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A massive expansion to the Pathfinder RPG Mythic rules in three print books, featuring spells, feats, monsters, mythic paths, and more!
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More Mythic Mania and Mythic Starfinder?

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

Hi all,

We are delighted that all three mythic books are finally available on HeroLab, allowing us to close the book on the original Mythic Mania project. But of course, we didn't stop making mythic support products when that book was finished! 

Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells III, Horror Spells, Intrigue Spells, Occult Spells

Mythic Monsters: Daemons, Shadow, Norse, Egypt, Demons Too, Mesoamerica, Robots, China, Slavic, North America, India, Halloween, Africa, Elementals, Middle East

Mythic Minis: 81-105 (feats from Ultimate Intrigue, Horror Adventures, and Occult Adventures, plus some Halloween-themed magic items)

Mythic Paths: Path of the Reluctant Hero

Of course, there are also plenty of monsters and bonus material (including mythic templates, archetypes, and prestige classes) from the first 30 installments of Mythic Monsters that never made it into the Mythic Monster Manual, as well as supplements like Path of Dragons and Path of Villains that were standalone products, in addition to products still in process like Path of the Bound and Mythic Monsters: Japan, Greece, Celtic, Fey, and more. 

This brings up a question that we've been asked a few times: Will there be any more mythic hardback compilations? The answer there is... we'll see! As supporters of the first giant mythic team-up, you'd be the best people to ask whether this is a product you'd like to see, probably in the form of two volumes:

Advanced Mythic Handbook

Mythic Monster Manual II

These books would compile existing new mythic products and missing material from past books, and could also add new material as stretch goals, up to and possibly including whatever new Pathfinder hardback Paizo releases at GenCon. 

Think on that for a moment, but there's another wrinkle coming. This year at GenCon, Paizo Inc. will be releasing their Starfinder sci-fi game, a game which is intended to be generally similar to Pathfinder but with some unique differences, including new races and classes, new monsters and technology, and so on. Many fantasy fans love sci-fi games too, and while we'll definitely be converting our Legendary Planet Adventure Path for use with Starfinder, we'd also love to know if you would be interested in mythic support for this new game system. 

We would appreciate your feedback in looking at mythic options for the future, so please answer these two questions in the comments:

1.  Would you be interested in supporting a Kickstarter project this fall to update and compile new mythic material since the MYTHIC MANIA project?

2.  Are you interested in mythic support for the new Starfinder game?

We'll be sending a survey out to our full mailing list tomorrow (if you're on that mailing list as well, you can reply to the survey there), but as our biggest mythic fans I wanted to check in with you first! 

Thanks as always and have a magnificent mythic month! 

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    1. Missing avatar


      Legendary Games has sent everyone a survey to gather hard data on the feasibility of the future Kickstarter, do not forget to check your junk mail for it as that is where I found mine

    2. Ryan Blackstock

      The other thing I thought of: I LOVED that you teamed up with Dreamscarred Press to have Mythic Psionics. Is there a possibility of other Mythic Psionic paths?

    3. Taiga Brenerman

      More mythic love for Pathfinder AND mythic rules for my future Spacefinder games? Sign me up!

    4. Ryan Blackstock

      Would love to see the Legendary Planet as a hardcover available as an add-on while you are at it.

    5. Missing avatar

      jean-michael doré on

      Heu sorry for the question but wath is the mythic path of the bound ? And why not a mythic path for occult class.

    6. Missing avatar

      jean-michael doré on

      My respons is YES BUDDY. I love to see more mythic stuff and see pehaps somedays more higher mythic tier to becoming god/godess. Mythic starfinder...yes why not. If legendary planet compendium coming, i want to pay you for creating a new hybrid class like i talk earlier to you of mesmerist and psychic to dominate and enthrall mind and soul of monster for player and my race of my earlier KS the Eberus.

    7. Missing avatar

      amberkat on

      Yes to another kickstarter. Would love more Mythic information, collected old and new. Not sure about Starfinder, would want to wait on that.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Ryan

      I'd be interested in more Mythic content for Pathfinder. I have to agree with the suggestion to wait on supporting Starfinder to give it time to shake down and see where it's going and how well it does customerwise. I trust Paizo to make a great product, but if the market just isn't there for some reason outside their direct control, no point wasting time and resources on supporting it.

    9. Jon Shelky

      Also, you guys have done a kick but job so far and with Adventurer's Guide coming in May, I'm almost certain to be jonesing for mythic adaptations of that book, especially if it's even half as good as the original Faction guide which is what it's based off of.

    10. Jon Shelky

      Considering that I already own over 30 of the mythic minis in Print & PDF, that would be a huge yes to a second hardcover for heroes (including spells) and a second Monster manual. Still really want to see mythic versions of the classes from ACG among other things.

    11. Missing avatar


      oh and mythic racial options? just think about it...

    12. Missing avatar


      Yes to advanced Mythic Handbook and Manual II, especially mythic class features for the hybrids...some would be easy since they are included as part of the parent classes, but there are a few unique features that could be covered. I am one of the folks that asked for another mythic monster book. I would prefer hardcover collections over the softback installments. Lets do this!
      I am not ready for another game system so will pass on Stafinder in its entirety.

    13. Ryan Blackstock

      I would like more Mythic support, and am more interested in the Advanced Mythic Handbook than the Mythic Monster Manual II (I would want more of a preview of what monsters are in it, where the Advanced book i would pledge for sight unseen.

      2. I am a person the pre-ordered Starfinder, and so would probably dig it, but I agree with others from a business standpoint, sit back and watch for a bit.

    14. Dave Bruno on

      Huh, I feel like this was a conversation I had with some folk at GenCon last year :P

      1) Yes, absolutely, 10000%. It would be *awesome* to see mythic stuff for all the Paizo classes not yet tackled, as well as some additional 3PP inclusions. I feel like there is so much still out there for mythic, including bloodlines and mysteries not yet converted.

      2) I agree with most everybody else already. Wait till Starfinder has been out for at least 6 months or so, before considering mythic support for it.

      While there seems to be sufficient hype for it, it is a major departure from standard fantasy, that it might not truly go over well with the masses. Ie, it could do decent, but end up very niche, which means mythic Starfinder would be mega niche, as mythic is already niche.

    15. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      @Matthew: Thanks for the kind words for our books!

    16. Matthew T. Dillon on

      I would be extremely interested in an advanced mythic guide with consolidated and new mythic material not contained in the mythic hero's handbook.

      I would also love a mythic monster manual II.

      The original mythic mania books are the crown jewel in my collection and these two would be an amazing addition.

      As for Starfinder, it is honestly not something I am very interested in simply due to the fact that I do not purchase Paizo products anymore. I get my Pathfinder fix from third party products. So unless Starfinder is amazing I do not plan on buying or playing it.

      Not a bash on Paizo, I have just not enjoyed their products since the ACG so I vote with my wallet.

    17. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      Thanks everybody for the feedback - keep it coming.

      @Lewis: As for the other Campaign Compendiums... keep an eye out, as you should be very happy next month!

    18. Lewis Crown

      I am definitely interested in more mythic content. Especially the monster book, but also one that updates the more recent hardbacks. Especially if we can get more 3rd party content in them.

      As far as Starfinder goes I'm kinda interested, but think you might want to wait a bit & see how things are going there & if there are other things than need shoring up first. I would definitely put this second to getting more regular content sine I will be using Starfinder less.

      Something I want to see even more than new Mythic stuff is the adventure path compilations getting done. The gothic one came out a while ago (great book) & you have been saying for a while that you will be doing several others soon. I really want to see some of those adventure path plug ins being complied. Of course adding a section on mythic stuff for some of them would be nice as well. But I want to see that project before I see a second mythic kickstarter.

    19. Aephix on

      1) Yes. I'd love to have the rest of the Core Pathfinder classes represented with Mythic options in one book.
      2) Right now, no. My interest in Starfinder is minimal, although once we have the actual game, my opinion might change.

    20. Missing avatar

      Troy Wells

      I would love to see a 5e option for your mythic line.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Huss

      1. Probably, though having finished Wrath of the Righteous, I'm not sure how much mythic stuff I will be using in the future.

      2. No. I'm not sure about Starfinder anyways, let alone mythic Starfinder.

    22. Black Kestrel

      I would definitely back another Mythic Mania Kickstarter campaign. I would suggest holding off on Mythic material for Starfinder until the system has been out for a year. In my opinion it needs a shake down cruise before fitting it with a new system.