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A massive tome of nearly 300 out-of-this-world creatures for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder sci-fi and space adventures!
A massive tome of nearly 300 out-of-this-world creatures for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder sci-fi and space adventures!
602 backers pledged $43,592 to help bring this project to life.

Over 400 backers with a week to go! Undead and Aethera Await!

Posted by Legendary Games (Creator)

Over last night we hit our fantastic 400th backer (kudos to you, Rob James!), and we're still climbing this morning, now just a few hundred dollars away from unlock even More Monsters! For hitting 400, we have unlocked a new backer goal, creating digital pawns for virtual tabletops featuring every monster in the Alien Bestiary! Next up at 450 is a new iconic character for the Alien Codex, the ysoki operative/rogue, and in addition, we've revealed a brand-new backer goal at 500 backers, wherein we are going to start converting the new classes for the Starfinder RPG for use in both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, starting with the spectacular solarion!

Phalanx Solarion concept sketch, by Tanyaporn Sangsnit
Phalanx Solarion concept sketch, by Tanyaporn Sangsnit

With a week to go, we are poised for a fantastic finish by next Saturday, September 30th at 10:00 PM Pacific time! We are right on the cusp of More Monsters, and then coming up next an awesome array of Aethera material for the Alien Codex and the Alien Field Guide, and so many more great goals to hit along the way! Keep boosting the signal and spreading the word! Meanwhile, here's a preview of the choices you've got coming with our next update when we crash through $26,000 and beyond!

UNIVERSE UNDEAD: Life is a fragile thing in the airless void and on planets hostile to all living things, yet hateful spirits linger and the hungry dead walk in a hundred horrifying ways across dead planets where the living fear to tread. Which undead will you choose?

allip - a babbling spirit of madness

aoandon - a ghostly haunting dwelling in a forgotten lantern

baykok - a soaring undead sharpshooter

bhuta - a bloodsucking ghost that communes with wild animals

caller in darkness - a psychic vortex of screaming despair

devourer - a soul-stealing void-walker that imprisons spirits within its ribcage

ecorche - a skinless and bloodthirsty murderer

fext - a heavily armored undead spaceknight

gearghost - a composite animus of metallic wreckage that can form into deadly traps

ghost - a template for the restless spirits of dead characters

harionago - a bruised beauty with mocking smile and deadly hair

hungry fog - a spirit-mist filled with phantasms

mohrg - a long-tongued killer born of a murderer's heart

pale stranger - a deathless gunslinger

sayona - a withered maiden dripping with blood

shadow - a lurking shadow sapping the strength of the living

shredskin - a disembodied skin that enfolds and controls its victims

skeleton, burning - a fiery skeleton that explodes upon destruction

spectre - a howling horror that consumes life force

totenmaske - a face-stealing shapeshifter

tzitzimitl - a towering sun-eater of apocalyptic power

warsworn - a gargantuan mass of warrior corpses

witchfire - a fiery ghost-woman whose eldritch flames incinerate the living

wraith - a wrathful spirit draining the life of the living


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    1. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      That alien field guide also is going to be a deadtree product, correct? Or only pdf?

    2. Legendary Games 9-time creator on

      @Zach: Yep, as soon as we hit $26,000, I'll be posting up the next monster poll for the undead! We're very close, just $322 away! I'll be away from my computer probably until tonight, but hopefully we'll be there before the end of today!

    3. Zach H on

      so is there gonna be a poll or something?