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Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
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Update #16 - Kira has Arrived

Posted by Sean (Collaborator)

We hope everyone has had a lovely holiday! There is some great news to be had - the first batch of Kiras have arrived at our warehouse in Utah and we are currently doing quite a lot of spreadsheet organization to get them checked in. Shopify has undergone a few changes since we initially built our system of converting Kickstarter orders into Kono orders (Kono is built on Shopify’s platform) and this has resulted in a few issues on our end. We have been working through the holidays to make sure that this process is as smooth as possible and we get the keyboards shipped out to backers as quickly as we can.

Realistically - this means that the earliest shipments should be leaving our warehouse in about a week. Approximately 800 keyboards are in this first batch, and we will be manually re-creating every order. If you are in the first batch, you will receive tracking for shipping details in the United States. As soon as the keyboard leaves the US, our ability to provide tracking is very limited. The first batch is mostly metal frame Kiras, with a variety of all the switches. Kickstarter backer order number will have absolutely no impact on who gets their Kira first, we are going to do everything we can to get every order out as fast as possible. No Kickstarter information was retained - everything we have is what exists on your Kono Store order, so if there is an issue please contact

We do have some more awesome news about Kira - reviewers have started releasing their write-ups and they are incredibly positive! Chris Coke from really loved his sample and had this to say, “It’s the best keyboard Input Club has ever released and a new high-water mark for the pre-built world. For gaming keyboards, it stands head and shoulders over anything the mainstream has released in my adult life.” 

You can read the rest of his review here:

We also have been making huge advances in configurator updates and have a beta configurator ready for download. You can find it by going here: 

The configurator is still in beta and we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve it. The updates we have made for Kira are also applicable to the other Input Club keyboards - the K-Type, the WhiteFox, the Infinity Keyboard and the Infinity ErgoDox. 

We do plan on releasing additional firmware updates in the future and we would also like to remind everyone that this is an open source firmware that you can contribute to! A huge part of what makes Input Club projects superior to other keyboards on the market is that they are constantly improving and updating - they aren’t obsolete out of the box like most other keyboards :).

In the spirit of this - we’d like to showcase some of the cool things that people have done with KLL - the Keyboard Layout Language (the firmware that powers Kira). 

Tetris on the Infinity ErgoDox -

Light Trails on the K-Type -

A full set of Infinity 60% animations -

If you are interested in creating designs like these - please say hello in the Input Club Discord channel or on Github

Github - 

Discord - 

If you are interested in our other keyboards, we do have a current group buy for both the Infinity ErgoDox as well as the upcoming Gemini Dusk and Dawn keyboards - both of which are built using the KLL firmware. 

Infinity ErgoDox
Infinity ErgoDox
Gemini Dusk
Gemini Dusk
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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy Caro on

      FWIW my order just shipped

    2. Missing avatar

      Chihlung Shih on

      WTH is going on with this team and where is my order?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nate Dellinger on

      The most recent kono weekly update was quite disappointing. If you are going to keep slipping it would be best to inform your customers why. We know you've had some issues with the orders but there was a big fuss in saying that the shipping process was now going to be smooth and it clearly is not. Why the delays, does it take this long to get orders sorted out? Is there an issue with some boards that you're not disclosing? Its easy for our minds to wander, when you could just give a slightly more detailed update.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lui De La Parra on

      + 1.5 weeks from the delivery date expectations set in this update and no one except the reviewer has received their keyboard.

      I find it in rather bad taste that you took the time and diverted a keyboard to get a review.

      Fulfill your commitments to those who backed the project then solicit reviews.

      The title of this update has a typo in it. It says “Kira has arrived” when really it should read “Kira still undelivered”.

    5. Missing avatar

      PrinceMarkieD on

      Thank you for the update. What was the point of the purchasing the keyboard over a year ago, if backers do not receive the item any sooner than people ordering today?

    6. Jino on

      I would like to see more frequent, and detailed updates, especially when a GB is running behind advertised schedule and unexpected fulfillment changes are being introduced. Every Kono GB I'd joined to date (Whitefox, Z70 Pro, Kira) has run into major delays, followed by weeks and months of silence and/or finger pointing, resulting in customer frustration.

      I understand that we're in the final stretch. Can Kono keep the communication flowing and keep customers' expectations in sync with what's going on at the warehouse? I hope this isn't too much to ask for.

    7. RC on

      @Ronnie nothing here - I had been watching out for Kira and jumped on asap (alu/black/cherry) as it came online, but I came here looking for an update myself. Not seeing any movement at all. I've got this unopened box of GMK Camping that has been looking at me with the most doleful i's for like two months now, just begging to be put to use ;_; hehe
      Trying not to be impatient, but an update on shipping would be fantastic! <3

    8. Missing avatar

      Ronnie swietek on

      has anyone received tracking info for the first round of shipments yet? Just wondering if mine isn't part of the first 800

    9. Arthur Ralph Banluta on

      I do hope i get mine but I live in the Philippines so I wont keep my hopes up

    10. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Disappointing since I think they had to manually recreate all Whitefox orders too and claimed back then “this won’t be an issue in the future.” Really hate to complain and like to give the benefit of the doubt but the similarity in logistical problems is a bummer. Obviously still excited and I know IC is working hard to cross the finish line.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on

      @f16pilotjumper Not a web developer, Shopify itself changed their backend system halfway through the year. All the orders that were placed before their flip have to be manually recreated in their new system. We've had many calls with Shopify about this and they cannot provide us with anything that make's the process easier.

    12. Missing avatar

      f16pilotjumper on

      I also don't understand how after all the effort that supposedly went into the Kono Store, all the orders have to manually re-created. That was a major topic for like, 3 updates, how things were going to be setup to go smoothly on the fulfillment end.

      I hope you get a refund from the web developer, maybe use it to ship the next batch of keyboards via air instead of the slow boat method...….

    13. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      As a Utah native who ordered a Metal board, hopefully I get it soon. I'm not too annoyed about nearly 2 months outside the initial November estimate, but I still really wish they'd communicated the delays better.

    14. Missing avatar

      James Clayton on

      I can’t wait to receive mine. Not long now hopefully.

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt Beland on

      @Brandon Muzzin - you're defending the wrong problem.

      I don't care that my keyboard is going to be a couple weeks late. (Or, rather, I do, but I understand things happen and schedules slip and I had a healthy amount of skepticism built in.)

      The problem is the utterly terrible communication.

      This weather event that delayed the delivery - did that magically happen yesterday? A tachyon storm perhaps reaching back through time?

      Or is there some other reasonable explanation for why Input Club published a schedule that was wrong *almost the instant it was posted* but left it alone until over a week after people should have been receiving their keyboards? (Hint: No there is not.)

      And then there's the tone-deafness of doing things like revealing that review boards have been in people's hands long enough for them to publish their reviews - while the backers have no idea what's going on.

      I run a company. I know how projects go, I know what can go wrong, I've been there while everything falls apart. I have a great deal of sympathy for this kind of situation, from a logistics and timeline standpoint.

      And I'm completely pissed off at Input Club and planning never to purchase anything through them again, because they've completely screwed up on the one piece of this that *was* completely in their control.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jin Kwon on

      When I order this I have expected some delays. I am not disappointed because of the delay. Reasonable explanation like @Brandon Muzzin comment will do the job. However, I can't find any explanation of delay from the recent update.

    17. Alex Kemmler on

      As someone who also works in electronics, I would like to offer a half-defense of the IC team on the Kira delays.

      On one hand, the delays that this keyboard have seen relative to their original timeline are pretty mild. It is not at all uncommon for electronics projects to slip several months due to part supply issues, tooling delays, and so on.

      On the other hand, it seems like the schedule they published was too optimistic. From where I'm sitting it seems like we the customers were told a "best case" schedule, or at least a cautiously optimistic one. I would say the only crime is setting expectations too high...
      Overall I don't think the IC team has done a bad job keeping things moving. With Kickstarter projects, I would say it's very hard to give customers a schedule that's realistic AND one they'll like. Honestly, these things take a long time even when they go WELL, and even minor problems can add weeks / months to a schedule.

    18. Brandon Muzzin Collaborator on

      @f16pilotjumper and @Jin Kwon It's hard for us to predict weather delays when shipping things. The shipment was supposed to be at the warehouse on that day when we made the previous update but there was bad weather and they delayed the shipment.

    19. Missing avatar

      f16pilotjumper on

      Waiting until after you said things would be shipped in the previous update, to give us a new update saying it's still a week super annoying. It's the kind of thing a manager gets really upset at employees for doing.

      Last update you said the first batch would be mostly standard and some metal, and now in this update you say it's mostly metal? Why the change?

      This is the 2nd keyboard from IC that I've Kickstartered (my wife got a WhiteFox) and I don't think I'll be doing it again. Between the switch issue, production & shipping delays, and poor communication - there are group buys on keyboard forums that are better run.

      Always some excuse about how special the product is, but the reality is there are lots of other options in the mechanical keyboard space and this is what, the 3rd keyboard you've done so there should be some lessons learned by now on how to make things go smoothly??

    20. Missing avatar

      Jin Kwon on

      Very disappointing updates, None of them are good news to me. I believe from the last update it should have been shipped 12/23 to us not to warehouse. Also have mention about the first wave would be primarily standard Kiras. Well I can understand does dates can be delayed. However, for me update wasn't fast enough. On this update you have mentioned about approximately 800 kiras and most of them will be the metal frame. Which means for person like me who got standard version doesn't know how longer we have to wait more. I would be that much disappoint if the update was fast enough and at least letting us to know how longer we have to expect for another 800 kiras would be arrived.

    21. Daniel on

      Firstly thanks for the update, this is great news.

      However for us international folk why would you not provide the ability to track our shipment once it has left the US? What happens if it gets lost or something? That s just $300+ down the drain? I just find this lazy especially with such an expensive keyboard. Lastly can we pay to upgrade our shipping? I'm more than happy to pay whatever the additional cost is to not only give me faster shipping but also so I can track it and resolve any issues that may arise, that way we are all covered. Can I please upgrade my shipping to include international tracking at the very least?