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Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ksu 1 day ago

      It's probably not a big deal for majority of the backers from the US including me. After all it $ 5. But this cutting corners from backers, especially from what's been promised, is not a good approach to keep the long run of the project.

    2. Missing avatar

      EARL I 3 days ago

      Per Kono store:

      Note: we are not offering free shipping due to unexpectedly high transport and production costs (we're already taking a slight loss on the testers). Other 9 variant switch testers from Amazon and NovelKeys have higher or comparable prices once shipping is factored in, so this is in line with the rest of the industry. We apologize for the change.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ksu 3 days ago

      @. It's said on the #4 update, any idea why they are not offering now?

    4. . 3 days ago

      FYI for those asking, they're not offering free shipping on the switch tester.

    5. Caleb Kester 4 days ago

      Any word on the switch testers?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ilya Oleynikov 6 days ago

      @Muhammad, yes... It's the manufacturer's (Kalih, which produces both for its own brand and Novelkeys) fault. However, if you are going to get the PBT set of keycaps or a stock Kira keycaps (which are PBT anyways) you should be fine as PBT are much more resistant to cracking.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff L on

      @Carlos, the word on the street is PBT is ok so DSA Groove *should* be fine. Don't think anybody can say for certain tho.

      @Muhammad, should be all box switches. If you check Novekeys he has the warning for both regular Kailh box and Hakos.

    8. Missing avatar

      Muhammad Elrashid on

      Hi, ok so i'm abit confused here with the update on the box switches will cause cracking, are they referring to all box switches or specifically the Novelkeys? or both the novelkeys and hako switches.

    9. Missing avatar

      Carlos on

      Hello all, what about the DSA Groove Keycap Set, would Input club grantee that I wont any have problems if I order Box switches?

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex Wong on

      Part and parcel of caveat emptor when it comes to KS projects. At least I have Zealios switches on standby if I'm going with aftermarket switches.

      The Kira better be spot on and ready to impress when it's shipped after all the drama...

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeff L on

      Yea its a bummer because I was really looking forward to trying box royals. Sucks paying that much for a keyboard and settling on switches you don't want or saving $10 for the kit which isn't worth it.

      On the flip side I can understand that we wouldn't want delays being how long we've waited already. Overall quite a damper for most of us who I'd assume would not use stock caps. Tis what it is.

    12. Input Club 2-time creator on

      We're also concerned about keeping the project on track for October delivery.

      Waiting for new tooling, and new switch production, would add serious delays.

    13. Input Club 2-time creator on

      All backers can switch to kits (which come without switches) or non-Box switch options by contacting

      We already purchased Box switches to manufacture Kira, and we intend to use them because they're compatible with our caps, but we're not going to force you to buy them.

      Many backers will use stock caps for the lifetime of their keyboard. If they choose to get aftermarket caps later, Kira's hot swap sockets will make changing switches easy.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Wong on

      Doesn’t seem like IC will be shipping the new switches with Kira. They’ll be using existing stocks which they know there’s been instances of breaking or stretching of aftermarket key caps.

      So, basically they’re sending us defective switches that will likely only be usable with their included key caps?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff L on

      As somebody who already ordered their Kira with Box Royals this does concern me quite a bit. That said, looks like the order deadline is Aug 30. I would think if they do not have final quantities of each switch, they haven't put in the order yet to the vendors.

      Sounds like Novelkeys halted all orders of the current stem so I think we should be ok but confirmation from IC would be nice :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Gillikin on

      I'd like an answer about stem situation on box switches as well. Are the hako switches going to be fixed in the same manner that NovelKeys is fixing theirs?

    17. Benjamin Leong on

      Read that M60A will use the box switches w fixed stems.
      Will this be the same for Kira?

    18. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      I second Charles' question on the updated Box switches. The old (current) Box switches are defective and breaking/stretching keycaps. Can you confirm that you'll be sourcing the new Box switches for the Kira with the updated stems?

    19. Missing avatar

      Charles Bullock on

      Are you guys planning on getting the updated Box switches for this? I just saw on Reddit that NovelKeys is stopping all sales of their switches until new stems are created.

      If you are not going to use the updated Box switches, can those of us that selected them for our Kira change switch types?

    20. Missing avatar

      EARL I on

      I got an email from Kono support on the switch tester. They are apparently in customs currently and they should be arriving soon.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lo Seong Loong on

      No updates on the switch tester? Supposed to be available last week.

    22. hankterwilliger on

      I am a backer and was also interested in the SA Troubled Minds Keycap Set. But I can't figure out what set(s) I would have to order to cover the full keyboard. Can you help me out with that?

    23. Troy V. Barkmeier

      Also looking for an update on the switch testers — I've no idea which switches I want.

    24. Missing avatar

      EARL I on

      Any updates on the switch tester?

    25. Missing avatar

      Eero Mäntyvaara on

      yes they will work. the base kit has all the correct keycaps for this keyboard

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew Clifford on

      I am not new to mechanical keyboards, but I am new to the idea of swappable keycaps (I've just never done it). I really like the look of the "GMK Triumph Adler 90" keycaps I see on the Kono Store site. Can you just confirm for me that these will work on this keyboard?

    27. Missing avatar

      Fred Rumig on

      When/if optical switches come out will I be able to shut off the delay mech keyboards use with regular switches that prevent chatter on the Kira?

    28. Missing avatar

      Samuel Durkin on

      @Charles Kulcsar the case is included.

    29. Missing avatar

      PrinceMarkieD on

      Where can i check my keycaps order? i forgot which ones i got.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jansen Velasquez on

      If I have input the code already but want to change from plastic to metal case, how would i do that @IC? Thanks

    31. Charles Kulcsar on

      I just saw the update about the carrying case... Is that included or separate?

    32. Missing avatar

      ode on

      Some of the pictures have the underglow only on the sides, but some of the renders have it wrap across the front of the board too. Is there an underglow design that's finalized yet? If so, could we see some better quality pictures of what to expect? Can't wait for it regardless, so excited!

    33. Missing avatar

      MyoungSo Kang on

      i already input the code, however, want to try switch tester first, would it be possible?

    34. Myhang on

      Dimensions are listed on the kono product page here:

      Length: 378.2 mm
      Width: 130.25 mm
      Front Bezel Height: 21.8 mm
      Rear Bezel Height: 40.4 mm

    35. Missing avatar

      YG on

      What are the dimensions of this keyboard?

    36. Thomas W. Dyer II on

      @Vladimír Chren You can create a functionally similar switch tester through Novelkeys:

      Just select the switch options that you can get through this drop and test away.

    37. Missing avatar

      Vladimír Chren on

      Hi I:C! Please allow us to first buy a switch tester before making an order on Kono! Few of us (me) are new to mechs. Thank you much!

    38. John Giblin on

      @AlexJesse I think the update was referring to you being able to use the coupon until mid-July, not being able to cancel. In any case they don’t seem to check these comments frequently so you should contact them directly.

    39. Missing avatar

      AlexJesse on

      Hello, you mentioned in the update that we can cancel before mid of July. Can you kindly cancel this for me? Thank you very much.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      @Thomas, thanks! I tried it out and selected the metal case and at checkout when I put in my code it just subtracted the pledge amount for the plastic and gave free shipping and then I paid the difference.

    41. Missing avatar

      Eero Mäntyvaara on

      when is the last day i can choose my switches and case color?

    42. Missing avatar

      EARL I on

      Does anyone know if the keycaps will be Cherry or OEM profile?

    43. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      @Nicholas Just to add to your question, I've been trying to get some details about the quality (depth) of anodization to get a better idea of wear resistance. Any and all details much appreciated!

    44. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Goh on

      Hi, wanted to check how dark is the black aluminium version. I'm not sure if it will be pitch black like most of the plastic keyboards (e.g. filco), or sort of a greyish metallic black. Also, I assume that the LEDs are SMD LEDs so any transparent switch housing would work? Thanks a lot!

    45. Thomas W. Dyer II on

      @Tony I would expect so, but you could always try it, and if it acts the fool, just empty the cart and start again. The coupon should only expire once the transaction is complete.

    46. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      I have a dumb question. I pledged for the plastic version of Kira as I was not sure if I wanted the aluminum version at the time. I believe Kono had mentioned that you could change your pledge once it came time to pre-order (perhaps I misunderstood and if I did, then this question is moot).

      I got the coupon code, but can I change my order and get the aluminum body instead of the plastic and pay the difference and use my coupon code still?

    47. Myhang on

      @ Tyler (from the latest update comments)
      Input Club 2-time creator about 22 hours ago
      It didn't slow down Kira, to be clear. It slowed down the coupon creation process.

      Regarding time to choose which switch you want:
      Input Club 2-time creator about 22 hours ago
      The switch testers will arrive at the end of the month. If you want to pick one up sooner, NovelKeys is a site that we're on good terms with. They have a ton of options.

      You don't need to use the coupon right away, and we'll send out a warning email several days before we close the Kira Kono page. That should occur in mid-July.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      It says in the update that the manufacturers slowed down production somewhat. Can we still expect these boards to begin shipping in October?

    49. Missing avatar

      simplicissimux on

      Several of you have expressed concern about switch selection (welcome to mechs btw!) and that is understandable, there are tons of options and it's hard to say what you will like until you get your grubby little fingers in them.

      It's not clear yet what our timetable is but I'm sure I:C will allow folks time to order and try the switch options before locking in our selections.

      So if you find yourself getting too impatient or just don't want to limit yourself to trying the options shipping with this board. You can get switches and switch testers at

      Remember this little guy is hotswap so you can always change if you discover something you like better later.

    50. Missing avatar

      Deric on

      @Iordan A. Halatchev if you follow the email's instructions, it explains when to enter the coupon code. You need to do it on the shipping charge page, not on the first page of the checkout, otherwise it won't give you that free shipping.

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