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The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Zach S just now

      Can you comment on how the Hako switches feel/sound compared to the Box Navies and Jades?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Tran about 1 hour ago

      From what I understand it is only the kits people are receiving? Has anyone received an assembled one as of yet?

    3. Missing avatar

      Evan Roane about 2 hours ago

      Did anyone receive a tracking number?

    4. Missing avatar

      Leo Teng about 5 hours ago

      I just received my WhiteFox keyboards today. Haven't opened them yet

    5. Missing avatar

      YOUNG 2 days ago

      I received my Whitefox Kit today.

      I am disappointed to see a verbose FCC paragraph imprinted on the back along with “Made in China.” It doesn’t look clean.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher 2 days ago

      I just got mine right now in the mail, it looks really great.

      I had NOT been paying attention to the updates/community, sorry to hear about the displaced priorities Input Club/Kono Store have with order fulfillment, since it appears we were kind of the reason this wonderful board was made so widely available.

      That being said, glad I got mine, I think you all will get yours too!

    7. Missing avatar

      Johnny 5 days ago

      @Leo Teng has the same question as me. How do we know if our keyboards are shipped? Thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jan Tourlamain on January 8

      Is it still possible to buy the LEDs and have them shipped together with the keyboard in order to avoid double customs/shipping costs? If so, how can we achieve this?

    9. Missing avatar

      Hamza Khan-Cheema on January 8

      When I joined the campaign it was scheduled to be sent in December. In December I would have been in the UK, and that is the address I put down. But now I am not in the UK. Can I update my address anywhere?

      I am currently in the middle east?


    10. Missing avatar

      Leo Teng on January 8

      How do we know if our keyboards are shipped? Do we get notifications?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam Weiskittel on January 7

      With regards to Monoprice, according to Input Club's comment on the update states that Monoprice ordered boards during the campaign and is located very close to where the boards arrived(Just outside of LA, as opposed to the Input Club's warehouse in Utah), which is why they were able to receive them so quickly. While this makes sense, I am still annoyed, however hopefully the kits and boards will ship this week.

    12. Adrian Bjugård on January 6

      So they should just sit on a warehouse full of keyboard components they can't ship to anyone due to not having the correct components (switches) available for the Kickstarter orders? Where's the logic in that?

      Personally I would rather they make the best of the situation and start making some money so that they can keep doing their thing.

      Besides, the real issue would be if they further delayed Kickstarter orders once Hako switches and NightFox keyboards are available, by also shipping those to Monoprice. Which is something I would say seems unlikely given the contact I've had with the team, but who knows.

      Furthermore, look at it this way: you won't be receiving the first batch that much is true, but first batches always suck anyway. This way Monoprice gets all the keyboards that were built before the builders became skilled at building them, and your keyboard will be less likely to have issues as a result.

      So Input Club makes some money, you get a higher quality product, and you get it (probably) as soon as it's possible for you to get it. What's the issue here?

    13. Tim C on January 4

      The issue here is Input Club is fufilling keyboards to a vendor before the backers. The backers are the ones who got Input Club to this point. Input Club needs a better explanation as to why this happened. There is going to be backlash for doing this.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Ellsworth on January 4

      Please note that the Monoprice keyboards DO NOT come with the newly developed, seemingly incredible, Hako switches. That's one reason they are already available on the Monoprice website.

      Monoprice orders will also most likely not come with the really cool case, seen in the update.

      Input Club is not going to screw us, the backers, and if I'm wrong, I'll come back here and apologize to everyone.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cameron Walker on January 4

      I am still waiting on a reply for my requested refund. I was going to consider waiting but now that the Monoprice orders will be shipped before the Kickstarter ones, I have made my final decision to opt out. Really disappointing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Brandon Tay on January 4

      Thank you Input Club for the updates. Just something I thought everyone should know, Chinese new year falls on Feb 16, so you can expect some delays for the shipping of Nightfoxes

    17. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on January 3

      Read the updates guys before you ask questions here. A lot of your questions were answered in the Update.

      I hope we all get the cool case though :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Raphael Moreno on January 3

      monoprice starts shipping... I backed 2 keyboards, waited months and not even sure if I’ll receive mine (at end) of Feb. Not cool.

    19. seapilot_ on January 3

      What the hell? Your shipping the monoprice boards before the kickstarter boards? How the fuck is that fair?

    20. Missing avatar

      Gordon on January 3


      "In Stock This item should ship today (1/3/2018) if ordered within 3 hours 10 minutes"

      I am pretty incensed.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jake D on January 3

      Will the Whitefox case pictured in the latest update be included with the keyboard? It would be nice considering how long we have waited for our orders lol

    22. Missing avatar

      Evan Roane on January 2

      Happy new year! Any updates? Last I heard we were looking at mid-Jan for the first shipments. Is that still the case?

    23. Adrian Bjugård on December 29

      Any updates? Been a while now.

    24. Jonathan Michael Craig on December 25

      Just wanted to ensure that you guys received my switch adjustment to MX Clears. Thanks in advance

    25. Missing avatar

      Park Junhyuk on December 21

      when I received this keyboard. this is start delivery service?

    26. Missing avatar

      Celina R on December 20

      Are the non-hako switch orders still on track for mid-jan?

    27. Missing avatar

      Evan Chen on December 19

      Hi, I wanted to swap out one of my whitefoxes with a nightfox. I was told I'd be sent an invoice shortly twice, and it's been a week maybe and I've still gotten nothing. Nobody has responsed to the email nor kickstarter messages.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jake D on December 17

      I would also like to know when I will receive my order. I ordered a Nightfox with no switches.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike on December 17

      Any update on the delivery of the kit with no switches?

    30. John Simpson
      on December 7

      Any chance that LEDs could be added as an add-on before shipment?

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex Wong on December 6

      Hi, I emailed IC to cancel my order. Kindly assist to expedite the cancellation. Thank you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jim Keen on December 5

      so to confirm - Hako True are the quietest? (and that Hako True = upgrade to Halo True) Thanks - can't wait!

    33. Input Club Creator on December 4

      Here is a link to where you can hear a sound comparison between Hako and Halo switches in case you are curious -…

      Summary for those who aren't going to watch: The Hako switches are quieter.

    34. Input Club Creator on December 4

      @Daniel - We have no record of your message(s). Please send an email to with your Order # and we can get this taken care of immediately.
      @Jon - That is correct!
      @Steven Zebrowski - We have no messages from you on Kickstarter. Please send a message at and I will cancel your order.

    35. Missing avatar

      SZ on December 4

      I sent a cancellation request back in October when they told us we could cancel because of all the changes they were making. It looks like they still haven't cancelled my order.

    36. Rick R
      on December 3

      It hasn't, but I believe that is accurate

    37. Missing avatar

      Jon on December 2

      i am sure this has been answered a dozen times but if i had halo trues selected am i automatically changed to hako trues?

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel on December 2

      I have messaged you twice in the past and have gotten no response. I just sent another message out to cancel my order. Hope you read it this time.

    39. Input Club Creator on December 1

      @Daniel - Please send a message to us, your backer info isn't visible from comments.
      @Udller - Send a message and we can look into it!

    40. Missing avatar

      udller on December 1

      hi, when i pledged i asked for a 1x NightFox (True), 1x WhiteFox (Clear) , but after the survey thing came i asked to change one to a kit, but after building an ergodox and looking at the new hako switches. id really like to try them both. so is it possible to stay with my original pledge albeit it with hakos not halos ?

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel on December 1

      Hi, I wanted to cancel my nightfox order earlier and you said it was taken care of, but I still see it under my account as a pledge. Can you confirm that you canceled my order?

    42. Jacob Brandom on November 30

      @Victor - The names were not changed, they are actually different switches. Similar but better (according to Input Club and the few other people who have tried them).

      This update explains why they couldn't use the halos anymore.

      You should probably read several of the last few updates if you haven't.

    43. Victor on November 30

      When was the name changed from Halo to Hako? :X

    44. Input Club Creator on November 30

      @Tim C – I believe you have been sorted out?
      @John Simpson – I have the LEDs, and we are testing them yes. All WhiteFox and NightFox keyboards come with an LED driver preinstalled, so that they are ready for such things.
      @Jim Keen – Yes, we are making guides right now actually!
      @Peter Thomson and Shivam Amin– Message us and we can adjust your order.
      @Evan Roane – We should have tracking, but we are for sure looking at an early to mid January delivery.
      @Andre Jacob Cotan – Yes, that would be advisable. We will ship it where you told us to. We are closing the adjustment period in 48 hours.

    45. Missing avatar

      ma on November 29

      @Gradoos NightFox only comes with Trues.

    46. Missing avatar

      Gradoos on November 29

      Hello there, would it still be possible to change my NightFox order from the Hako Trues to Hako Clears?

    47. Andre Jacob Cotan on November 28

      I just moved. How do I update my shipping address?

    48. Missing avatar

      Evan Roane on November 27

      I'm concerned that my non-Hako order will arrive when I am traveling for the winter holidays in December. Do you have an estimate of when we might get some shipping or tracking information?

    49. Missing avatar

      Shivam Amin on November 25

      Is it too late to cancel my order for a refund?

    50. Missing avatar

      Miguel on November 25

      Is it too late to change my order to hako clears?

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