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A fantastic collection of adventures, magic, monsters, new rules, and more for fey and forest-themed campaigns using Pathfinder and 5E!
A fantastic collection of adventures, magic, monsters, new rules, and more for fey and forest-themed campaigns using Pathfinder and 5E!
585 backers pledged $40,730 to help bring this project to life.

More Monsters and HeroLab available now!


It was a wonderful weekend for the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium as we blasted through ANOTHER bonus goal courtesy of Forest Scout Gabriele Fasano! We are now over 550% funded with a week to go. Keep spreading the word, as this project closes next Monday night at 8:59 PM Pacific time! The remarkable Rachel Ventura has already posted up Monster Poll #5, featuring the woodland wild things of FOREIGN FORESTS (well, foreign only vs. the traditional fantasy fare of Western Europe, but hey it's alliterative so I couldn't resist), so get your votes in now so you can pick your five favorites to make sure they get in the book! Of course, if we hit $26,000, then your SIX favorites from all five polls get in too! Some are friendly, some are fiendish, but all of them are coming for you!

The grig and the jack (test proof), by Patrik Hell
The grig and the jack (test proof), by Patrik Hell

We also shot past 300 backers over the weekend (congrats to backer #300, justmebd), which means we have now unlocked HeroLab for Pathfinder. Based on our inquiries, that's where the demand seemed strongest, so if you are interested in ordering HeroLab files just add $15 to your pledge today and mark the HeroLab question in your backer survey after the campaign ends! If you're not interested in HeroLab, you don't need to do a thing. Files should be ready in Autumn 2017, and available after that whenever they are processed into the system by Lone Wolf.

We also want to welcome the final member of our Royal Court of the Forest, Luca! Thanks so much to each and every one of you who decided to really make your mark on this book by supporting it in a special way! If you're a Knight Commander or a member of the Royal Court, make sure to get your information to us as soon as possible for your Court of Arms and Royal Portrait bonus add-ons (so we can get the artists working), and soon thereafter with your Festival Fame and For King, Queen, and Country written add-ons. These are yours to create, but we need your input soon! 

FAERIE BARGAINS by the dynamic David N. Ross are now in our sights. Let's make it happen and keep on bringing ever more adventure #IntoTheForest!

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    1. John Fallara on April 17, 2017

      @Legendary Games
      Thanks for the thorough reply. You certainly went above and beyond with the amount of info you needed to put out there for one cranky gamer. It's appreciated. I do hope you can find a way to get the Hero Lab files processed for the 5E version. The book looks great so far.

    2. Legendary Games 7-time creator on April 17, 2017

      Adventure-a-Week has an advantage we don't, in the form of several dedicated fan converters who do their HeroLab for them. Lacking that, we have to find coders on the open market, and the pickings there have been slim. We've looked for coders able to take on regular work from us but thus far without success. Again, if you know of people interested in doing the work, have them get in touch with us at, and we'll continue looking and hope we find someone and that they turn out to be reliable.

      Tome of Beasts is a different situation, funding at nearly $200,000, and with their surplus (and with the greater visibility their Kickstarter enjoyed, on top of Kobold Press' existing profile) they were able to get LoneWolf to do the conversion project in-house as one of their first big 5E projects (after the SRD material). The line for that is much longer now than it was then, so there's more competition for a smaller number of people doing the work, and with a total funding level here, including both Pathfinder and 5E, around 12% of what the Tome of Beasts brought in, and more to point with probably around 5% of the 5E backers that ToB had (around 120 vs. 2312), there's less incentive for LoneWolf to want to devote their internal 5E coding resources to a project with a less obvious return on investment for them in terms of customers.

      We can put the book in the queue at LoneWolf for their in-house 5E conversion, but at that point your guess is as good as ours as to exactly when it would get done. In fairness, 17 months passed between the end of the Tome of Beasts KS and the availability of HeroLab files for 5E (and HL 5E only became available partway through that time), and it would probably be less than that to get this book processed and available. That said, ethically, I don't want to sell something that I can't give some reasonable assurance of being delivered.

      We are delighted to support 5E players and have done so on multiple projects in the past and will continue doing so in the future. HeroLab 5E is tough, because its something that we can't do with our own internal resources right now (which Adventure-a-Week can), and we haven't made a big enough splash for LoneWolf to fast-track our project (like Tome of Beasts). We'll keep pushing to see what we can do to resolve both issues as soon as we can.

    3. John Fallara on April 17, 2017

      @Legendary Games
      Really? Because the guys at AdventureAWeek are running a Kickstarter for a book themselves right now. Their Pathfinder and 5E backer numbers are neck and neck. They've already committed to Hero Lab files, and they're currently at roughly the same funding level as you. Kobold Press just released their Hero Lab files for 5E for Tome of Beasts; arguably one of the most popular supplements out there right now. This seems like the type of thing where if publishers choose not to support one game system, then that system, by definition, won't get a lot of support. See what I mean? If you want more 5E players, you need to support 5E players.

    4. Legendary Games 7-time creator on April 17, 2017

      @John: I would love to do both, but the problem we face is twofold:
      1. Among the backers on this project expressing a preference, far fewer 5E fans wanted HeroLab.
      2. Among coders working on HeroLab that we have contacted, few of them have 5E expertise, and none were available to take on the project.

      I wish we could support HeroLab for both, but we have to make sure that the market is there for the product, and even more importantly that we not promise something that we cannot deliver.

      For a long time, HeroLab was a Pathfinder-focused product, and that's both its largest market and has the largest pool of people working on it. As it expands its reach into the 5E-space, we might in a better place to get people able to work on big projects, and there might be more players wanting HeroLab files for their books.

      If you know of a HeroLab coder who is well-versed in 5E, please do send them our way and we'll be happy to talk with them!


    5. John Fallara on April 17, 2017

      You're ONLY releasing Hero Lab files for Pathfinder? Even though you're doing all the other work for both systems? Why no Hero Lab files for D&D 5E? That's really not cool...