Funded! This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2012.

Update #2

Wow, what an awesome first day!!!

Hey, gang, it’s me, Al Lowe. I just wanted to take a moment here shortly before midnight to tell you just how blown away I am by all your love and support! You guys are great! It looks like we’re well on our way to funding this project – and with no publisher necessary.

And, I want to assure you: every one of your comments, suggestions, and thoughts that you’ve posted,Facebooked, Tweeted, or emailed is being read and taken seriously. You do have a voice here.

But don’t stop now. I need you to help us spread the word via any means you can to as many people as possible! We even got an easy URL for you: Help us help Larry come back to life! Again, from the bottom of my heart: Thank YOU!



    1. Missing_small

      Creator Michael Seebald on April 6, 2012

      Tim Schaefer has revive the adventure cult - thanks for that, great job!

    2. Missing_small

      Creator arf (a.k.a. Al) on April 6, 2012

      Mr. Lowe, it's great to see you're back in a LSL project and I hope this project (and other LSL to come in the future) will get funded. I really appreciate your efforts in getting this done as well as of course I am big supporter of your previous work.

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Jason Westhaver on April 5, 2012

      Congratulations Mr. Lowe. It's great to see you've come out of retirement. As soon as I saw you were involved I instantly kicked in some cash.

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Brandon Sanders on April 5, 2012

      Thank you, Mr. Lowe! Hopefully I speak for most all when I say that there's more than a small hope that this new LSL will keep up, at least in some ways, with the sexual inflation of the last two decades. I don't think anyone would be angry if the User (not necessarily Mr. Laffer) got access to slightly steamier content throughout the game. Don't want to sound like a perv, I am, but I doubt the game would sell worse by combining new content from Mr. Lowe with a few more boobs or more. It would gently push the game into (mostly) uncharted, adult gaming territory, be awesome, and allow a whole new generation of young people to get interested in the game and buy for exactly the same reason we did years ago, the promise of sweet, sweet boobies. Do it for the boobies friends.

    5. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kevin Bruckert on April 5, 2012

      Mr Lowe has been an idol of mine since I played the first Leisure Suit Larry, all the way back in the eighties. If I had the money, I'd be a top backer just to meet him in person. If there's anything I can do to help out Replay, let me know. I'll drive over and bring them lunch. :)

    6. Avatar_darc_fire_mage.small

      Creator Kenny Chik on April 4, 2012

      As long as there's another remake/new series of Larry where funding is needed in kickstarter, I will be a backer for those projects! Please keep up the great work and I look forward to the outcome of new Larry.

    7. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on April 4, 2012

      Replay games has anounced in the comments, that Paypal will be an option after Kickstarer is 100% filled. That's a soun practice, as with Paypal you have to shell out the money immediatly, so it would be a hassle to refund people if the goal is not met.

    8. Spunky_and_thumb.small

      Creator Bryan Hanks on April 3, 2012

      Oh yeah, @Edwin's idea is cool. Maybe an Easter egg room with all our avatars all over the walls?

    9. Spunky_and_thumb.small

      Creator Bryan Hanks on April 3, 2012

      +1 one for a where's dildo, and make it say "Yeah, baby!" when you shake it! *cackle*

    10. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Erwin Roossien on April 3, 2012

      I need an Larry Laffer Action figurine! How about putting ALL the backers in the credits? Maybe add another / new location in the game. Game studio or movie studio?

    11. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Sean Ormsby on April 3, 2012

      I was hoping that one of the backer premiums would be a 1:1 scale replica of "Where's Dildo". YEAH BABY!

    12. Missing_small

      Creator NDscham on April 3, 2012

      I'd LOVE to see a German voice-over version, the German voice actors in Larry 6 and 7 were BRILLIANT! Especially Larry's actor, Berth Wesselmann, and the narrator Jürgen Andreas - awesome work back then!

    13. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Marco Siebecke on April 3, 2012

      One of my favourite adventure games :))
      A lot old memories are rushing through my mind thinking about Larry.

      All the best for you and your team in reaching the goal and reviving a legend of computer games!

    14. It.small

      Creator Sarah Householder on April 3, 2012

      Please understand you must get funded or you will ruin my record of every project I get involved in is fully funded. And of course when it is fully funded it will be due to the luck I brought :)

    15. Missing_small

      Creator Damien Beauchemin on April 3, 2012

      Played every one of his previous games and loved em all, it's the least I can do

    16. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Andy Tuttle on April 3, 2012

      Way to go Al. I can't wait for this game to come out. If this was a perfect world you would also remake Freddy Pharkus Frontier Pharmacist.

    17. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Fabio Bortolotti on April 3, 2012

      I am very glad to back, but have you considered joining the Kicking it Forward initiative?

    18. Image_reasonably_small.small

      Creator Stan Kastanek on April 3, 2012

      If you need help for French Voicing I'm available but in South France ;)

      By the way, hope this project will be made

    19. The_oracle_by_blackeri.small

      Creator Malnara on April 3, 2012

      So happy to see you back M. Lowe ! Thanks very much ! I was hoping for a come back of Larry for so long ;) It's great to have you here, and messages from you too ! (hoping to have more than 500 000$ too for french voices; good luck to get all the money you need for the project and more !)

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Martin Brinkmann on April 3, 2012

      If you have any ties with the team that made Gabriel Knight, please make Gabriel Knight 4 happen next in the style of GK 1 or 2.

    21. Serena_paladin_qfi.small

      Creator Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM on April 3, 2012

      When I first heard about this, I jumped at the chance at donating to get this made. I've been a fan of Larry (and Sierra in general) since the early days. I'd love to see the rest (particularly 2 & 3) remade, as well.

    22. Missing_small

      Creator Tata Šika on April 3, 2012

      It's wonderful that Larry isn't butchered anymore and that you're his "quality guardian" again. Welcome back from retirement and I wish you all the luck with this but don't wait too long to give us a new Larry game. Waiting for 16 years (!) is kinda tiresome :)

    23. Missing_small

      Creator RussMac316 on April 3, 2012

      Thank you Al! You've inspired many through the years...we appreciate it!

    24. F3rv3r120zoom.small

      Creator Shagittarius on April 3, 2012

      I fully support the remake, I would have preferred a new adventure though. I think you would have been able to get a bigger budget faster if it was a completely new game rather than a remake.

    25. Gianni-dalerta.small

      Creator Gianni D'Alerta on April 3, 2012

      Very excited that you are back in action. The Leisure Suit Larry games have been suffering with out you!! Remember going to Babbages and not being able to purchase your games and then when I got to college, met my wife and we played Love for Sail together. 15 years later we are still together and whenever I see the games it reminds me of that time. And also of my teen years trying trying to trick my parents into buying me a copy of the earlier games!!

    26. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Bryan Henderson on April 3, 2012

      Al, if this one goes over well, can we get remakes of ALL the LSL games? I would love to go through them all again! Hell, maybe even those go over well, you could do another sequel.

    27. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Mike Weiner on April 3, 2012

      Larry Laffer Lives! Let's leave little light to those who shun the ways of Larry. Let's let Larry's lilting lyrical life lift us all to new heights of Larry-ness. Good luck to the team!!!

    28. 1lev.small

      Creator Yaroslav Levashov on April 3, 2012

      I'm very happy to donate this project! Good luck!

    29. Twitterprofilepic.small

      Creator Tony Mauro on April 3, 2012

      Although my contribution isn't huge, I'm proud to be backing this project! LSL games (in my mind) are the essence of late 80's/early 90's adventure gaming! Larry deserves to HD!

    30. Bomberman%20sf4%20avatar%20160%20x%20160.small

      Creator Paul Acevedo on April 3, 2012

      I'm so glad you're making this game. I agree with what someone else said though - the character design for Larry could use some work.

    31. Missing_small

      Creator Deon du Plessis on April 3, 2012

      Oh yes! I am SO happy to see this project on Kickstarter! I'm also glad the entire original team is involved - you guys are a class act!

      Looking forward to seeing that total skyrocket!

    32. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Thierry Smeekes on April 3, 2012

      The moment after i read about this kickstarter project and watched the film i didn't hesitate one second to become a backer. I played Leisure Suit Larry when i was only 8 or 9 years old on our old XT computer. Damn i can't wait for this to come out! Al Low you are one of the best!

    33. Ich.small

      Creator Alessandro Saiko on April 3, 2012

      Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed LSL 5 and 6, but never played the rest of 'em. Looking forward to get my hands on the reloaded ones. Good to see you back on your personal baby LSL! :-)
      Greetings from Germany!

    34. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ed Ploeg and/or Bonny Ploeg on April 3, 2012

      Thanks Al.
      We spread the word (in Dutch)
      Question a lot of boards don't support any other embedding then from Vimeo or Youtube. Is the video availble trough youtube?

    35. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Carlos Silva on April 3, 2012

      I agree that a new game would definitely be preferable, but to be honest it is already a big risk and it'd take a huge effort into making a new game with nothing to back on. Maybe it'd be a good idea to have sort of a director's cut. (See reissue of Broken Sword)

      I hope it serves as a stepping stone into a revival of the series with new content.

    36. Naisaika.small

      Creator Sarah Milton on April 3, 2012

      I love the idea of some all new Larry games that you, Al, have created, but I would ADORE a complete collection of the old games.. 1-7 .. I loved all of those!

      As for making a LSL 4.. naaah. Not having the 4 is a cool lil novelty!

    37. Qfg4boxart_2.small

      Creator Joseph P. - I just really like games. on April 3, 2012

      Thank you Al for keeping the real Larry alive! Hopefully this project will springboard the loveable loser into new success and bring life to Larry 8 through to 100. Cheers.

    38. Cutlass_al.small

      Creator Alexander Lyakhov on April 3, 2012

      Thanks for the great project. Also looking to new LeisureSuitLarry game from you Mr. Lowe (sequel or LSL 4 The Missing floppies maybe).

    39. Missing_small

      Creator ndup on April 3, 2012

      @david Mauas : Totally agree with your statement.

    40. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator David Mauas on April 3, 2012

      I hope it's being heard loud and clear that the vast majority prefer a NEW game!! I backed $25 but for a new game I would double, triple or even quadruple that amount.

      Replaying an adventure quest is just not quite challenging, nor is it intriguing...

    41. Wowdane-fb.small

      Creator @Wowdane | AG - OotG | on April 3, 2012

      Thank YOU Mr. sweet Lowe :) LSL was my very first adventure game, so just had to be part of this!

    42. Batman.small

      Creator Andrew Peck on April 3, 2012

      Thank you Mr Lowe, Larry has been missing for way too long! but don't stop here, remake all the Larry games please!! I'd back every single one!

    43. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on April 3, 2012

      No, thank you mr. Lowe. I do hope that there's new Larry games in the future as well, not just remakes, thought 2 and 3 could do with some TLC.

    44. Rcraig2.small

      Creator Rob Craig on April 3, 2012

      Please make sure you guys don't stop with Larry 1. We all want to see Larry 4.. Missing Floppies... Would be great to have the spy theme like in Larry 2. Top stuff..

    45. Power_armor_1.small

      Creator Matthias on April 3, 2012

      Thank you Mr. Lowe. Greetings from Germany.

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    Naked Edition: Another alternative reward for a $5,000 pledge, and this is truly one-of-a-kind; only one pledger will be able to claim this reward. You can be the broke gambler wandering the streets of Lost Wages wearing nothing but a barrel! We will use your name and image as the Barrel Man (or Woman), and we promise not to show any of the naughty bits (“unless,” as Kathy Bates always says, “the script really calls for it organically”). You will also get all the premiums from the Signed Edition reward tier and below.

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    Lefty's Bar Edition: For a pledge of $5,000, you can be a patron at the bar that Destructoid called the #1 bar in all video game history! We’ll use your name and image as one of the drinkers at Lefty’s, sitting right there on your very own stool, an “honor” previously reserved for Sierra employees only. You’ll not only become a part of Sierra history, you’ll also receive all the premiums from the Signed Edition reward tier and below. (please add $15 for international shipping)

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    No Free Lunch Edition: For $10,000, we’ll create a memory that will last a lunchtime. You will be flown (domestic airfare only) to Seattle to enjoy lunch, dinner, or a morning-after breakfast with Leisure Suit Larry’s Mommy’s Baby Daddy, Mr. Al Lowe himself. He’ll sign whatever you want him to sign (except IRS forms and blank checks), answer all your questions about life, tell you some dirty jokes, and, best of all, he’ll do something that he’s never done before in the history of the world: he’ll pick up the check! We’ll put you up overnight and send you back home happy, fed, and loaded down with all the goodies from the Signed Edition reward tier and below. We’ll even give you the entire chocolate factory for your very own…oh, wait a minute, that’s a whole different licensed property.

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