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Leisure Suit Larry using Kickstarter to hit on everybody at once
14,081 backers pledged $655,182 to help bring this project to life.

Al Lowe speaks!!!

Posted by Replay Games (Creator)

Hey gang!!  Sorry this update took so long.  We wanted to try and address as many of your comments, suggestions, and concerns, and have Al Lowe himself create the video.  Expect more frequent updates as we totally hear you guys....we know you want to hear from us more and we think video blogging is going to be the best way to move forward.  Sorry for the confusion...we just want to make this the best Larry game ever!!!

-Paul T.

p.s. Al wanted me to edit out the end because he couldn't find the "off" button but I left it in there to get back at him for this video taking so long for him to submit!!  Ah, it's the little things in life that make me happy!!  :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dag Leistad Müller on

      I feel really bad because I was too late to help fund Tim Schafers kickstarter campaign. I'll try to make up for it by buying atleast 2 copies of the finished product, one for gaming, one for the bomb-shelter^^.

      I'm now a verified backer of Larry's comeback though, and it feels good to be given the opportunity to contribute to making it a reality! I've been waiting for the return of proper adventuregames for nearly 15 years (as have you, I'm sure), and now it's ressurrection finally seems to be upon us . 2012 is proving to become the best year to be a "traditional-third-person-inventory-based-2d-animated-story-driven-point-and-click-graphic-adventure-games-enthusiast" in many, many years. Thanks Al Lowe, I love you for coming out of retirement to do what you do best! Best of luck with the fundraiser, and with the rest of the process!

      -Ken sent me.

    2. Joseph Austin on

      The last two games were inferior to your work, Al, but you have to admit - "Magna Cum Laude" is a really good name.

    3. Mark Schulz on

      My friends and I discovered the alt-x key combo to bypass the age verification questions when we were 8 or 9. Occasionally we would try to guess right just for fun, and ponder why the answer to 'I have hair..' was 'lotsa places' or why 'It's not nice to fool Mother Nature'; if only we knew! All the best with this project, I only wish that I could donate more.

    4. Hayley Morris on

      If you make a new game then pls pls pls pls pls make it similar to 7, I loved love for sail, it was fantastic. Also cure me from the fact that I played the last two larry games, the last one was so awful that I played it just to prove the awful controls could be conquered and as soon as I completed it I put it to the back of the pile where I will never see it again...EVER

    5. Matt Hargett

      One of the things I'm most excited about seeing is seeing Larry become a little more "equal opportunity" by having more of the women not be white. I know that publishers or certain retail outlets can force a studio/developer to change the gender and/or race of the primary characters to fit their walk-in demographics.

      I really like the hand drawn look of the backgrounds, but not the super-cartoony Disney-animated look of the characters. I think it would be better if the characters steered a little closer to the gritty, subdued palette feel of the backgrounds.

      Looking forward to more video updates!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Pettigrew on

      Hey Guys, I'm very excited for this project.
      It brings back fond memories of me and my 8 or so year old friends looking up answers in paperback encyclopedias just to get past the age verification check. i own all the LSL's and visited Al Lowes website Often. I know your generation of LSL fans are older than double fines, I just hope you get the word out there! Good luck guys, you are my childhood heroes.
      Thanks especially to all the backers who are supporting this.

    7. Josh on

      Ok, you got me. Great to see this.
      I was a tad skeptical due to the travesty the franchise has become. With the original team behind this, and the admittance the last two games were garbage, I'm on board.
      Looking forward to it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas von Haugwitz on

      here's the mentioning of a remake in a previous interview given by Al, listen…

    9. Missing avatar

      Magius on

      Al, happy to see you (and the rest of the team) back. Consider the project backed up and the news spread via FB. A lot of my friends would be thrilled hearing that Larry, the real Larry, is back. :) Here is hoping we can reach the goal in not time!

    10. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      I could not care less about sharing Larry with a new generation of gamers. Damn, I want my youth back. Hehe! Thanks so much, guys! This is definitely a great thing about the whole internet thing.

    11. Edward on

      Considered her backed, by me... In a good way!
      Hopefully even the oldschool narrator will be in there with some references from Larry remembering the 1st game.
      Good luck Al, we're counting on you for one heck of a game!

    12. Erwin Roossien on

      Isn't there a condom supplier who wants to sponsor the game? I might be wrong, but aren't you supposed to buy a condom? You could let the shopkeeper name the condom brand of the sponsor? Kinda like product placement and in-game advertising. As a limited edition you could add a Larry Laffer condom with a hardcopy of the game :P

    13. Alexander Lyakhov on

      Thanks for this update folks, excellent idea. Great video Al!

    14. Kenny Chik on

      Great! I hope this project will pledge as much as possible so that Al can keep the Larry series as a long-term goal!

    15. Tomimt on

      And for Al, please do keep the commentary running. There's no one to sell this project better than you.

    16. Tomimt on

      The Robin Hood game is Conquest of Longbow. It was, I think, made by the same people who did Conquest of Camelot, a game that would be nice to see again. Among the best Sierra titles, but criminally unknown.

    17. Skyler Coffman on

      I can't seem to find the forum that Al Lowe mentioned on Anyone know where it is?

    18. Missing avatar

      Marz on

      Does anyone remember a robin hood adventure game made in the same vein as these old school point and clicks? I've searched for years trying to find it. I miss it dearly (it was, if I recall, published by Sierra) Also, really looking forward to a new LSL. I was a tad under age first time I played the 1991 remake of LSL1, but I had tremendous amounts of fun with it. Hopefully people hop on board this project so all the old Sierra guys can revisit other LSLs or other Sierra properties. Nostalgia is a valuable commodity.

    19. Jeremy on

      Yeah, I'm with these people, a new Space Quest would be amazing. Sierra really made so many amazing games. I'd love to see more Sierra classics make a comeback. Larry getting a chance is the biggest for me.

    20. Jon Brummel on

      Dude! Let's get this going, and Space Quest!

    21. Skyler Coffman on

      I can't wait. I love that all the big people from sierra are still working together. Who knows, maybe after Larry we will get Wilco :). That would be my nergasm wet dream...

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrzej Mackiewicz on

      Hey Al, I just watched a vid of you from '94… where you said you wanted to put our faces on characters via our camera- are you thinking that could be an idea for the new game? I know you said a certain level of support would have someone's face on a character in the quickeemart- perhaps you could use your idea to achieve that and perhaps roll it out later? ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Thank god for kickstarter allowing the original creators of the games to comeback and make the games we love. I hope you get the funding.

    24. Giuseppe Pantaleo on

      Great update Al! Can you imagine if this project gets funded and Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded comes out on iOS? It will be very successful and we'll DEFINITELY see new Larry games the way they ought to be!

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron Light on

      I'm glad all the original Sierra employees are coming out of the woodwork! :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Timothy Forbes on

      What's the link for the Jayne Jenson(?) kickstarter?

    27. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      Great update! Thanks Al!