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The long journey of a Hero becoming a villain and the Villain's journey to becoming one of the greatest Hero's.

This is an Epic Tale to last through the ages. If Indiana Jones had a Hybrid baby with Lord Of The Rings, this would be IT!!!

About this project

The Run-Down

If you're just popping in for a quick gander, here's what's important about what we are trying to do:

  • The series is an Anime that was started from a D&D campaign 11 years ago and has thus changed into a great epic tale of serious manner while still maintaining very high levels of comedy.
  • This Kickstarter is to produce the funding needed to pay the animator the costs of doing the actual labor of hand drawn animation for a 2 minute Trailer.
  • We have Actors, Musicians, Writers, and Artists excited and currently working, however our key animation artist can't pay his bills by giving his Landlord pretty pictures.
  • The MAIN goal of our Trailer and SERIES is to entertain while spreading a message that Anyone regardless of size, gender, and race can become REMARKABLE characters and LEGENDARY HEROES.
  • This trailer is the pinnacle corner stone to our pitch to Cartoon Network [ADULT SWIM]
  • It is themed and geared for young adult audiences over the ages of 13.
  • It is set in a Medieval Fantasy Timeline
  • The world is rich and full of colors and atmospheres
  • It is to be animated in a full fluid animation and not choppy like flash.
  • This is the beginning of 3 seasons...
  • The Artwork and Scripts (For the full 3 Seasons) are nearly finished, but we need some extra funds to add the final element to make this trailer and ultimately the SERIES as beautiful and fluid as it can be.

What is LEGENDS?

The Story itself for the first series is mainly about these creatures and outcasts making choices that lead them to breaking the racial boundaries the world has set, allowing them to become the world's saviors and Legendary Heroes that are talked about for the 30 years to come... (Seasons 2 &3).
Of course this wouldn't be as compelling of a story if there weren't twists and turns along the way. Such being the main antagonist throughout the series MAY in fact blur the line between good and evil and therefore we leave that up to the audience to decide for themselves if he truly was the bad guy, or caught in an unbeatable situation that lead him to making the wrong choices.

"Some will call me a villain. Others may call me a hero. No matter how you see me... Something I'll always be... is a LEGEND."
LEGENDS is full of great characters, big and small, intelligent and slow, male and female. All of which play their own very important part throughout the series.

Why Should I Contribute?


Because looking at most of the other projects, WE will reward you for the LOWEST donation of 3 dollars or less! So not only do you get to donate a low amount and get a great perk/reward with it, but we don't want to break your banks and keep you from being able to support other great artists too. They are trying to be Legendary in their own right as well. And something I always say...

"The only direction we will go is up. and we're going together."

                                             ~Tom Nyman (self)

Wanna Learn More?

Go visit and enjoy the character art, their descriptions and brief backstories and the homepage updates on what we are doing and where we can be found.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and please help us get the word out there. PLEASE post this on your social network sites and share it with everyone and be one of OUR...


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    As previously noted but with a digital copy of all of the concept art that has gone into the trailer on a DVD,

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    As noted before (Email, Place in our "stands". Short Comic, Pen, Digital copies of art, copy when completed) Video interviews with cast, crew, creators, AND LEGENDS Poster

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