know about plate or PCB-mounted stabilisers. Any input, @Input Club?

    46. Missing avatar

      AG on August 15

      If you guys decide to make the night fox available in store you should wait a very long while before doing so. We took the initial investment and the risk of backing up the campaign with the long wait so it should feel somewhat exclusive.

    47. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Tapley on August 14

      Are the stabilizers Plate-mounted or PCB-mounted? Can this board accommodate both/either?

    48. Missing avatar

      Parker on August 14

      @Marcin, thanks!

    49. Marcin Skotnicki on August 11

      @Parker there is a graphic with all included keycaps on the Campaign page: There are keycaps for the common layout modificatons like swapping caps lock with control, or backspace with \, but not for alternate layouts like dvorak, colemak, azerty etc. Unless there are more keycaps included than shown here, but I doubt it.

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