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A massive expansion to the Pathfinder RPG Mythic rules in three print books, featuring spells, feats, monsters, mythic paths, and more!
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Mythic Mania II coming later this month!

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

You can check out all the details here at our website! This time around, two new books, the Mythic Character Codex and Mythic Monster Manual II (probably - we are still noodling on the titles) with a metric ton of mythic awesomeness from the Advanced Class Guide and every book since! Plus the latest mythic path, Path of the Mystic, with all your occult needs and 90+ path abilities to boot, is in layout now and should be available soon! It'll be included in the final mythic compilation, but far be it from us to suggest you might not want to pick it up early!

Launch date is still pending but somewhere in the latter half of October. We hope you'll come along on our final mythic journey for Pathfinder 1st Edition. The writing for this project is already DONE, both the core text and anticipated stretch goals. If you want to sponsor extras, we'll have room to add those in, and then head directly to layout as soon as the project closes!

Thanks for all your support and let us know if you'd be interested in any future projects to bring mythic to either Starfinder or Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

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    1. Zoltán Déry on

      So does this mean that you won't be making a campaign guide for the "Demon Crusade" AP?
      Shame, if so.

    2. Missing avatar

      jean-michael doré on

      YES im willing to mythic KS for pathfinder 2.0 but when mythic stuff come officialy thos this édition for my parts.

    3. Lewis Crown

      Nice to see that mythic stuff will be finished for1E at least.

      When you say every book since the Advanced Class Guide, do you mean just Paizo stuff or will it include things from other publishers. Like your own unique classes (Doomguard), STuff that Dreamscarred has released since the last book, or things like Purple Ducks Kineticist books. I hope adding those will at least be a stretch goal.