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Transform your favorite bottles into custom glassware with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter.  Appealing to the environmentally conscious, brand loving, unique trendsetters everywhere.
Created by

Patrick Lehoux

1,087 backers pledged $80,946 to help bring this project to life.

Color Voting Results and Other News

The results are in and the winner is … Fresh Green with 21.1% of the vote. The runner up is Cherry Red with 19.6% of the vote (see below for all results).

The two top colors were so close! I’ve decided that both Fresh Green and Cherry Red will make the official Kinkajou line up :)

The four official colors are:

- Bright White
- Deep Black
- Fresh Green
- Cherry Red

Everyone will have the option of selecting one of these four colors (even if you did not select the color voting option).

Now that the colors have been chosen, I will be sending out the survey in the next couple of weeks.  I should also have a more exact date as to when the Kinkajou will ship.

The Kinkajou Facebook Promotion - Still Active Until the End of September

For every 100 Facebook "likes" from now until September 30th, I will give away one free Kinkajou. All winners will be announced in early October. To enter, simply go to and click on the Facebook "like" button in the top right section.

Enter now to get a chance to win a free Kinkajou!


Voting results:

Cherry Red 19.6%
Cornflower Blue 5.6%
Dark Grey 4.2%
Dusk 6.0%
Fresh Green 21.1%  
Graphite 17.1%
Mid Blue 6.0%  
Nectarine 10.0%
Purple 4.0%
Sky Blue 6.4%

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    1. Creator Art McBain on August 11, 2012

      Would it be possible to edit this update with a picture of the colors that were in the survey, next to/near the names listed above? That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!