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Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
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Paul Trowe tells all!!

Posted by Replay Games (Creator) I hate talking about myself in the 3rd person but if I said "I tell all" it wouldn't make much sense so...there you have it. :)  

This video might be a little longer than I should have made it but I wanted to squeeze in every tiny juicy detail I possibly could.  Besides, who doesn't like hearing themselves talk?  Admittedly, I was a bit nervous doing this at 2:00am here in the office but if I did it during the day everybody else would be like "who the hell is he talking to?".  So...without further ado, here is your next video update.  Please don't yell at me for taking too long you guys....I wanted to tell you the whole story about why and how we're doing this.  Besides, you can always skip it and do your homework instead.  :)


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    1. K.C. Budd on

      OMG! I had the PCjr, too, and later I bought the Roland LAPC-1 (MT-32 on a ISA card) for my PC XT clone specifically because of the sound support in Sierra games. I had forgotten all about that. Wow. Thanks for taking me back down memory lane, Paul!

    2. Tomimt on

      AGDI, or Himalaya, are doing an adventure game of their own at the moment, so I don't think they really are a viable choice at the moment.

    3. Jinx on

      A thread will pop up here:

    4. Cary Golomb on

      what about the people at AGDI Interactive? Those guys make games that feel like Sierra made them directly.

      I don't anticipate anything to change, but I much prefer the VGA style and they have multiple titles that they've shipped.

    5. Ron on

      How exactly do we follow the reddit AMA tonight?

    6. Lindsey Wise on

      The more Sierra games and developers that come back, the better!

    7. Tanglebones on

      I really should be doing homework right now...

    8. Missing avatar

      Soeren Jensen on

      Please make an update just before you make the reddit AMA, so we can go upvote it and make the first questions.

    9. Steve Brown on

      Paul, I might be one of a very small handful...but I still play Jones in the Fast lane in DosBox, surprisingly often! (Hell, I played it a couple evenings ago, when I couldn't sleep.)

    10. Dusan Radojevic on

      Gold rush yeahhhhhhhhhh :) you rule! I really hate Sierra is no more :(

    11. Zanythos on

      Wonderful update Paul. Keep em coming, I hope video's like these help boost the pledges.

    12. Skyler Coffman on

      Thanks Paul for the update. I do enjoy how real you put things and that you are blunt about things. Not like using the PR Jedi mind trick on use.

      "move along, move along" :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Theodoros K. on

      Excellent update

    14. Missing avatar

      Amy Watson on

      This update was awesome, a lot of behind-the-scenes details were given which is neat. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      Great update Paul! Thanks!

    16. SGL, INC.

      Wait, what's a baby tester?

    17. Missing avatar

      Josh Solomon on

      Really liked this video. I've grown really disillusioned with big publishers lately, so I went ahead and donated another $10 just to "stick it to the man" as you say ;).

    18. mabec on

      DF sent gifts for 450k $? Wow! Didnt expect that.

    19. Craig on

      Great update Paul, loved to hear about you beta testing at Sierra etc. Keep it up guys I think will hit a million if we all keep spreading the word!

    20. Stiler Orion on

      Very informative update, thanks!

      Going to up my pledge if I can tomorrow.

    21. Alexander Lyakhov on

      Thank you for update Paul.

    22. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Barbero on

      Great video! However, the newly added t-shirt creates a problem. I had already pledged $50 for the digital game, soundtrack, and art book. In theory, I should also get the t-shirt, but I don't want it. I'm not a "physical things" man :D I don't want to pay another $15 for the international shipping of the t-shirt. I just want the digital things. You should clarify this by, for example, writing in the $50 reward tier: "Add $15 for international shipping if you live outside the US and want the t-shirt".

    23. Fred Orispaa on

      i think that death in gold rush was cause of tainted meat or something. You had to do something to avoid it spoiling. The game was hard and at times difficult to figure out, but i don't recall any random deaths. could be wrong.

    24. Joseph Austin on

      There is so much hope for us adventure gamers right now. And what makes it really interesting is that I am an adult now, hearing these familiar names and seeing them do business with an adult understanding of the world. When I was a kid, they were like gods on mount Olympus. We didn't have all this social media to see these faces and hear these names being said, just text on the screen and amazing games. It's kind of surreal for me honestly, but thrilling.

    25. Adam Windisch on

      I agree with Shawn. Don't forget about Quest For Glory/Hero's Quest!

    26. RoyMartin on

      Great video! Thanks, Paul :)

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Shawn Michael Recinto on

      Hey Paul,
      are you in touch with the Coles? I would be great to see Lori and Cory make another QFG game :) (Those were my favorite series that originally got me into Sierra games)

    29. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on

      Ah, the 20 minute 2:00 AM video. Producing this video alone, regardless of content, should be enough cred for people to say "Yep. These guys are for real." Only game makers would record a twenty minute video in the middle of the night just to talk about why they are passionate about a project. Well done, sir. I'm looking forward to this - probably more than I can say.

    30. OddBall on

      Great video, made me up my pledge!

    31. A.A - The Dream Travelling Echidna $6.13 on

      Really cool that you mentioned Jane Jensen. Have an extra $50 for your trouble (I really want Jensen to get her game up!) Good luck with the rest of your campaign.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Maurer on

      Great story Paul. It's very cool the way you got into the business at just 12 years old.

    33. Tomimt on

      If I remember correctly Gold Rush! had a couple of pretty diabolical ways to kill you. You could receive a disease randomly after entering the ship to California for an example.

    34. Lee Ritchie on

      Gold Rush! Oh bloody hell, it:s been a long time since I heard that name!

    35. Joshua Silverman on

      Sounds great. When the idea of games getting remastered and remade became the popular gaming topic my mind went simply to Larry Laffer. Loved the LSL games as a kid and can't wait to see what you guys have in store.

      I'm going to do a write-up on my site in the morning and hopefully discuss the game and some history of LSL on our podcast. Great work guys!

    36. Missing avatar

      jh on

      Awesome stuff. Let's make this happen!

    37. Replay Games Creator on

      As an FYI - I'm STILL a fan of theirs...and it's my dream come true to work with them (again).

      -Paul T.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Martin on

      Thanks for explaining the details! Cannot wait for this game!!!