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Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
14,081 backers pledged $655,182 to help bring this project to life.

The Baby-Daddy of the Bi-Weekly Kickstarter Update

Hello post-GDC (that’s Game Developer Conference for you non-gaming industry Larryettes)!!!!!!

Yes, you get to hear from me again. Two times in 30 days. What ARE the odds? I think I get picked to write the updates when there’s bad news since everybody else wants to stay in your good graces and at the “all hands” meeting today when Josh said “who wants to do the update this week?” I heard crickets. 

So, without further ado…. We actually have quite a few announcements to make with this update, so hang on to the seats of your pants:

1) It's absolutely official. Jan Rabson is returning as the voice of Leisure Suit Larry. He's been hard at work recording lines already, and he's as Larry as he ever was. You guys are going to love it.

2) Twin Galaxies has released their trading cards for 2013, and we're deeply moved to be among those honored. They have cards of Al, Josh, and even me this year. It's great to know that the work we're doing is being recognized by the only official video game trading card collection out there. Twin Galaxies has been around since the 1980’s honoring people like Billy Mitchell of Defender Hall of Fame, Warren Spector, and Richard Garriott, to name a few. To be honored with a Twin Galaxies trading card is like being inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. All three of us are extremely humbled and, because of this, will be immortalized forever in the history of the interactive entertainment industry (fancy shmancy for "video game industry").   If you want more information on this, Walter Day, the owner of Twin Galaxies, just posted on the Replay Games Facebook page about an art exhibit they're doing with all the cards ever made.  Each card has a number and Walter only prints about 200 of each card.  He asked Al, Josh, and I to sign 10 cards and send them back to him for his collection, the museum, etc.  I still can't believe I get a card.  I feel like Wayne in Wayne's World and kneeling to the tune of "I'm not worthy!!"

3) Speaking of recognition, I did a LOT of interviews at GDC last week, so expect to see news stories, video interviews, and hands on demos of Leisure Suit Larry all over the web. Some of the companies that interviewed with us were Touch Arcade, Game Zone, IGN, [a]listdaily, 148apps, Joystiq, Gamezebo, Slide to Play, Apples n Apps, Electronic Playground, the Escapist, EGM, Venture Beat, and more. Word about Larry is spreading fast you guys. The press is chomping at the bit for information about this project. That brings me to some bad news. 

3) Now some of you who have been following the news stories about us may have already seen this, and I apologize for not telling you guys first. I just get so excited talking about this project that some information slipped out during interviews that I meant to tell you first, and I'm sorry for that. For those of you who missed it, here's what I let slip (and it wasn't on purpose, I swear to you, but when that camera is on you it’s like….well, odd is the only adjective I can think of). I almost went in to presidential debate mode but thank God they turned the camera off before that happened. So here’s the deal, we’re going to be late (again). That’s ok, I know you already hate me so a few more people sending me death threats is not going to kill me (no pun intended). Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded will come out at the end of May (at the earliest, and pending no disasters). It was a tough decision to make, but I've been in QA for 13 years of my life, and I do *not* want to ship a buggy product (but I’ll also say that NO piece of software is ever bug free, no matter how much it’s tested). We are not going to release anything until it's as good as it can be, and that means we need a little more time. This *will* affect the shipping of the Kickstarter rewards too, since a bunch of people are getting the collector’s edition box, signed stuff, etc. I know a delay is the last thing you wanted, but I promise you, no, I SWEAR to you, it will be worth waiting for. Also, I'm happy to announce that we're in pre-production of a free to play Larry casino game (obviously in ADDITION to a ReLoaded version of Larry 2 *or* a brand new Larry 8...we haven't made up our minds yet). This is NOT just a different version of Larry Reloaded, this will be a completely new Larry game that will be free to play. There aren't a lot of details I can share about it right now, because we're still trying to nail them all down, but we're doing it because we know you guys will love it when it's done. More deets when I have them. Since *none* of us has ever made, or been on a team, or shipped a Free-To-Play game before, we’re needing to bring in outside assistance to help in the design and daily maintenance of it. It’s what we call a “persistent world” experience, meaning the game is never “off”, so it’ll take some doing to get this thing right, but I am convinced we can do it. Know any good F2P designers? 

On a personal note, I know how passionate all of you guys are about this game, and I LOVE it. I am too. Bringing back Larry was a dream of mine, Al’s, and Josh’s, and I'm actually getting to make it a reality. That reality would not have been possible without you. We never forget that. 

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, and I'll see you at Lefty's. 


p.s. Austin Wintory says hi!!!!

p.p.s. I ran in to Cory & Lori Cole, whom I got to work with while at Sierra (I was an Associate Producer on Quest For Glory: Dragonfire but after the hostile takeover I quit so I didn't get to ship the game but I *think* I'm in the credits), at GDC.  They were sitting on couches doing interviews at the same time I was doing my demos for the press.  After mine were done I had to go over and give them a big hug (I'm famous for my hugs, BTW) and take a picture with my old friends (and share some good old Sierra stories).  Here's the picture Eli from Touch Arcade took.

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    1. Brandon on

      @Greg, the teams responsible for bug fixing are different than the teams responsible for pre-planning and art. It's like how inXile started development on Torment: Tides of Numenera even though Wasteland 2 isn't done yet.

    2. Brandon on

      @Replay Games, Man, you're such a dick, we hate you and all that stuff that we're supposed to say. Delay? Unacceptable! Why would I ever want a game that plays well?! I want it to be the buggiest game ever in order to ensure no more Larry games will ever get the money they need to be successful! I wouldn't have pledged if I knew the game would be properly QA'd!

    3. Missing avatar

      Morley K on

      The great part about Kickstarter, is you can TAKE YOUR TIME! Give us the game we deserve, and make it great! Thanks for the updates. We love to hear how things are progressing! - Mo

    4. Missing avatar

      Ilkka on

      Agree with "ship it when it's ready" group.

    5. Nelson ☜☆☞Menacing Mop☜☆☞ Miguel on

      Yeah, i agree... Take all the time you want... It's best to have the game as good as it gets than to ship a sub-par production... Also, reading Larry 8 and Larry 2 Reloaded made me smile... I for one would prefer all the Reloaded versions before a new one... I can't wait to play Larry 6 reloaded... I only hope it won't take a year per release (although i'm feeling it will)...

    6. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      I do understand that games are late... however I wish you focused on polishing and finishing the game instead of starting to develop the next one when this one is far from being ready. Otherwise yes, take your time and no, please don't commit to deadlines we all know won't be hit (looking at you, May).

    7. Replay Games Creator on

      You guys are the best Kickbackers ever! Thank you for showing us so much love.


    8. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Us experienced kickstarter-addicts know those estimated delivery times are totally unreliable. So, take all the time you need to get it right.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    9. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      While I really, really want to be playing the new Larry right now, I fully support your decision to wait until it is ready for release. Releasing a buggy/unfinished game would probably create far worse problems, both short term and long term.

      I saw a video from the alpha version, and it looks like the game is going to be worth the wait, to put it mildly.

      You did the right thing hugging the Coles, those guys are awesome. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      xetip on

      Ok, may, so far so good.
      But what about the t-shirt? I need it as soon as possible. just a little bit posing, you know? ;-)

    11. OddBall on

      Oops meant could take 5 - 8 years to make ALL games ie 2 - 7

    12. OddBall on

      Also if you remake Larry 2 - 7 first you can always make 40% - 60% of the game and jump back on KickStarter for a 100k - 500k goal so you can add additional features to each remake and finally with the old and new fans recieved from each remake you can do the same thing with Larry 8 but asking goal should be $1 million! I guess if you do make 2 - 7 it could take 5 - 8 years to make each, so a while until 8 but it means you have 10 years of being out there and attracting new fans and retaining old ones!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Crawford on

      No worries here. I'll echo the other comments - what's another month? It'll fly by anyway. You guys aren't working for EA or something (thank heavens) so just make the game and don't kill yourselves in the process.

      Intrigued by your comment regarding LSL2 or LSL8. While I would understand the desire to explore entirely new territory in an 8th game, I'll echo others who would like to see the existing games be remade, one after another, with a matching aesthetic and a consistent approach. It would be unlike anything that has been done before; taking existing games and "smoothing out the rough patches". Adding new elements that tie them together and make them a real epic series. And maybe you can find those Lost Floppies while you're at it...

      Anyway, it would be great if you could get into a dev cycle where a portion of the team (art/coding/qa) was working on one project while the next project was coming up behind it. Keep everyone busy, and streamline the process for releasing the sequels. All leading up to the new game, of course. Looking forward to whatever you do...

    14. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      take as long as you need guys!!!

    15. Darcy Biggica on

      I don't mind the delay at all.. I've waited years for a Larry game that did not make me weep for the Sierra "Glory Days".... what's another month. or two or three - .. I like many others here would rather have a game that is "Done" then have to have the game and have to wait until it's patched to play it.. I work in IT/IS so I fully understand how the process goes - quite honestly I was expecting a October 2013 release at the earliest.. so in my eyes you're ahead of schedule!!!!!!

    16. Pedasn on

      May?.... that sweet dream of game is coming out in may? i didn't know it was so quick... :) can't wait, but take every time you need. happy that things are working out great.

    17. Missing avatar

      Archea47 on

      I also don't mind the delay - I'd rather have good communication and a game I can enjoy to the fullest on my first playthrough instead of your great team losing sleep, having to cut corners and find yourself struggling for words to face your backers.

      What I'm hoping is that you guys are on the forefront of something awesome. I (and sorry for mentioning an unrelated project here) really enjoyed the Monkey2 remake (including the commentary - can you guys do that??) and I hope that Larry Reloaded will be an inspiring enough of a product (and success!) to encourage both developers to make more and us hardcore fans (even new ones!) to continue to support this trend of bringing the classics up to date.

      I love the classics, but voice acting, updated graphics and re-scored soundtracks make the games feel like a new experience again and I love it. As far as I'm concerned, take your time - this is your opportunity to show the dev's how to do it and the fans why you do it!

    18. Jim Takas on

      The delay is fine by me! I'll wait as long as it takes!

      However I really really really really really want to see the other games remade before Larry 8 comes out! I feel that if you guys do Larry 8 next then the remakes for the others won't be made :(

      Also if you do Larry 8 first and then do the remakes you'll miss out on a nice flowing continuity since the other remakes will also be revamped. and have new content that Larry 8 won't know about and won't be able to reference (if that makes sense).

      Finally just wondering will "Where's Dildo" be making an appearance in Larry 1???

    19. Missing avatar

      Darji on

      I would be pretty sad if you guys would deliver a bad product just because of some time pressure. You guys are not working under some Publisher who forces you to release the game even if its buggy. So take your time and deliver a Product that is worth to be called a real Larry game.

    20. Jeff A. on

      Take as much time as you need; I'm in no rush. Push it to April 2014 - I give no shits. In fact, take a week off, and come back to the project with fresh eyes. If you push Larry too fast he'll forget his condom, and then he'll get The Clap, and then it's game over, man. Deadlines are for dorks, crank the knob up to 11, I'll still be here when Larry is ready.

      "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

    21. Missing avatar

      Christian M. on

      You should just do it the id software way and release the game "When it's done". Being a programmer myself I know that there are lots and lots of things that can go wrong. I hope we all can agree that a bug ridden game is much worse than a game being postponed ...

    22. Michael Hartmann

      I'd rather wait for the game to be as good as it can be than have an inferior version sooner. Take your time.

      But a F2P game? Really? I think it is a terrible business model.

    23. Missing avatar

      Usman on

      As everyone else has said, take your time as long as that doesn't translate into "doing a 3D Realms" lol. Hmm, although, if Al did ever decide to make a fourth Larry game maybe it can be named Larry 4Ever. A small slip in a release date is better than releasing something buggy especially when the revival of the series potentially hinges on it. As a software developer myself, it is infuriating when the "men in suits" make silly short term decisions without considering the long term impact.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christian Peters on

      Yes, take your time to make it the best it can be!

    25. Mika Vilen on

      Just take all the time you want, nobody wants a game that's rushed out (I'm looking at you EA!!!), I'm just so glad that Larry is making a comeback, the first adventure game i have ever played :) . Thank you guys for bringing it BACK!!!!!!!

    26. Wouter Kok on

      I think one of the best examples of Free 2 Play at this moment would be Path of Exile:
      They have a beautiful game and they generate good income with micro transactions for account upgrades and visual stuff. I also know they want to talk about what they archived.

    27. Michael Hoffmann on

      Even though being a "walk of shame star" backer, I have no problem with the delay, either. The alpha looked and played great, but it was clear to me that some additional polish would be required, so no surprise here.
      Take your time and give us a great game, no matter when! Meanwhile I catch up on my huge backlog of titles from the last Steam and GOG sales. :)

    28. Gavin Lambert - Tormented Dreamer on

      The best F2P design is to realise that it was a bad idea to begin with and scrap the whole thing. Seriously. I have yet to see a F2P game that was worth any amount of time.

      I mean, ok, if it's just something to fill in time for the people who have already finished their work on Larry then "why not?" I guess, but why not start looking at the next Larry game instead?

      On the topic of Larry itself though: as someone once said, a delayed game is delayed only for a little while, but a bad game is bad forever. Delays happen, and they're a little frustrating at the time -- but it's far better to get a late game than a broken game. (Something that most "big" publishers fail to realise.) So don't worry about delays and try to make the best Larry that you can. I'm sure most backers will agree.

    29. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Oh, and sorry for the double post. I wish there was an edit button in the comments section. But as for the F2P Larry game, on one hand, I have nothing against F2P. I like the idea in general. On the other hand, F2P like a true MMO? Or F2P like a Facebook/mobile game? To be honest, I'm not completely down with the idea of a Facebook/Mobile game. While I admit the first thing I think of when it comes to those type of games is 'cheap', as long as it fun I'm there.

      MMO like a MMORPG like Star Trek Online (at least the concept if not the execution), while that would certainly be a nice upgrade, I'm not sure how a Larry MMO of that type would work. I could imagine it to be much more expensive either which, especially for a company that hasn't done one, may not be worth the the cost in making it.

      I'm not sure how a Facebook/Mobile Larry game would work either to be honest. But, looking at other types of that game, I do have more of an idea of how that could potentially work.

    30. R. Power on

      Take your time. I'd rather have a game be late and polished than early and buggy. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      And some games needed more QA than what they got at launch. Maybe more than the company could afford *cough*DNFAliensColonialMarinesSimcity*cough*. So I don't mind the delay at all. As long as it means a much better game.

      As for Larry 2 and Larry 8? While I certainly see why people would want a Larry 8 now (since even if a reloaded version is not 100% the same, you will get people saying that it's still a retread instead of a true sequel many of us have been waiting for), I personally would like to see Larry 2 remade. Especially with all the talks of fixing the many (I almost said manly. XD Not sure how much that applies to a Larry game...) issues that game had. So if I had a vote, I'd go with Larry 2. Still, I understand Larry 8 is up there and would also love playing a true sequel that we've all been waiting for.

    32. Scolaro on

      Thank you for the update, and please take your time until you're satisfied with the product. I'll be looking forward to a possible Larry 8, too, although I'm not sure it can get any better than Larry 7 (btw: how about releasing an HD version of that one?? I'd love you forever!...OK, I already do. ^^)

    33. Tomimt on

      I'm not surprised really. The time you reserved for QA in the beginning was running pretty short for an April release, so it just makes good sense to take more time to do it. Not even huge AAA games are shipped in time all the time.

    34. Calle Liljeholm on

      I am happy you guys take the time you need to release a polished product.
      Those that think Kickstarter is a preorder mechanism may moan a bit, but I for one am happy and proud I got to be part of bringing back one of the best characters and concepts of gaming history.

      You clearly have been as transparent as you possibly can be, kudos for that.

      I understand that part of the delay might be to an expansion of the franchise, that's ace in my book, means Larry might get a new audience and not just us old-timers.

    35. T.J. Brumfield on

      I know you guys are making the best game you can, but honestly, I didn't back this because I wanted to play Larry 1 again. I backed this to breathe new life into Larry for the future. Take your time. Get it right. I hope there are more Larry games after this one.

    36. Missing avatar

      Don Hamilton on

      Great to hear Jan is back as Larry. His voice defines the Larry I love.

      I am hoping for Larry 8 next personally. I have wished for the follow up to Larry 7 for many, many years, but I have never thought to myself "When are they remaking Larry 2?". Perhaps it was the storyline or the fact I got stuck several times on not knowing the correct way to type something or finding out I missed something waaaay back in the game. I know those things would be gone in the remake, but I am still hoping for Larry 8. :)

      Gotta love Larry!

    37. Daniel Haddon on

      Getting Jan Rabson back to voice Larry outweighs having to wait an xtra month for the game.

    38. Lee Chong Yew on

      Better late than never I suppose. But then I'm already preoccupied with SimCity (yeah, that train wreck that EA put out recently) and StarCraft II (Part 2): Heart of The Swarm anyway. Moving it further down will ensure that I get to enjoy it to the fullest since I'll probably have grown tired of both by then :P

    39. Missing avatar

      Jim McCorison on

      I would far rather wait for a properly finished product than suffer through a buggy mess that was rushed out the door to meet a deadline. Thank you for taking the time to, we all hope, make it most excellant.

    40. OddBall on

      @ Replay you mentioned its a tie between Larry 2 or Larry 8 Nooooooooooooooo let it be Larry 2 - 7 first but alas I understand that Larry 8 will be far more financiallly viable i.e more sales & investors and I really want a Larry 8 but will sad if Larry 2 - 7 being reloaded take longer to be made, oh well keep up the good work!

    41. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Don't worry, Paul. The night's still young. You're bound to get a hater or two.

    42. S. van Hengel on

      Looking forward to a WELL POLISHED game :P ...
      Ive been waiting for a couple of decades now for another awesome Sierra experience.
      Btw where's that King's Quest kickstarter? ..time for the Williams family to get busy.

    43. Replay Games Creator on

      Wow, thanks you guys. I was sure I'd be getting some nasty people telling me what a dick I am, but you guys are making me feel better about the decision.

      Oh, Karsten, we're publishing the game (since we're a publisher not a developer). In the interview I mentioned we found a retail distributor for the game for PC and Mac.

    44. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      Of course I want the game now, unfinished or not! Erm, hold on, maybe it's better to wait a few weeks more though.
      How about a Laffer Utilities 2013 (as the spiritual successor to 4.01 if I remember correctly, i should have that box *somewhere*). Ha, those were the days, those were the days...

    45. Missing avatar

      Vadrick on

      Taking the time to do it right is the right choice. As long as we get the occasional updates, we are happy. Looking forward to it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Karsten Koller on

      Thank you for the update.

      It is nice to hear finally a confirmation that Jan Rabson is doing Larry's voice and I don't mind the delay, as I am absolutely sure the game is worth the extra waiting time.

      I was also hoping that we get more information about the rest of the voice cast (including the new narrator), but seems like we have to wait for future updates.

      Additionally, I think it was also slipped during the interview that you have found a worldwide publisher for this game, any more information about this would also be appreciated.

    47. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      First off, stay away from Cryptic. If you want a crap F2P game, go for them, though. Yes, I'm still stinging heavily from the turd they just happen to have slapped a Star Trek skin over.

      With that said, I'm intrigued with what will be in the casino game. Someone in the forums (I can't remember who and I'm to lazy to look it up) suggested a strip poker game with the Larry ladies. I'd so be on board for that (wink, wink).

      Finally, I don't mind the delay. I got the news a week or so ago and I was fine with the push-back, although I'm certain that it was stated that it was going to be mid-May at the earliest. Give us the most polished Larry game that you can and I'll be happy.

    48. Replay Games Creator on

      Wow, Bobby, that comment really meant a lot to me, you have no idea. We're all working crazy long ass days both here in Austin and the guys at N-Fusion to deliver the best version of Leisure Suit Larry we've ever made. Thank you so very much for the vote of confidence. You have no idea how far that goes.

      p.s. I just edited the update. I made sure to mention we're doing to F2P game IN ADDITION to either a Larry 2 or Larry 8 (the vote is a tie right now).

    49. Missing avatar

      Matt Kampta on

      Cryptic Studios is a decent F2P MMO developer. I beta'ed Star Trek Online and contributed heavily post-release, which they graciously incorporated into their design and development, and otherwise were very interactive and receptive to the community. They recently were bought out by Perfect World Entertainment, however, about whom I know little, aside from the fact they are approaching release of Neverwinter Nights Online.

      Otherwise, thanks for the update and re-setting expectations accordingly. I much prefer hearing realistic timelines than empty promises, and I much prefer a properly developed and tested product to a rushed one any day.


    50. OddBall on

      Phew means I have 2 months to catch up my pile of shame Steam games(damn you Steam sales!) and the physical pile of game sitting on my PC desk!