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Josh Dibb aka Deacon of Animal Collective wants his new music, a book and CD, and ending slavery to meet when performing at Festival au Desert in Mali Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 31, 2009.

Josh Dibb aka Deacon of Animal Collective wants his new music, a book and CD, and ending slavery to meet when performing at Festival au Desert in Mali

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If you would like to donate to this project please go to You will still receive the CD if you donate $50 or more. We are really appreciative of all the interest in these efforts to bring together music and abolishing slavery.

Deacon is in Mali now, and has met with the founder of the anti-slavery movement. You can read the updates on this site to learn more. Thanks for your contribution. Happy 2010!

Joshua Dibb, aka Deacon of Animal Collective, has been invited to perform at 2010's Festival in the Desert ( The Festival takes place in Essakane, Mali, in the middle of the Sahara. From the opportunity this invitation provides, Josh wants to create a limited edition book and CD to bring awareness to the beauty and plight of Mali, and to bring money from music fans into the region to help abolish slavery, and bring economic development to the oppressed of Mali. In deciding to donate to this project, you will be contributing to important change in Africa, spearheaded by TEMEDT, (, and receive a document of the time Josh spends in Africa. Your contribution will be tax-deductible, except for $2 if you are getting a photograph, $5 if you are receiving the CD, or $40 if you are receiving the book.

For those of you who have been following this project already, the plan has evolved significantly and we feel for the better. The initial consideration for this project was that while the festival wanted Josh to perform, they could offer no fee for performing or assistance for travel. The travel expenses for Josh and the 2 people joining him has come to nearly $10,000. Kickstarter invited us to raise the money through this site. SInce then the record label Paw Tracks has decided to step in and cover the production costs of this project, including the travel expenses and the manufacturing and distribution of the book. This gave us an opportunity to expand this project in two ways. First we felt this gave us a really great opportunity to redirect the funds that come in through this site to an organization in Mali we feel would really benefit from having $25,000 to help people in REAL need. Secondly we will now have the means to get the book out to a wider audience. The way it is now arranged all of the money that has been, and will continue to be, donated to this site will not only make people aware of Josh’s creative endeavor through cross-cultural exchange, but it will directly impact Mali and the Tuareg people whose musicians are a principal part of the Festival Au Desert .

Josh is excited to explore the possibility of finding ways to link his music and making a difference in the world. The vision now is that while he participates in the festival we are able to bring $25,000 directly to TEMEDT, a Mali organization that is working to create a law that abolishes slavery of the black Tuareg people, set up legal support services for them, create economic development in black Tuareg communities, and give them educational possibilities. This project has been validated by a prestigious Ashoka Fellowship award. All Ashoka projects are cutting-edge social entrepreneurs, using innovative approaches to create systemic change. Africa is a continent ravaged by Aids, disease, civil war, genocide, poverty and hunger. This festival is an opportunity to celebrate and enhance the beauty and gifts of Africa, and to bring healing internally and with the world. And thanks to terrific partnering with Paw Tracks and Kickstarter every penny of this money will go directly to this vision. Anyone who pays at least $50 will receive one of the CD's from Josh's concert and trip.

The book that Paw Tracks is funding will be a document of all the sites and sounds Josh will collect through field recordings, the concert, writings and photos, etc while in Mali. We hope that this book, the CD, and the related connection to TEMEDT will help the area that Josh is so lucky to be traveling to. The Festival Au Desert arose out of a strong desire to open the doors of Mali and the Tuareg tribe to the outside world, while still preserving the cultures and traditions of the desert; for some this signifies being listened to and then recognized, for others it is a way to discover the desert through the inhabitants’ values of hospitality and tolerance.

Any amount is very much appreciated, and we thank you very much for considering supporting this project. Who knows where bringing the music of Josh to another country, and allowing him to hear and feel the energy and passion of the artists and environment of Africa will lead! Josh is excited about sharing this experience with those who believe in the project. Having you be a part of this creates a feeling of community and kinship with fans that cannot easily be put into words.

If you have difficulty making a pledge because you are wanting to use a debit card, or you are in another country you can log onto and click on "making a difference in Mali" to contribute, and your donation will be added, and you will receive the same rewards.

Time is short, every moment is precious, and this is an awesome opportunity for Animal Collective fans and music fans in general to make a difference!

And since it is the holiday season please consider giving a gift to someone else or giving the donation in their name to help Mali.

“Le Festival au Désert” is also a way to celebrate “La Flamme de la Paix” (The Flame of Peace), a name that was given to the ceremony where more than 3000 firearms were burned (and transformed into a monument) in 1996 in Timbuktu, putting a solemn end to the rebellion that, for years, shrouded northern Mali in gloom. Until today, this act still constitutes an example of how to manage conflicts, a model that ignites inspiration throughout the world. This year the Festival has partnered with the City of Timbuktu and the Government of Mali in a joint celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Mali and the 10th Anniversary of the Festival au Desert. This special double anniversary will feature ceremonies marking this historic occasion as well as memorable musical performances.

photo: Jason Nocito


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