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Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
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Update #15 - Shipping Estimates

Posted by Sean (Collaborator)
Black Metal Kiras Look Spectacular
Black Metal Kiras Look Spectacular

Kiras were distributed to the Input Club and Kono teams for a final look-over. Everyone is exceptionally pleased with Kira’s appearance and feel. Even if our timelines haven’t been ideal, the end product is something we’re proud of.

We have more news about Kira shipping estimates. Production was slower than promised, so some of the gaps between waves were larger than anticipated. Note that the following dates reflect shipment to you, not shipment to our warehouse (nearly everything is en route).

Wave 1: Expected to ship during the week of 12/23 — primarily standard Kiras.

Wave 2: Expected to ship during the week of 1/6 — mix of metal and standard Kiras.

Wave 3: Expected to ship during the week of 1/20 — mix of metal and standard Kiras.

Metal Frame - Halfway Removed
Metal Frame - Halfway Removed

People at the Bay Area meetup were surprised by one of the Metal Kira’s features. Its machined aluminum frame is attached with hinge-like hardpoints and several strong magnets. We’re looking into a la carte frame options with different anodization colors. The alternative frames would be available sometime in the future — right now we’re focused on wrapping current projects up. This also means that we (or community members) could design completely different frame shapes for Kira.

Unpainted Kira Frame
Unpainted Kira Frame

We also had some great feedback regarding our standard Kira frames. If we order them unpainted, and offer them on Kono Store, people can pick them up and make artisan / custom versions. Hydro dipping, hand painting, and sticker bombing are the first things that come to mind.

Please route any questions or concerns to — they can help out with cancellations, address changes, and other requests.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy the holidays!

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    1. Missing avatar

      PrinceMarkieD on

      My favorite key cap shape is the Logitect Romer G on the G910. I like really heavy linear, or silent tactile like browns, but as heavy as i can get them. Will you guys ever develop a key cap shaped like the Romer G ? its entire geometry is awesome to me. never-mind the switch, but the cap itself.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on

      @Simon Yes

    3. Simon Matthews on

      Will tracking numbers be supplied once shipped?

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on

      @Thien If your order is placed on Kono Store then you're good. The data here is separate.

    5. Thien Ng on

      I accidentally checked the "Got It" box. Does it affect my order?

    6. Missing avatar

      Volker on

      I have a GMK Laser set with Mitowaves waiting for this baby :)

    7. Missing avatar

      James Clayton on

      It does indeed look really nice. I'm really looking forward to seeing mine, hopefully in January (plastic one, not metal)

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on

      @Banxsaturn Yes, it is usable out of the box. However it is highly customizable. We are actively developing our configurator to make it more user-friendly, even for those with no experience.

    9. Banxsaturn on

      I'm new for custom kb, Is kira ready to use without touch anything else such as firmware bla bla..?

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on

      @Tyler No. The issue was discovered with specifically BOX switches a few months ago to cause problems with ABS caps produced with low tolerances. Stock Kira keycaps (and WhiteFox/NightFox keycaps for that matter) are unaffected as they are PBT.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Does the switch issue effect those of us who ordered with the MX switches?

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on


      The Kit versions are essentially the same, just without switches included, so they are part of the same batches.

    13. Michel Kakulphimp on

      I don’t see any mention of the kit forms - are those shipping at the same time as their prebuilt counter types?

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Collaborator on

      We're very sorry about the switch issue, however the reason is that we purchased the switches many months before this issue was discovered and eating the entire cost of this volume of switches is just not possible. We personally have tested an SA Nautilus that's been on old BOX switches for many months (since July) with no stretching or cracking of any kind, as well as GMK Camping that has been on a Kira for over a month with no issues as well. Obviously these are individual tests, but we do know for sure (through other testing) that the problem does not affect all switches. From our testing, the issue becomes when the tolerance of the keycap produced is a little on the low side, combined with the tolerance of the switch being on the higher end.

      @A. Damar Yes the dates are month/day, the Kira's should all be shipped by the end of January.

    15. Missing avatar


      @John I haven't kept super up to date, but last I read when the shipling was delayed to late Nov was when then they last commented in an update they're still shipping with bad switches. I had hoped that with another month and a half or so (at least for metal) I wouldn't have to go splurge on 100 safe switches. Good to know, abet frustrating. :/

    16. John Giblin on

      @Scott no, they've stated that despite the other delays and opportunities to replace them, they are still shipping with the flawed versions of the Box switches.

    17. Missing avatar


      Given the metal ones don't ship until January does this mean they'll won't ship with the 'old' switches that can break your keycaps?

    18. Missing avatar

      A. Damar Jayengrana on

      12/23 , 1/6, and 1/20 means month/date of shipping?

    19. Missing avatar

      Ronnie swietek on

      Thank you for the update...excited to get mine!

    20. Stephen Prescott on

      Going to be a very long 2 more months of waiting but I am excited to receive mine.

    21. Tyler Chalstrom

      I'm stupid excited to get this thing.