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Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
14,081 backers pledged $655,182 to help bring this project to life.

Fireside Chat Part 2, new funding goal, and late nights!

Hey gang,

Paul T. here.  I'm EXTREMELY sorry we weren't able to get you guys Part 2 of the Fireside chat yesterday.  You can blame me, personally, since I totally messed it up.  I think that's what staying at work *really* late does.  I was at the Replay office until 5:30am waiting for the video to render out and then upload to YouTube.  When it was stuck at 100% for about 15 minutes and it started getting light outside I had to go home.  I think some of you guys probably saw a pretty bad render of the video.  Well, I'm happy to say that thanks to Britton Matthews, one of our IT volunteers (and backer!!) on this project, it's up and I present it to you below.

Now, in regards to hitting our funding goal.  YAY!!!  We not only made it, but we're blowing past it.  According to the votes tallied just this minute, 70% of you guys that voted ( want more content, so we're giving it to you!  Josh & Al are *at this very minute* working with our game developers from Adventure Mob in bringing you a) more story, b) new locations, and c) easter eggs (in that order), again - thanks to your votes on the forums.

Now that we're done with that (and hopefully answered a bunch of what you guys have been chatting about on the forums), let's give you Al & Paul part 2:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Crawford on

      These interviews are really fascinating. I've always wished there was a comprehensive written history of Sierra On-Line.

    2. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I miss those magic markers. I thing that I used to sniff them. Probably a good thing they eventually ended up using the red plastic film to reveal hints.

    3. Justin

      OMG! I forgot all about those Sierra hint books with the marker to reveal the hint.

    4. Missing avatar

      fernando45 on

      No matter how much graphics processing power grows, I find that "advanced graphics" can be really disappointing sometimes while "old graphics" are always fine and dandy. You can make awful 3D graphics, but you can't' make awful pixel art, it's just so stimulating when it comes to the imagination, that you completely forget what you are looking at!

    5. Missing avatar

      Johan Naucler on

      I really like these updates, nice talk and geting to know Al ^^

    6. OddBall on

      Great video, I was 3 at the time you did Larry so its interesting hearing how it all fitted together!

    7. Luke Adams on

      more story, yaaay. more locs, YAAAAAY. But wait a sec this is Larry we're talking about here. how about.... A NEW GIRL!!!!

    8. Nokill Bone on

      Love how piracy made the game sell even more and market it plus the books. ^_^ Lovely video.

    9. Missing avatar

      ijuin on

      I guess the bit about the Larry 1 disks infecting the Wall Street computers was where they got the idea for the Sludge Vohaul virus to infect planet Xenon's computer network via the Larry 4 disks in Space Quest IV.

      I enjoyed hearing here from Al about what was happening behind the scenes during the era where Sierra's most famous series were first getting started. A LOT of stuff that becomes popular later on gets a slow start--just look at automobiles, which were considered "toys" for their first twenty years until the Model T.

      I was just a kid (not even in high school) back when this all was happening, but I remember all the excitement around each new Sierra game coming out.

    10. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      Love the videos, makes me want to play every Sierra game over again.

    11. Scott Clark on

      Coming from a gamer who remembers "the good old days" that Al and Paul are talking about, these are such cherished memories that the majority of young gamers would have no idea how it was in those days. It is still amazing to me where computer gaming has come from and where it has gone.
      I am so glad to be able to help these veterans create another slice of memory in the new version of LSL. Thanks are the best!

    12. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Great videos. Can't wait to see part 3. I particularly loved the commenting on Infocom text adventures. I grew up on Infocom, Sierra, and LucasArts. Those three companies got me heavily into the adventure genre.

    13. RoyMartin on

      I just love Al Lowe. Great videos! Looking forward to part 3.

    14. David Palmer - Member, Mutant League on

      So glad to see these games coming back. The suits told us nobody wanted these, I'd say they are definitely wrong!

    15. Samuel Selvarajan on

      Congrats on reaching your funding goal! Yay!

    16. Evgueni Baldin on

      @ZirconJimLaffer83 Yep. That is why I said: very democratic. Minority should be ignored.

    17. Eric Tykwinski on

      First of all, Congrats on making the first milestone... Al, back when I was like 10, my father who was a programmer at the time picked up a copy of LSL for me. Let me say that your work along with Ken and Roberta Williams and the others of Sierra has greatly influenced my career. I truly hope that this starts off a renaissance of gaming and inspires you to create even more inspirational titles to further the next generation of young people.

    18. Freddy on

      part 3 part 3 ....:P loved part 1 and 2

    19. Replay Games Creator on

      Naps....that's a good idea, Dag...thank you!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jim M. on

      @Evgueni Baldin: They did a survey on the forum over at Replay Games' website. "Extra Content" was the overwhelming winner by votes. No one's discriminating against Linux, and just because Linux didn't win the vote doesn't mean Linux support won't happen.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dag Leistad Müller on

      Paul T. Don't forget not to burn yourself out completely on this first game! You have many more to do, and your gonna need that passion for later aswell:) I hope you have a bed in your office and atleast take some naps now and then!

    22. Evgueni Baldin on

      So Linux minority was ignored. Very democratic.

    23. Missing avatar

      Gregory Jordan on

      Lip sync.... was there any lip sync? lol

    24. Missing avatar

      Theodoros K. on

      Anyone observed a loss of lip sync in Al when he speaks about lip sync?

    25. Zebra3 on

      Great video! I love hearing about how things were done back in the day.

    26. Sven Opitz on

      Oooh, I love easter egg hunting, I am no good at it, but I love it! I can remember all 5 easter eggs I found in the Larry games (I said, I am no good at it), each a treasure for me... :)
      This fireside chat is interesting, I am always said, when it ends, but glad there is a "to be continued" note!

    27. TanC on

      Thanks for the awesome trip down memory lane :)

    28. matthias sweertvaegher on

      this is simply AMAZING! I love going back in time :)

    29. Nick Politte on


    30. calbeb on

      I know that I can't wait to see the new content Paul. Thank you for your update and for getting us the video.