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Josh Dibb aka Deacon of Animal Collective wants his new music, a book and CD, and ending slavery to meet when performing at Festival au Desert in Mali
Josh Dibb aka Deacon of Animal Collective wants his new music, a book and CD, and ending slavery to meet when performing at Festival au Desert in Mali
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    1. Dan Rollman on

      Current listen: Sleep Cycle. My art book, cassette and letter arrived yesterday.

      The music is, in a word, beautiful. Moody, haunting, hypnotic and raw. The photos in the book are equally captivating.

      Deakin, I tip my hat to you in the most major way possible for following through on your word and delivering such outstanding rewards to your backers, especially while raising money for charity in the process. You're a true artist for pulling this off.


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      Colin Snider on

      (Never mind - I spent 15 minutes looking, and no sooner did I post my last comment than I found it under the "Backing" portion.)

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      Colin Snider on

      I just realized that I've moved since I filled out the survey. How do we go about updating to our latest address? I've looked all over, but can't find the survey anymore. Thanks!

    4. Laura on

      Can you provide another update and share any more information? It's been close to 10 months since your last communication effort, and all of your fans have been insanely patient over the course of this multi-year project. Please be understanding and reach out to us.

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      Whit Snow on

      Hi Josh - I got my posters today and I love them. Thanks for for the time and hard work you put into them. I'm going to take a trip to the framing store now. Hope all is well with you and the rest of the project.

    6. Lauren DiGiorgio on

      I received my posters today and they look fantastic! Thank you for getting these out to us. Hope you're well ~~

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      Martha Matt on

      Josh - thank you for the update and I am pleased that things are working out!

    8. Dan Rollman on

      Hi Josh.

      Awesome news today! Can't wait to see the work you've created. Thanks and congrats on making it happen.

    9. Chris Anderson on

      Hi Josh,

      Glad to hear the posters have gone to print, I'm sure they turned out amazing. Thanks for the updates, and good vibes to you during recording.


    10. Dan Rollman on

      Hi Josh.

      In November, you sent us the following update:

      "I am working on some posters and photographs that I will be sending out to everyone by the end of the year. look for me to be requesting address info for that soon."

      Any update you care to share? How much do you want your backers to continue losing faith in you? The situation continue to bum me out.

    11. matt on

      Hey Josh, thanks for the update. Glad to hear you feel good about where this is going. We're all excited to see the results!

    12. Deakin Creator on

      hey jeremy,
      just posted a new update.

      thanks for the push

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      r j on

      just play grass at bonnaroo and we'll call this even

    14. Missing avatar

      jesse taylor koechling on

      as long as i hear that good stuff is being worked on, i am happy. it has been ages, yes. i still don't think this project is being abandoned. i would rather it be done well than not at all at this point.

    15. Deakin Creator on

      Fair enough RJ. I won't make excuses for poor communication. it's been what it's been and I've apologized and I will apologize again now. It IS inappropriate a won't deny it. my only source of confidence lies in the fact that I have been working and I am psyched about what I am working on and have little doubt that everyone will be psyched on the final results. The ongoing truth is that this project is in process and it is getting closer to completion all the time. There really isn't a whole to lot to update on until things are completed. the first wave of stuff though should be ready to go soon and everyone will be getting goodies in their mailboxes. Within the next month I will be writing everyone to get their mailing addresses. I will be sending out a package to everyone. a lot will be explained there and it is just the beginning of more to come.

      take care,

    16. Missing avatar

      r j on

      It can't be that hard to update people on this and there has been a giant lack of communication from you man. It's really inappropriate. I really don't care about my small pledge anymore, as it is the principle of the thing that someone from one of my favorite bands would take 25k over 3 years ago from fans and not deliver a single agreed upon pledge. We have been duped

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      Calum Gunn on

      This is the worst, ahahah. I'd like a refund

    18. Deakin Creator on

      Hey Jesse,

      thanks and absolutely. Things are going really well and I'm really psyched about what everything is turning into at this point. this is pretty much most of what I have been working on between AC tours the last few months especially. the book is starting to come together and it's looking really sweet to me. I've been rerecording a couple of the jams from that time and I'm psyched about how they sound. it's all coming together for sure. still have quite a few months to go before anything will be sent out. but you should absolutely have faith.

      all the best,

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      jesse taylor koechling on

      i still have some faith in this project... should i?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Johnson on

      Hi Deakin, is it possible to get a refund? Doesn't seem like finishing up this project is much of a priority anymore. That's ok, but would be good to get my money back.

    21. Missing avatar

      r j on

      It has been 3 and a half years since this project was funded.

    22. Deakin Creator on

      yes... update will be coming soon. exciting news on a couple of fronts but most exciting in the immediate is that we have received the financial report from TEMEDT that breaks down how they have spent the money so far. It is a really wonderful thing what has been done with the money that everyone gave and I can't wait to share it with you. The document is in french. we are translating it and will be sharing details soon. I also am putting together a very clear schedule to guarantee that all of the creative aspects of this project will be finished and on it's way to production and mailing by late spring at the latest. I'll be posting a more significant update about all of this very soon.

      thank you,

    23. Missing avatar

      Nick Hill on

      Could I have my $60 back? (Yep, I trusted you enough to throw you an extra tenner.) I'll give it to Friends of the Earth instead, I think.

    24. Missing avatar

      Leland Pfingstag on

      Is this still being worked on? updates?

    25. Missing avatar

      jesse taylor koechling on

      anything new on this? that is all i will say right now.

    26. Missing avatar

      jez on

      Apparently too busy making an album:

      Really ridiculous. I gave this to my boyfriend as a fucking gift... which was never delivered. Ungrateful fuck.

    27. Dan Rollman on

      Hi Josh.

      We are now approaching three years since your project was funded. Three years! You relied on the belief of strangers, who gave you over $25,000 so you could have a fun adventure in Africa.

      It's truly disappointing. You've hurt my ability to have faith and belief in the honesty and commitment of others. I still hope you'll follow through and deliver what you promised, but with each passing month, my skepticism grows.


      Dan Rollman

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Johnson on

      Anything happening Deacon? This is getting a bit old...

    29. Missing avatar

      jez on

      Deacon, just got word that there is a new Animal Collective album. Would love to know what's good with this project. I backed this as a gift to my boyfriend... good thing we're still dating since 2009!

    30. Missing avatar

      r j on

      What's the word?

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Johnson on

      Any updates Deacon? Two years since this was funded....

    32. Missing avatar

      Calum Gunn on

      Still waiting to hear what's happening.

    33. Dan Rollman on

      Deacon, will you please provide an update on the status of the project? Over 200 people pledged money for your trip, all on the assumption you'd provide us something in return. It's now been over 18 months since your journey. If you're not going to complete this project, please let us know.

    34. Missing avatar

      r j on

      So I guess we all got duped? Classy!

    35. Missing avatar

      ashley vaske on

      It's pretty crazy how people can find negativity in the most positive of places. Get a life!
      I'm pretty late, obviously, to joining this discussion but just wanted to add that. I just met Josh Dibb and he seemed like a pretty amazing person. These people that start these political debates on websites like this are in anoth3r world. I can't begin to understand it. I was really just trying to look up some info on Mali and the festival and this is what I found. Oh well. Hey to josh anyway.

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      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    37. Missing avatar

      jesse taylor koechling on

      thanks for the guggenheim performance.... makes me even more interested in what is to come of this.

    38. Deakin Creator on

      thanks everyone. and thanks andre. your voice was one of the thoughtful dissenters that actually really made me think about this whole thing a lot more. I am really happy that this feels better to you. long strange trip indeed, but i think an ultimately positive one. '

      again... thanks to everyone who supported the project.

    39. Missing avatar

      Hamish on

      Congratulations, Josh and everyone!!

    40. Sam Wotherspoon on

      Hey Josh,
      Congratulations on reaching your goal!
      I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes of your trip (both artistically and in terms of making a difference in Mali)
      Good luck at your show tonight,

    41. i am not tocharian on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    42. andre williams on

      so. very. interesting... so I was wrong, it *is* about helping Africans after all. just re-read the new and improved project page. what a long strange trip watching this project from start to finish...

      anyhow, congratulations and happy new year!

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      jackson on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    44. Missing avatar

      funwithfruit on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. Bobby Leiva on

      Unfortunately I am in debt and only able to donate 5 dollars at this point in time, but even if that just helps Deacon buy a cheeseburger I am happy to help.

    46. Missing avatar

      BTWeigel on

      Sounds like they do good work, Josh. You have my support.

    47. Deakin Creator on

      Please look up TEMEDT. We feel that they are providing direct services. The money we raise is going directly to them.

      In terms of the concern that we will not reach the 25,000... we feel confident that we will. Furthermore, though we have no way of lowering the goal (as per Kickstarters rules) we have begun to look into ways that will ensure that we will be able to donate whatever amount is raised even if it does not reach the 25,000 mark.

      thank you for your concerns.
      over here doing our best....
      merry christmas.... happy holidays...

    48. Missing avatar

      Jessica Keuskamp on

      I'm interested in hearing the cd he records while in Mali, to get an idea of his impressions while there. I'm sure it will be very groovy. In terms of the donation, it's always better to donate to organizations directly, that provide direct services to people.

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