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An exciting collection of pirate adventures, heroes, treasure, and more for aquatic adventure in 5E or the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
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The shipification has begun, and check out Fates of Madness!

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

We've gotten a half dozen or so address updates, and we've started processing books out the door! To backers Walklate, Billings, Mead, Sowards, Palmer, Skeen, Michel, Crown, Pico, Hopkins, Maynard, Nicholson, Wykes, Johnson, Anthony... AVAST!!! KEEP A WEATHER EYE ON THE HORIZON; THE SHIPS BE A-COMIN'!!!

For the 5E version, we are down to one last monster needing conversion to finish off the Sea Monsters section and get it over to layout, and new folks are diving into the Spells and Character Options chapters this weekend. We'll keep you updated and are excited to be getting you your books in such short order! 

We also wanted to send you a shout-out to a new project we are doing, headed up by LG's own Rachel Ventura and the Mythica team to create Legendary Games' first adventure card game. The Fates of Madness Kickstarter just launched for this horror-themed cooperative card game that blends the luck of the Fate cards with your skill in navigating ruins, dungeons, hauntings, and abominations from beyond! 

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The Mythica team will be running demos and playtests of the game at Origins, GenCon, and many more summer cons throughout the Midwest - we'll be posting up a list of conventions they'll be visiting on the Kickstarter page if you want to give it a look, and you also can check out a gameplay explanation video linked below. 

This is a new venture for us and we hope you'll check it out and help spread the word. Rachel Ventura is managing the Fates of Madness project while CEO Jason Nelson remains laser-focused on completing our existing projects like this one. Check it out, spread the word, and thanks for all our support! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Blythe on

      Oh yeah, that's right. That was so long ago. Sorry.

    2. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      @Sean: I've got an address for you in Holly Hill, which presumably you provided during the backer survey right after the Kickstarter. Let us know if that has changed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Blythe on

      Mayhaps I missed an email or something. Did Did we give you our addresses at the beginning of the kickstarter? I don't remember.

    4. Missing avatar


      Woohoo, do yourselves a favor and bundle this with Forest Kingdom as I am getting both...

    5. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      5e version, I see you from.afar!

    6. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      @John R: Thanks for the feedback. I've copied your comments over to Rachel and the Mythica team so they can hopefully address those.

    7. John R

      I read through the page for Fates of Madness and watched the gameplay explanation video, but I still don't have a real sense of how the game plays or if I would like it. Maybe having a video of an actual game might help. It also helps if you can get someone who is somewhat known in the community to review it. Its also common for a Kickstarter board game to have a page on BGG for people to ask questions and such, but I don't know what the actual policy is. In some cases I have gotten more and better information off of the BGG page than the Kickstarter page.