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Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
14,081 backers pledged $655,182 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Sam Beckett on

      What color is the t-shirt? I hate black tshirts and white tshirts. If it is any other color (light blue or green) I will upgrade my pledge. Maybe post a picture? Also I tend to think tshirts with logos, and any type of text/sayings are bad. But some cool looking artwork with one of larry's hot chicks would work!

    2. James Young on

      Thankyou for the quick reaction to the shirts and music price tier. Exactly what I asked for, exactly the price I said I would pay. Upgraded to $40 right then. Thanks again.

    3. Jim Ryan

      Ahhh, so YOU'RE the reason why I was finally able to play 16-color SCI games on my PCjr. Awesome. ;) Your video has brought back SO many memories for me. I wanted desperately to write for Sierra when I was a kid. I even sent them a packet of short stories once (not that they were any good - I was probably 11 or 12 at the time). I think it's REALLY cool that you got to work with them the way you did and even cooler that you're facilitating a possible comeback. Kudos, sir!

    4. Jerald on

      I'm really sorry but I think it was interrested for all backers what is the size of the T-Shirt. Because if it is size S it's not really funny, but XXL it is better.

    5. Jonathan Krarup on

      I have to say, and it's probably not popular to do so, but Love for Sail was my favourite... and I still want to see Lust in Space get made!

    6. John Arthur Specht on

      I also pledged after your TWiT Gameon appearance. Please keep the TWiT army up to date on your progress by appearing on their shows when you can.

    7. Joseph Villalobos on

      The forums are so slow!

    8. Zanythos on

      Personally I hope they never make a Larry 4. That's one of the great jokes with Larry. Although I'm firmly behind getting Larry 8.

    9. Dennis Pauler on

      Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Missing Floppies...

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Light on

      LSL4? What's that? ;-)

    11. Sam on

      We've almost hit 50% Larry Laffer Lovers!
      This keeps up and we might even get LSL4 and LSL8 after all!

    12. Tomimt on

      It's actually interesting, that Linux users are willing to pay a little more of the games than other platforms. I've always noticed that trend in Humble Bundle.

    13. SXX on

      Unity3D as well support Native Client (for Google Chrome and Chromium) which works on Linux systems.
      Flash export function cost money for developer, but NaCl isn't require to pay any license fee's.

    14. Paul Chaplin (@CottlestonPie) on

      I'll just echo the other Linux-users above, and say that as soon as a definite milestone goal is announced (rather than just "after we pass our initial goal", which is uninspiringly vague), I'll be upping my pledge to help us reach it. :) The Unity3D guys are hopefully hearing more and more requests from developers for them to finally release full Linux support...

    15. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Rani Hassan: There was an announcement in Al's CJ3000, in fact that's how I found out about this, and DFA too, btw.

    16. Matija Nalis on

      I agree, Linux support is a must. I pledged so they can make a Linux version. It would suck if they didn't...

    17. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Mark, at this point Unity already can do export to swf, that may be used with standalone Flash player (many HIB developers ship Flash games to Linux users this way). As I understand limitation of Flash export in Unity is not related to 2D functional so this doesn't hurt customers of this game. Even if I not aware of some issues, Unity team probably have enough time to fix it before LSL release, or provide dev. preview version of export to Linux native binary feature to LSL team. Such options should be discussed with Unity developers.

      So I still doesn't understand why Linux support require game re-writing (since Flash export available in Unity) and I still hope to get detailed answer with more details from LSL team.

      P.S. To developers: you probably notice how seriously latest Kickstarter game projects take Linux target audience. Some of them:
      So please talk with Unity developers and look at export to Flash functional in Unity dev. tools. Linux users may give to you some money (as HIB statistics said not less than OS X users) but you know wording like that "once we surpass our $500k Kickstarter goal" is not something reliably enough to give a pledge.

    18. @Wowdane | | on

      Speak for yourself saravalde :)
      I didn't pledge to get a reward - I just want them to succeed!

    19. saravalde on

      I think one of the big problems has been the reward tiers. Yes this may be crowd sourced funding, but it's give and take...Double Fine were so generous with their rewards it was hard not to pledge. Face it, we're fans but we're selfish too...want stuff! Must - consume.

    20. M D on

      Of course, that doesn't mean they can't create a linux version outside of Unity, and that's why they've listed that as an extra funding goal, so they can use the extra money to pay a linux programmer to translate the program to linux once it's done for other platforms. This and the post above is all my guesswork and supposition, of course.

    21. M D on

      RussianNeuroMancer - the LSL team are using the Unity engine (according to some interviews), which supports all those other platforms but not linux. The reason linux isn't supported is up to the Unity people, not the LSL team, but is apparently a case of the Unity people saying 'we didn't see enough interest to justify supporting it'. There are rumours they'll be adding it soon, though. All those other operating systems besides Linux, the Unity engine can make an executable for without extra cost so long as you've got the right Unity licenses.

    22. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Paul, thanks you for answer!
      Now I see first version of answer in FAQ was not complete and doesn't include information about platforms that your engine is already support, so such changes confusing.

      Anyway, it's still very hard for me to imagine why you need to "re-write the entire game" (probably you mean "game engine") since you have game engine that already support TWO desktop OS and TWO mobile OS. Maybe you had in mind "add support of one more desktop OS to engine", but not "re-write the entire game"?

      If you are sure in your words about "re-write the entire game for Linux", maybe it's possible to shed the light to some technical details? You know, Linux users will understand technical details :)

    23. Replay Games Creator on

      Hey Rani and Naikel - take a look at - he's had it up since Friday. He didn't get it up sooner because his web guy was sick last week.

      @Larry - awesome, thank you!!

      @Sean - point well noted...we're working on it!!

      @RussianNeuroMancer - we don't need additional funding to do OS X, iOS, Android. We do need additional funding for Linux. Sorry, but it's not supported by our engine and we need to re-write the entire game for Linux. Once we're funded, our next milestone is Linux, like we've said before.

      Thank you!!!
      -Paul T.

    24. Jason Y on

      I guess Al just updated his own site, because I see a big blurb about the kickstarter project right at the top! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Guys, why you change answer about supported platforms?
      That was before "Once we are 100% funded then we can add platforms, starting with Linux (our biggest demand besides PC / Steam) and branch out from there."

      Why now "your biggest demand besides PC / Steam" is follow only after OS X, iOS and Android? It's a bit unfair, you know.

    26. Naikel Aparicio on

      100% agree with what Rani said about the Al Lowe website. I'm pretty sure a lot of Al's fans still don't know about this project, and something very big front paged in Al's website could help a lot.

    27. Rani Hammad on

      Here is a quick one though ... Al, how come your website has nothing in reference to the kickstarter campaign! Your site is regularly visited by your fans, and I'm sure many them still don't know of this kickstarter project. Please post an update on the main page of your website.

      Also, think of a way to engage and inform all subscribers and users of the Cyber Joke to spread the word about this kickstarter project.

    28. Sean Jordan on

      Keep up the marketing and appearances guys! This high-profile kickstarter project has been a bit slower than some of the others, and a lot of that seems to be due to apprehensions people have about the issues Al addressed in the video. It'd be awesome if you could keep getting the word out to the hardcore gamers who are on the fence.
      Now, if you'd just get around to making those reward tiers a little more attractive, I think you'd get a bunch of us backers to up the ante as well. Consider this: if you could convert just 25% of the $15 backers to $50 backers, you'd raise $32,000 from people who are already supporting the project. As I've said elsewhere, the $50 tier really isn't so attractive to those who have backed similar projects (we get no boxed copy, no documentary, no special items, and no extra experience - just a digital game, a digital soundtrack and a digital book.) You guys can do better, either by including late beta access, a "deluxe edition" of the game with some extra content, or some other goodies you're sure to come up with. Take the time to improve this tier and it will benefit everyone. For the price of a retail game, backers should really be getting something super special!

    29. Rani Hammad on

      Thanks for the update! I do have a few creative ideas on getting more funding which I'll be sharing with you guys over the forums. And as always, wishing you the best of luck :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Larry Riedel on

      I pledged because of the TWiT Game On! appearance!