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An exciting collection of pirate adventures, heroes, treasure, and more for aquatic adventure in 5E or the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
An exciting collection of pirate adventures, heroes, treasure, and more for aquatic adventure in 5E or the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
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AVAST, the Pirates (5E) are here for Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

Fun fact - we originally planned to launch the Pirate Campaign Compendium project last year on Talk Like a Pirate Day! We ended up pushing it back to earlier this year, but it's a beautiful bit of symmetry that we are delighted and excited to release the Pirate Campaign Compendium (5E) exactly one year later to our backARRRRRRS!!!

We've sent out download links through Kickstarter and through DrivethruRPG so you can get your file in either location. We will be prepping the print files to send to our printer next week so we can get that process moving, but in the meanwhile check out this massive 450-page PDF with a metric ton of maritime mayhem and nautical awesomeness on every page!

If you happen to spot a typo or error that crept through our revisions, by all means let us know in the comments below! We want to get this ship loaded up for print ASAP, but hundreds of eyes in the crow's nest might catch something in their spyglasses that we missed, keep a weather eye on the horizon and hoist the mainstay while we celebrate with a hearty YO HO HO!!! Everybody have fun - Captain's Orders!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex LaBreche on

      Page 15: "At 14th level, she makes two choices from this list."It's not entirely clear if this means whether an aquanaut gets two additional Aquatic Enhancements at 14th level, or one at 10th and one at 14th.
      Additionally, the Boarder's lack of medium and heavy armor confuses me. If we start playing at level 1, does a fighter lose proficiencies upon reaching level 3 and choosing their archetype?
      Page 40: The title of "Pernicious Poison"is dark colored, unlike the text of the rest of the titles.
      Page 47: "Undertow" doesn't specify if the target has to be in water for the spell to work. Intuitively it seems like that should be the case, but it also might make sense for it to work on targets near a body of water, in which case the maximum distance needs to be specified.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hernandez on

      Pg 242 & 243 ship is numbered with no key to what the numbers mean.

      Pg 243 sword angle is backwards based on hand guard.

    3. Gabe Diedrich on

      Page 82 PC is Pc. Second sentence about indirect attack.
      Page 84: "When they are used for direct fire, they [have] disadvantage on attack rolls and have their range halved" looks like you're missing a have on the bombards.

    4. Rob Kraft on

      Page 133 under Pirate fun "and characters with skilled in Charisma" should be "and characters with skill in Charisma".

    5. Gabe Diedrich on

      Table of contents:
      Ship mage and steaming spell need a space behind them.
      Page 19 and 20:
      The asterisk for an oath spell carries over to page 20 below the image and could easily be missed.

    6. Gabe Diedrich on

      In the air bubble spell it says a firearm van be loaded, not can.
      Air walk spell, Upward does not need to be capitalized.

    7. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      Thanks to everybody for the eagle eyes. The spreadsheet is being built with the stuff you've caught and we'll make the final adjustments next week. Let us know if you see anything else!

    8. Tim Emrick on

      There are also a number of places in the Table of Contents for Chapter 11 where an entry ends in an italicized ship's name, and the page number is also italicized.

    9. Tim Emrick on

      p. vii: The Chapter 6 title needs a space between "Nautical" and "Heroes".

      p. 279, Invertebrate, Mindclaw: "Echoes of a Sunken Empire." should be bold.

    10. Tim Emrick on

      CORRECTION: I believe the illustration on p. 206 is copyright by Paizo. It appears in the Undine entry of the Pathfinder RPG Advanced *RACE* Guide.

    11. Tim Emrick on

      I believe the illustration on p. 206 is copyright by Paizo. It appears in the Undine entry of the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alain Bennett

      Hi, Just some things a noticed.

      Missing Challenge Rating on Various Creatures - 179-182, 185-193, 195, 198-207, 211-231, 254-262, 266-274, 276-297, 302

      Sidebar page marker still visible - 337


    13. Joshua Giesler on

      On page 12 under the appendix there is a reference to the Gunslinger class and a link to a PF Adventure path. This is likely from the Pathfinder edit.

    14. Joshua Giesler on

      Like Johny, I also noticed that Touch AC in that portion of the PDF

    15. Missing avatar

      Marc-Andre Jeannotte on

      You have bayonet listed twice, once under pirate weapons at a d6 damage and once under early firearms at a d4

    16. Missing avatar

      Johnny Vargas

      On page 12 in the "Rules for Early Firearms" section. I think there's layover from the Pathfinder editing at the mention of touch AC and -2 range penalty under the "Range & Penetration" area unless I haven't dug deep enough into the document yet.

    17. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      I'm not 100% sure that the original send went out from Drivethru, so I've just resent it now to the full list of 5E backers. Check your inbox in a few minutes and if you still don't have it, email me directly at the email below, as we might have a typo in your email address or something like that.

    18. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      @Churchill: Email your email address to and I'll send it over!

    19. Tigrannosaurus on

      Arrrrrrrrrrrrr 'tis great news me hearty!

    20. Josh Sterrett - Winged Horizon on

      Plus the guns seem to be far weaker than they are listed in the DM Manual for 5e

    21. Josh Sterrett - Winged Horizon on

      So one big issue I see is the range of the firearms.
      The pistol only has 20/60 range...a sling has 30/120 range...a throwing dart has even more than that.

    22. Churchill

      Didn't get my DTRPG link. Can you send it again please?

    23. Rob Kraft on

      I see a typo on page 345 , section 22, under spellcasting. "They're spellcasting ability..." should be "Their spellcasting ability..."

    24. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      @Creator Debonaire and Join The Crew PM. Keep me posted.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chadd on

      I think I found a typo in the Distant Shores section under Arabia (pg 421, ln 7): "...motivations depend someone on the telling..." should maybe be "...motivations depend somewhat on the telling..."?

    26. Missing avatar


      Ah,that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification

    27. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      @dbgtinfinite: Water Genasi are Wizards IP so we could not refer to them; hence undine as a replacement.

    28. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Please Check PM. Thanks

    29. Missing avatar


      Awesome, though I did spot a error in the pdf. Its a 5th edition pdf yet it refers to captain Beryl as a Undine, a pathfinder race, when it should be the rough equivalent race in 5th, Water Genasi.