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A massive tome of nearly 300 out-of-this-world creatures for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder sci-fi and space adventures!
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Alien Codex preview! Alien Bestiary progress! And Fates of Madness!

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

We've been focusing most heavily on the Alien Bestiary side of this project, and we should be shipping out the remaining Alien Bestiary Companion print books soon (and layout on the Starfinder version of the Alien Bestiary continues apace, with the second big chunk starting layout this weekend), and those updates are great, but today wanted to pivot and talk about the Alien Codex for a bit. 

The Alien Codex is broken up by different categories of alien creatures, and we continue to massage it a bit as we put it together, moving some things around to really make each section unique and exciting. Within you'll find lore and background for each race or species, with playable race info for most of them and an array of ready-to-use stat blocks, plus appendices to flesh out your sci-fi campaign. So what is that going to look like? Pretty much like this! 

But that's just the beginning. We've just sent every backer on this Kickstarter a complete preview PDF of the entire 22-page Chapter 4! Check your Kickstarter messages and give it a look! This is the Pathfinder version, as that's the version in layout now, but it also gives you a good sense of the scope and scale you can expect in the 5E and Starfinder versions. The Aquatic, Mechanical, Reptilian, and Plant Species chapters are all at layout already, and I'm nearly done getting Psychic Species ready as well. The Starfinder development team members finishing up their parts of the Alien Bestiary are rolling over onto this book next, and several already have begun work on their chapters and appendices for the Alien Codex. Once the 5E dev team finishes their work on the Alien Bestiary (and for some the Pirate Campaign Compendium), they'll be turning to this book as well, but a substantial amount of early 5E work was already completed for this book late last year, so they've already got a head start. 

I hope to have an update on the Aethera Field Guide soon as well, but for now we're delighted to show you what's happening with the Alien Codex! 

We also wanted to send you a shout-out to a new project we are doing, headed up by LG's own Rachel Ventura and the Mythica team to create Legendary Games' first adventure card game. The Fates of Madness Kickstarter just launched for this horror-themed cooperative card game that blends the luck of the Fate cards with your skill in navigating ruins, dungeons, hauntings, and abominations from beyond! 

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The Mythica team will be running demos and playtests of the game at Origins, GenCon, and many more summer cons throughout the Midwest - we'll be posting up a list of conventions they'll be visiting on the Kickstarter page if you want to give it a look, and you also can check out a gameplay explanation video posting shortly to the Kickstarter site. 

This is a new venture for us and we hope you'll give it a look and hop on board. Rachel Ventura is managing the Fates of Madness project while CEO Jason Nelson remains laser-focused on completing our existing projects like this one. Check it out, spread the word, and thanks for all our support!

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