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A massive tome of nearly 300 out-of-this-world creatures for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder sci-fi and space adventures!
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Alien Bestiary Companion nearing completion!

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

Hi all,

Most recent update on Alien Bestiary Companion is that layout expected to be completed by the beginning of next week. Once it's in, I'll give it a final review pass, and once approved the PDF will be up and out to you and the print version uploaded and ready to start sending once it's processed at Lightning Source. Here's a sample of version 3, the current page layout. 

We should have this ready for backers by next weekend, at which point we will turn our layout attention to (most likely) the 5E version of the Alien Bestiary. Having done a lot of the preliminary work on setup for the Pathfinder version should speed things along with the second version, though it will be a bigger book so it may work out around the same amount of time. The layout process on the Alien Bestiary Companion will end up taking around 4-5 weeks by the time it is finished, so I would estimate the second version of the Alien Bestiary will be ready around the end of May, and the third version (at this point, probably the Starfinder version) in mid to late June. We may flip the order of the Starfinder and 5E versions depending on the development cycle, but we'll see which is ready to go first. 


This book is starting to come together. We are getting more and more of the NPC stat blocks built, updating some more existing stat blocks with expanded high-tech gear, and we are starting layout on the Iconic Heroes chapter and the Plant races chapter first. We should have the completed Pathfinder version ready for layout in mid to late May, so hopefully out to you in early June, with the SF and 5E versions likely ready in July. 


The author turnovers for the Pathfinder version of this book are complete, but the book is still in the hands of the lead developer. I had hoped to have the final manuscript back this month, but because of day job and other complications I've just heard back from him that he is now anticipating final turnover of the manuscript in mid to late May. 

It turned out we had missed some art pieces and had to reorder some art that we had assigned but not received from earlier orders, and those art pieces are now mostly back in, except for 3 still in progress. As soon as I get the final manuscript back from him this can get loaded up to layout and sent to the SF and 5E teams. On the plus side, with only 56 creatures in the book (vs. nearly 300 for the Alien Bestiary), it should go very pretty fast once the final text is in. 

A quick look at one of our missing monsters, one of the almighty Paragons of the Aethera setting! 

Paragon Sumebaro, by Peyeyo
Paragon Sumebaro, by Peyeyo


This project is big, and we have three layout people, one for each book. Each book's layout artist will be doing all three versions of their book. We set it up this way so that we could have work going on simultaneously, so as we get our stuff out to them they'll each be able to get things rocking and headed out to you. There's a lot yet to do, but the end is not far away.

We knew this project would be a big undertaking, but some parts have taken much longer than we expected. I'm glad the first book is so close to ready, and I'll feel much better about our progress once you've got something tangible in your hands, and I hope you're blown away by what you find inside. Meanwhile, our apologies to you for the delay in getting things turned around, and our eternal thanks for all of your support! 

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