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Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
14,081 backers pledged $655,182 to help bring this project to life.

Young Biweekly Kickstarter Update – 4-29-2013

Greetings and salutations, Larryettes. 

Let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we? 

1. Al Lowe has been in Berlin at the Quo Vadis conference, and gave a speech that was the runaway hit of the show! At least, that’s what Al said! 

2. We’ve been sending the Collector’s Box art to various e-tailers who, although selling only a non-boxed digital version of the game, like to – or insist on – a mocked-up box for their websites. Since a lot of people have seen the Collector’s Box art and thought we shouldn’t be using it for marketing purposes, we’re going to start a contest (today or tomorrow) for all aspiring commercial artists. Details for the contest can – or shortly will be – available on the Replay forums, There will be a separate subforum just for this contest; there, you’ll be able to find the exact rules, and you’re free to post your submissions on the forum for critique (although official entries will need to be sent directly to Replay per the rules you’ll find on the Contest subforum). 

3. Al recently gave an interview, and in it, he’s quoted as saying that LSL2 might be out by Christmas. Don’t you believe it! We dispute the accuracy of that quote! LSL2 is a much bigger, more complex game than LSL1, and work on LSL2 has scarcely begun. The interview must’ve taken place in Amsterdam, which might explain the author’s wishful thinking. 

I guess that’s it. 

Oh, right, one other thing: 

4. If all goes according to plan, you can expect the beta next week (week of May 6th)! That’s right, IT’S COMING! OH, MY GOD, IT’S COMING! 

And on that note… 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Josh Mandel on

      Hehe...Nathan, our attitude is that if we can't pay for the next game with the proceeds from the previous game, then either we're doing something wrong or the audience just isn't out there. We'd like to be self-sustaining for the Larry remakes after the first. But, of course, we have no hard-and-fast rules. We'll have to see!

    2. Nathan Simon on

      Cant wait! Beta me! oh and LSL2 Reloaded coming soon is news enough... you really should kickstart it as well...

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Mandel on

      The beta invitations haven't been sent quite yet, but we should actually have much closer to three weeks for the beta than just two.

      We've already got a version that's clean enough to normally be considered a beta, but we're doing major testing on it in-house first. Our reasoning: we'll have about 2,100 Kickstarter beta testers, and going through their bug reports could be a monumental task if the program isn't relatively clean. So we want to issue a beta that's cleaner than expected. Hopefully this will mean much smaller and easier-to-process bug reports from the thousands of testers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Thanks Bob, yeah that's all I meant, a one liner saying "beta invitations have been sent". My antispam solution is a cluster...

      Nick yeah I heard that too, two weeks to run a beta doesn't sound much to fix any major bugs found...

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Crouse on

      Just read on Destructoid that the release date for the game is May 31st. Is that an erroneous report? I'm stoked if that's legit, it just surprised me that you guys are aiming for that quick a jump from beta to release.

    6. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Sean: you'll probably hear about the beta on the email-account associated with your backer panel (probably also the one associated with KS), since KS-updates can't differentiate between tiers. Unless it's an update just to say: "beta-invitations have been sent", or anything like that.
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      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Checking here daily for any news of the beta :)

    8. Rottenwood on

      LSL2 could be a pretty great game if tightened up properly. (Dollar, heard that, etc.) Obviously, all of the cheap deaths have to be discarded, and you shouldn't be able to leave an area without essential items - the usual modern touches. I'd probably add more babes, too - it'll be trickier to sell a game without much quasi-sexual hijinx.

      The main problem is that all three major settings - the city, the cruise ship, and the island - are all used in other LSL games. So it's hard to find an angle to push.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Love it can't wait to see it, the crappy thing is I finish holidays this week. :)
      Ah well might have to take another three weeks to enjoy the Beta. :)

    10. Jim Takas on

      I hope you guys also do a LSL2 kickstarter! I want LSL2 merchandise too! :)

    11. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      Amsterdam huh? That right now is the center of the world: they are crowning the new king of the Netherlands as we speak!

    12. OddBall on

      Yay LSL2 first and not 8!

    13. Lee Ritchie on

      I think they should go 1,2,3,4...

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander (Prinkos) on

      >and work on LSL2 has scarcely begun.<

    15. Rune Sandvad on

      "The interview must’ve taken place in Amsterdam, which might explain the author’s wishful thinking."
      Hahaha Do he remember anything from that visit or is his recollection of that trip and interview based on what other told him :P

    16. Wan Kit Fong on

      UNF! *chris brown dat a$$ face*

    17. DurkaDurka on

      May 6th, eh? I'll have my lotion and a towel handy and ready to go along with plenty
      of Black Strap Rum and root beer mixer.

      I'd mention more but right now my cat is watching me and I feel self conscious all the sudden.

    18. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I figured that the Christmas date was a bit optimistic. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing how Al and Josh fix the brokenness of LSL2.
      And I can't wait to get my beta invite.

    19. Andrew Boer on

      For the first time one can honestly say that Larry isn't coming too soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Josh Mandel on

      Kalum, the beta will be available to everybody who pledged at the $75 level and above (the "Alpha and Beta" level).

    21. Missing avatar

      Kalum on

      Good Stuff! I cant believe, I have been waiting a year already. @Josh Will beta be available to all backers?

    22. Robert V Frazier on

      Well, LSL 2 is bound to be out by Christmas of SOME year, right? Just not 2013 . . .

    23. Nic Stransky on

      All numbered lists for LSL should go 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 [...]