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The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
The WhiteFox is a fully programmable, compact keyboard with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches. Designed by Matteo + Input Club.
1,994 backers pledged $395,388 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chad on

      @nick, thanks for the confirmation.
      Just confirmed with Aust Post that mine is officially lost in transit.

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      Nick Green on

      @Chad, mine arrived on the 9th. I'm in WA.

      I've used the board for a few weeks now and overall I'm very happy. The quality and look if the board is exactly as I had hoped. The key feel (true) isn't quite a topre replica, missing the tactility and sweet sound of topre, but otherwise they're a joy to type on. The layout, coming from other 60% boards, is pretty good but the location of the backspace key in particular is taking some getting used to.

      The USB port is a bit rough feeling and the small rubber feet are too far from the front of the board so that it bottoms on the table loudly when typing with any force. Other than those minor niggles the board is fantastic.

    3. Chad on

      Anyone in Australia received theirs yet?
      Looks like mine has stalled in Sydney two weeks ago.

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      Danny on

      Hello Input Club,

      I ordered NightFox keyboard kit, I soldered WhiteBox switch with 2x3x4 white LED and found that S11 and S29 from the PCB , I press the key it did not work. I tried re-solder the joint and re-flash the bios still same :( . is any way to fix it?

      Thanks appreciate !

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      Arne Brix on

      I love my white fox it is great! But i am unable to find a cable mouse with matching design.
      Can anyone help me?

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      Les Manalili on


      Everyone in this drop knew that we were getting the whitefox and not the Kira. Maybe you didn't read well enough....

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      Desmond Tsang on

      The whole point of this board is compact minimalism, but with a bit more practicality as it includes an arrow cluster. The WhiteFox, as it was presented, has never changed. It existed before this KickStarter as it was previously produced by MassDrop.

      No LEDs, and programmability, was pretty clearly explained in the campaign. I've re-mapped the keys the moment I got mine and it's been great.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      I would get a refund if I could. Nothing about this keyboard is worth the cost. Functionality is replaced by compact minimalism.

      I backed this project back in July 2017 and initial images were not what I expected. Maybe I am wrong but the images I remember we're closer to the current "Kira Mechanical Keyboard" as seen in the most recent April 16th update.

      The keyboard is so compact and small. There's no space to relax your fingers over the board. It seems to have been designed with mobility in mind.

      Besides being mechanical, nothing special about the keys themselves. Even the F and J juts are so minimalistic that the curvature of the key is larger - AKA you'll never find it.

      The keyboard is very plain. No led, no macro key (support is coming soon(tm) for that I guess). No numpad (maybe if that one was actually available I would have bought it). No F1-12 keys. No room for all the Home/End/Del/Insert/PageUp/PageDown. You can have half of them only.

      What's the purpose of this keyboard?

    9. constexpr on

      Pretty much the exact same experience as @David Bodurtha. Really loving the keyboard — really hating the stabs. Will report back after lubing them. Hopefully I:C will fix this for the Kira :)

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      Jan Tourlamain on

      Just received my Whitefox. It's my first mechanical keyboard and it looks and feels great. Configuring and flashing on a Windows 10 works if you follow the steps on Too bad that taxes and customs added another 1/3 of the price.

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      David Bodurtha on

      I just got my Nightfox. The stabilizers suck like the ones on my k-type which I had to replace. There pretty terrible, everything else is great. Really disappointed as they rattle like crazy. Hako Trues were better then expected after reading reviews, getting used to them.

    12. Missing avatar

      eric on

      I got my NightFox and like many others the stabilizers have some significant rattle, and a prominent clank when those keys are struck (especially spacebar), making the keyboard generally too aggravating to use as-is. I understand from IC that they are trying to develop a fix they can recommend to people.

      Hopefully they can share a guide for replacing the stabs or can send free replacements... Other than the deficient stabilizers, the build looks very charming, though the Hako Trues do feel a little rougher than I expected out-of-the-box. I can probably get used to it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on

      @Pettje I tried to lube them but still am not satisfied. I will replace them with genuine cherry stabilizers along with adding zeals..

    14. Missing avatar

      Peetje on

      My Whitefox arrived yesterday and it's beautiful. I think it's a lot better than the K-Type I got last year. Somehow the Halo Trues make a lot more noise than the Hako Trues on the Whitefox. The K-Type is really loud. The keypress feels a bit different on the Whitefox, a little bit more sturdy and less travel to bottom out. I'm very pleased with the feel of the keyboard.

      One major downside: the stabilizer on the spacebar has a significant rattle. It is a dealbreaker for me. I cannot use the Whitefox like this so I have to do something about this. I don't know what exactly yet. Has anyone have the same experience?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Onsager on

      Just received my Whitefox. It's a wonderful little keyboard and I'm excited to use it. For me the Hako switches feel a little bit "hollow". But that's just personal preference as I like a noticeable tactile bump.

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      If any of y'all are having problems with your order, contact them via e-mail or their help center on their website. Posting here isn't the best idea... It's a comment section on Kickstarter, not customer support.

      I did not receive my complete order and submitted a ticket through Kayako on their website and Alec is super responsive and helpful.

    17. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on

      I haven't opened it but the stabilizer wire looks too flimsy. Will definitely need to change them to genuine stabs..

    18. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on

      I live in the Philippines but I used a US proxy to get my keyboard and I just got mine today.

      No issues :) no dirt or chips or whatever. I love the keyboard THANK YOU input club.

      The "metally" sound that you guys are talking about is actually a rattle. I need to replace my spacebar stabilizer. I regret getting a Hako True switch. I might replace this with Cherry Clears. Still happy tho :)

    19. Missing avatar

      mark on

      received my whitefox and nightfox.
      whitefox is awesome, only gripe, it arrived dirty! there was all kinds of residue on the back. The same can't be said about my nightfox. Case came with 2 little scratches that someone has gone over with a black marker pen. The trues on the nightfox, don't have the same feel as the trues on the whitefox. They feel like they have more resistance and definitely aren't as smooth.
      It was my first time configuring my keyboard for flashing, and it wasn't the most pleasant experience. Took me a long time to find the cmd key, I had to resort to pulling the Mac keyboard out and pressing the keys to map the foxes correctly.
      the keyboards also don't wake from sleep.
      thankfully the guide for dfu-util for the mac was spot on.
      QC seems to be extremely poor, and from what I have been reading here, and what I have seen on my nightfox. Im seriously having second thoughts on my backing of the Kira now.

    20. Missing avatar

      eric on

      Hi IC, can you please provide an update to all of the users who have not yet received their keyboards, or have problems with build quality? What is the status of unshipped boards, and what is the recourse for boards that are DOA or have other build problems?

    21. Missing avatar

      Braeden on

      Where can I find documentation for the default layout in layer 1? The configurator just shows a copy of the base for layer 1, but that's not the layout the True Fox ships with.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sunhyoup Lee on

      I want my tracking number...

    23. Ryan T.

      @eric I haven't had time to go investigate, but being in the US and still not receiving my NightFox nor response to messages as well as comments on here, this doesn't surprise me. I know they have another Kickstarter going but they really need to update things here good / bad / otherwise on the situation.

    24. Missing avatar

      eric on

      My original Nightfox order never showed up, and I've been working with Input Club to try to get a replacement. After a policy-driven waiting period, a new order was created but I haven't seen any tracking information yet. Through keyboard forums and the /r/mk I am hearing more rumblings that there maybe some systemic problems with fulfillment and delivery, and in some cases, build quality. It's probably fair this be well understood by Kira backers... I love IC and want to give them my business, but getting NightFox delivered, with a sufficient build quality, is a necessary step so we can give our additional support to Kira and help influence success on forums and /r/MK.

    25. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on

      @michal send them a message they replied to me with tracking number although it took them a few days by which point I already had the keyboard.

    26. Michael McAllister on

      NightFox, no tracking number yet (I live in Australia, so it's probably a long wait for me too)

    27. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on

      So how does everybody feel about the switches? I am still getting used to the them but they are growing on me.

      There is a fair amount of weight that browns do not have but also the tactility is much more subtle than browns overall (I have both Cherry and Gateron browns and they are both more tactile). However I like how they are a bit harder to bottom out than those. I also have to admit I already like them more than MX Clears which is what I have on the MD Whitefox.

      Beyond these this is a clear improvement from the MD Whitefox, the aluminium case looks and feels better and the caps are also much improved. Admittedly the MD Whitefox keycaps might have had to be thinner and of different quality to allow the LED from the bottom to come through but even so I never liked them.

      This is definitely a great second effort and a keeper as far as I am concerned.

    28. Ryan T.

      @Patrick, I have a NightFox and haven't received the product or a shipping number. The last update for their Kira campaign states 99% have been delivered but am skeptical of this number based on these comments.

    29. Missing avatar

      jason on

      PCB has a broken trace. None of the keys work! Please help.

    30. Missing avatar

      crispy bacon on

      I've been tracking my white fox, and apparently it has gone from salt lake city Utah, to San Francisco, then back again. What the fuck? Wrong way. Its been over a week and it hasn't even left the country yet. In this time I've ordered something else, had it shipped from america and received it this morning. Someone needs to get their shit together.

    31. Patrick McDowell on

      Still haven't received my NightFox or a shipping number. Anyone else?

    32. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Just received my night fox and noticed one or more crooked keys. Anyway to fix this?

    33. Missing avatar

      chris on

      Received my keyboard yesterday, no origami fox but no big deal. The switch feels heavier than i expected but overall the quality of keyboard met my expectation. Does any one know how to program custom macro?

    34. Missing avatar

      Adam Thayer on

      @Vasilis. Yeah, I can see what you mean. Since I'm coming from a keyboard with Browns, they feel a bit heavy, but the tactile feel is similar to what I'm used to, so I'm not really having too many problems. The heavy spring is something I'm going to need to get used to coming from the MX Browns. If I can't, I'll probably be looking at swapping the stem and spring with those from Hako Violets.

      @Bryan Gurney. I suspect that those of us new to this layout will not be going too crazy, but I did already make a couple big tweaks:
      - Escape key to the top right instead of top left. Tilde back where it belongs. A surprisingly good change.
      - Goodbye caps lock, hello function key.
      - Reworked the bottom row to be consistent with Apple's keyboards.

      Still getting used to the backspace key's location, but the rest of the board.

    35. Missing avatar

      Gregory on

      Did anyone get a origami fox with their keyboard?

    36. Missing avatar

      Desmond Tsang on

      I'm thinking of replacing the stabs. Another done this yet? Just wondering what stabs are the easiest to replace with.

    37. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on

      Ok never mind keyboard arrived today. Space bar is a bit metalicky in sound rest of keys fine. The switch is kinda like cherry clears with one tiny tiny bit more tactility. Not anywhere near as tactile as I’d like. Otherwise great bit of kit

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Mulhausen on

      I also ordered the Nightfox and received a Whitefox. What's the best way to go about sorting this out?

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Got my nightfox yesterday, really loving the hako true switches. Anyone know if it is possible to buy more of the switches?

    40. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Hofman on

      Just received my WhiteFox with Hako True :) The look and feel is really great ! For my first mechanical keyboard, I'm more than satisfied. Typing feels really great and not as noisy as I was expecting which is a must for me. I flashed it with a custom layout with ease on my Mac via the terminal, the only thing is that I had to search how to set the cmd key which is called GUI on the configurator. Great job from the Input Club team !!

    41. Mark Green

      Is it possible to get keycaps for a Dvorak layout? I know the existing ones can be rearranged, but they have different angles for different rows.

    42. Missing avatar

      Vasilis on

      @koesten I’ve emailed them cause I haven’t received tracking or keyboard either

    43. Missing avatar

      Koesten on

      I did not get any tracking number and did not received my keyboard yet. Any status update ?

    44. Bryan Gurney on

      Everyone should post their layouts!

    45. Missing avatar

      jgjl on

      @InputClub I asked to change the switches in my pledge from Halo True to Kaihl Speed Copper. It was a rather long process because my requests in the kickstarter messenger where apparently not received by InputClub. Then I sent emails, we discussed the available options and I asked for Kailh Speed Coppers.

      Today, I received a Whitefox with Halo Trues :(

      Why not just use the whitefox with Halo Trues?
      The advertised "Topre similarity" of the Halo Trues, as other people already wrote, is simply not there. Unlike Topres, Halo Trues have no tactility at all. Topres are easy to bottom out, Halo Trues are not.

    46. Missing avatar

      Joseph Chow on

      Did everyone's arrive in good condition? Mine sadly came rather dirty. Some of it is just some kinda adhesive gunk that'll come off but there are also a few areas with odd dark "stains" for lack of better words that don't seem to wanna come out. The aluminum is also a little chipped in 2 areas :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Ian Marriott on

      Daft question to those that have received their keyboard, do all your keys work? I have an issue with the "b" key, it does not work.

    48. Missing avatar

      Logeirs on

      @InputClub I changed my pledge from a Whitefox to a Nightfox as soon as the Night, everything confirmed it (email and all), yet I received a Whitefox. Who can I contact to solve this issue? (email address?)

    49. Missing avatar

      Les Manalili on


      You could always desolder and use the a new plate. But that is if Input club ever releases a plate for different layouts... There could be some aftermarket plates sold out there specifically for whitefox that supports multiple layouts. I would imagine it would be difficult to find one that matches the color for your NightFox. You should just hope input club sells them later on :)

      Good luck :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Thanks les! That is the issue..... knew I was dumb on this one. Do you know if I can buy a nightfox plate for that or am I out of luck since the switches are installed?

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