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The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Vasilis about 8 hours ago

      @Patrick The estimate - and it is an estimate given that we have no concrete information for over a week and a half now - is for them to ship by the 20th not to be delivered by the 20th. So if any type of confirmation for shipping is to be received it would be on or around the 20th assuming the 20th estimate for shipping is still valid.

    2. Patrick about 22 hours ago

      Hey there! If we should be expecting our {White,Night}foxes March 20th we should be receiving shipping information soon right? Would be nice to hear an update.

    3. Bryan Gurney 1 day ago

      10 days since last comment. Any update on shipping these out?

    4. Tim C on March 5

      I wanna hear we have begun final shipments. Tell me its on the way. Cant wait!

    5. Missing avatar

      A. Del. on February 22

      replying to my own comment : sending an email to seems to be the way to change your address

    6. Missing avatar

      Bob SF on February 21

      Am I understanding that my original order for a Whitefox (Halo clear originally.... I believe it's Hako clear now, right?) should be shipped around March 20?... trying to be patient, just been a long time, so long I almost forgot I ordered it

    7. Missing avatar

      A. Del. on February 21

      Hi, I wholefully agree with the idea that "delays are always a risk" but can you then let people update their delivery address in the survey if the shipping is not yet done? Because delays can make addresses obsolete.

      I've tried contacting you using the kickstarter dedicated form (and twitter a few minutes ago, I'm on a roll now) for a while now with not much success.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Treu on February 21

      When we will receive the assambled Keyboards?
      Just askin'

    9. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Sørlie Ormset on February 19

      @Input Club

      I tried sending you a message a while back and never got a reply. Is there any chance I could get my Night Fox with Halo Clears instead of Halo True? :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Keen on February 16

      Hi - does the board come with instructions how to program and set it up?

    11. Michelle Zhao on February 10

      Has anyone else had trouble accessing the button on the back to flash the keyboard? The hole in the case doesn't seem to be aligned with the flash button on the PCB on my keyboard.

    12. Missing avatar

      dan on February 9

      If emails aren’t being responded to anymore is there a place we can go to get questions answered?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nick Muramoto on February 2

      From other comments it seems like we won't get notified when things ship. Some of us travel for work and having zero idea when things ship and may arrive leaves us to the possibility of a $300+ pledge sitting up for grabs on a front porch. I assume if we haven't gotten ours yet we're in the next batch but having any sort of indication is basic business practice.

    14. Simon Steen Gadegaard on February 2

      Hello. I really appreciate you are in a hurry. I have been trying to change from white to black. I will pay whatever. Please get back to me when you can (preferrably before the white one is shipped). Kind regards Simon

    15. Kenneth Rosenberg on February 2

      I submitted a request for on 1/28 at No response from anyone so far.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nguyen Tuan Cuong on February 1

      @Manabu: Well mine number is half of your and still waiting though ^^''
      @Celina R: I asked them and they said there was a miscalculate in MX Clear keyboard in the first batch so we have to wait now :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Celina R on January 31

      I didn't receive my order despite switching to the mx cherry clears because apparently they didn't order enough to accommodate all of the requests. I had switched to a non-hako hoping I'd get it sooner. :(

    18. Manabu Aomori on January 31

      Hello creator

      I don't still receive rewards yet.

      my order number is 1179

    19. Artanis Wang
      on January 30

      Hi Creator, I was wondering, can I switch from Hako to Cherry MX? And if it's possible, what should I do? Thanks

    20. Missing avatar

      Saerom Choi on January 29

      I want to know how can i order night fox even though i do not pledged?
      is there any chance to fund or buy night fox any more?

    21. Tim C on January 29

      Submitted a refund request for my pledge at Waiting on a response.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ville-Pekka Karhu on January 26

      @Input Club I just received a WhiteFox even thou I pledged for a NightFox. What's up with that? Please sort this out, thanks.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 25

      It appears that the LEDs are only able to be toggled on and off, not adjusted. Is this correct?

    24. Input Club Creator on January 25

      Goodness we’ve been slow about answering comments. This one will be a doozy.

      @Jim Keen – They are extraordinarily close in sound. Here is a video we made to show it off:…
      @Alex Wong – your situation has been addressed months ago.
      @John Simpson – Unfortunately no. We are moving more slowly than we’d like on LEDs, primarily due to the discovery of some new under-keycap coatings that help disperse and reflect light more effectively. We are looking into making LEDs calibrated to this type of keycap available on in the future.
      @Mike – We delivered all of the WhiteFox Kits that we had orders for last week.
      @Jake D – The latest update applies to NightFoxes as well as WhiteFoxes. Your keyboard will ship with the next large batch.
      @Evan Chen – I believe your situation has been addressed.
      @Celina R – Yes – they should have been delivered by now. We did underestimate demand for Cherry MX Clear options, so a small subset of people will have to wait for the larger order.
      @Park Junhyuk – We are posting an update later this week with more information, but the delivery date for all keyboards was adjusted to February 18th back in December. We are anticipating a small additional delay, but it won’t be an incredibly long one.
      @Johnathan Michael Craig – I believe we did?
      @Adrian Bjugård + Evan Roane– We have been slow – we’ve been working very closely with our factory and haven’t been devoting enough time to updating people!
      @Jake D – Yes, they will come with cases.
      @Gordon + seapilot_ + Raphael Moreno + Jeffrey Ellsworth + Tim C + Sam Weiskittel – As mentioned in the update – Monoprice reached out during the Kickstarter campaign and requested non-Hako mechanical keyswitches. They received their keyboards the same time we did. We put quite a bit of work into the Hako switches that we developed, they last longer than Cherry MX style switches, they feel nicer, and they are smoother. We make very little money on big sales to companies like Monoprice, it is far more about getting better keyboards out to a larger audience. I understand that due to our poor communication about what was going on, there was reason for concern. However, we do stand by our decision to allow Monoprice to participate in the Kickstarter and get their keyboards on the same timeline as all other non-Hako orders.
      @Leo Teng + Johnny – We’ve devised a linkage between our shipping API and our storefront – so we will be able to do tracking for future Kickstarter campaigns, but unfortunately we learned too little too late on this campaign. We will send an email out to everyone when we have received all of the keyboards, and they should arrive a few days later.
      @Hamza Khan-Cheema – Please send a support ticket to if this hasn’t already been adjusted.
      @Jan Tourlamain – No, currently we do not offer LEDs, but it is something we are working on for the future.
      @Christopher – Thank you for the kind words!
      @YOUNG – We have received quite a bit of feedback regarding the FCC paragraph and are exploring options for the future.
      @Andre Jacob Cotan – We’ve been in talks this week with our insurance broker to finalize the information for the warranty. We will put that page up once they’ve finished sending us some additional information.
      @Lucas Fosse – You’ll have it much sooner than that!
      @Edolyne Long + Enigmatic – All remaining keyboards are shipping on the same timeline, NightFox and WhiteFox.
      @Vasilis – This was a much more complex version of the project than what we did last time, and delays are always a risk when you do something new.
      @Sam Weiskittel – We are getting manuals up and running early next week – our main focus right now has been on production. For now – please use the K-Type guide if you are having difficult programming your keyboard -…
      @Marcin Skotnicki – We are exploring additional feet options now, but don’t have an update at this time.
      @Saerom Choi – Your situation has been addressed.

    25. Adrian Bjugård on January 24

      I'm so jelly, sitting here waiting patiently for my beautiful NightFox kit. <3

    26. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 24

      Never mind, I got it lol.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 24

      That video was very helpful, I managed to get my layout flashed. I'm still having trouble getting the LEDs to work. Any suggestions?

    28. Input Club Creator on January 23

      I will be adjusting the manual links - in the meantime, please use this video on flashing one of our other keyboards, the K-Type.…

      It has very clear instructions on how to set things up for Windows.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 23

      Marcin, I have tried using that (the win.exe version) and it works well until I get to the flashing screen. It is asking for a dfu-util command file and a .bin file. The .bin file is already filled out but I don't know exactly what the dfu-util is.

    30. Marcin Skotnicki on January 23

      @Sam what problems do you have with flashing the keyboard? It all went smoothly for me just using this program:

      And yeah, the manual and warranty links lead to some strange things ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 23

      I messaged Input Club on here about flashing a new layout with no response. Also, the manual and warranty links are not live at this time.

    32. Missing avatar

      Saerom Choi on January 23

      plz let me know my keyboard is shipped. if not, i want to change my address because i will move in few days.

    33. Marcin Skotnicki on January 23

      Just got my keyboard. It looks and works really nice, and the FCC text on the bottom bothers me less than I thought it would. :)

      BTW. Anyone knows where I could find shorter support feet? The default angle of this keyboard seems too steep for my taste.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 21

      Is anyone else having trouble flashing their kit?

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael on January 21

      To people complaining about these shipping on monoprice already - those are only non hako switches, and IC has already shipped out the kick starter non hako switch white foxes as well.

    36. Missing avatar

      Zach Rich on January 21

      How hard is it to get a hold of Input Club? I have messaged here, emailed, and sent a message on facebook with no help.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tony Ghita on January 21

      Hey, for anyone who ordered with their board with Halo switches and may be wondering when their board will ship: the Halo switches were upgraded to the Hako switch, which are the ones that had the surprise delay.

      I'd missed the change of Halo->Hako in an earlier update, so I was a bit confused why my "non-Hako" order hadn't been received yet.

    38. Missing avatar

      Enigmatic on January 20

      Thank you for the info. I hope all parties involved in this project learn from this failure of promising a delivery of a product of a said date & product description.
      To have a product created solely through backers delayed this long is inexcusable. There must be something to make it right.
      For the record, I plan on waiting this out & hope to receive the product I truly believed in backing in a timely manner.

    39. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on January 20

      @enigmatic at the earliest expect shipping mid March though as this is the third major delay I would say at this point a half year delay from the initial December shipping estimate is looking quite likely.

    40. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on January 20

      This is same story as when I bought the whitefox from Massdrop, delay after delay after delay. At the time everybody blamed Massdrop but it seems I:C are just as sloppy in execution. Wish I had cancelled back when the first delay was announced and backed the gmk instead... oh well you live and you learn

    41. Missing avatar

      Enigmatic on January 20

      Update #13 did NOT successfully answer my simple question. When will my Nightfox be shipped?
      Thank you

    42. Edolyne Long on January 20

      Any chance for those of us who ordered a nightfox, we could get an option for a DIY kit, without switches so we can get our boards without having to go through another month long delay?

    43. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fosse on January 20

      Get your shit together. Maybe we'll have our keyboard at the end of 2018

    44. Tim C on January 19

      @Marcin yeah its a big slap in the face...

    45. Marcin Skotnicki on January 19

      @Tim C so monoprice customers can get the keyboards faster than kickstarter backers AND cheaper? O_o

    46. Tim C on January 19

      If anyone missed this drop you can buy the whitefox today at monoprice for $135.99 with coupon code "flurry20". Shipping is free too

    47. Andre Jacob Cotan on January 18

      It just showed up in an inconspicuous brown box with no update or notification that it was on its way. Question for I:C team ::: When is going live? As of right now the site is posting a 404.

    48. Missing avatar

      Celina R on January 18

      Did those who received their white fox get a notification and/or tracking, or did it just show up in the mail

    49. James Harton on January 17

      Can we have an update on when the rest of the keyboards are shipping please?

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