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A JRPG, following a war between humans and elves. Thank you to our 111 backers for the support!
A JRPG, following a war between humans and elves. Thank you to our 111 backers for the support!
111 backers pledged $3,069 to help bring this project to life.

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Controllers are in!

Posted by Justin Fales (Creator)

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Posted by Justin Fales (Creator)
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Hi everyone!

Our recent activity has reminded some backers to return their reports. As you know, our campaign included a lot of customizing for the game, whether it was simple plaques, creating NPCs, or having a whole quest.

I hope this doesn't seem like we're delaying anything, but we owe these backers the same as we owe you, so we're adding in more content - which is good for everyone!

Stay tuned!


The Adventure Is About to Arrive!

Posted by Justin Fales (Creator)

Hey all, just wanted to drop in on what was the planned release day. The game is finished, however there are a few bugs that were reported that turned out to be more extensive than we thought. It has to do with map transitions. (Transferring the player from say Map 1 to 2) This has affected all of our maps. We need to reroute all the transfer points back to their correct transfer locations. An easy fix but time-consuming, and if even one is broken, the entire game in essence is broken. As all you RPG Maker buffs will know, this is because if a scene has Autorun Process' or Parallel Process' that are meant to function in a particular way/order and have now been put out of sync or queue when you the player reaches the next map/transition/conversation whatever it may be, it will most likely not perform the way intended.

 There's a little more to it, but I hope this makes sense to you. We aren't sure exactly how this happened as we are the only two who work on it and it's saved locally on my computer which is directly in a OneDrive folder by itself that is sync'd with the cloud. 

At any rate, this should only take a few days to sort out, test, but... too be on the safe side and make sure everything is A'OK we are delaying it just one more week.

Expect the game to be available next Wed/Thursday night. 

Expect physical/digital rewards to start going out this month as well.

Thanks all!

Release Date 11.5.15

Posted by Justin Fales (Creator)

Remember... Remember the 5th of November! First, thank you for your continued patience and feedback!

I know this is about 4 months longer than promised past the intended spring release but as stated before there has been a lot of challenges and road blocks. But we continue to smash through them one by one.

Also in order to have the best quality game possible I spend lengthy amounts of time trying to make the game we want, which is really the game you want. We are striving to deliver the experience promised and making as little compromises as possible. If anything gets cut / changed in any way that we feel is a "compromise" it's because it's out of the realm of possibility for us. 

 Really guys, this is the home stretch, we can see the finish line and we are running towards it as fast as possible but making sure we don't stumble along the way. 

 You have all been more than cool and patient with us and I just want to reiterate how thankful we are that you have helped to make this possible and that YOU deserve what we plan to release soon.

Just as a note, we didn't come up with this release date will-nilly. Sure the 5th is an awesome reference date that many of you backers can probably appreciate it.

 Still we had to do an audit of what we have done, what we need to do, and what is really feasible now that we are so far invested into this and we have a really good idea of what can be done in what amount of time. 

  • Maps, re-touching, building additional needed maps as needed for the last 3rd of the game. Adding in all it's features that go along with it. (too many to list tbh) [3 weeks to be safe] 
  • Quests/Side quests. I try to get as many of these done as I can while I am designing a map, building one area to the next. Creating a flow that works for each section. However you can't always get every quests/side quest thrown in as they sometimes extend or tie in beyond that area and need to be sort of "retro-fitted" later if that makes any sense to you... [1 week to be safe of items, switches, variables, dialogue, placement, and testing of all quests]
  • Art. I swear any day now, Danielle's hands are gonna crack and break off... she is drawing her heart out making people, battlers and the like. That's still probably 2-3 months worth of work right there, of course that's going on while I am working, but still needs to be integrated on my end and tested. [1 week of adding characters and portraits/emotions in + testing the dreaded battlers : P] 
  •  Battle System needs tweaking, making spells/ability animations is a nightmare in a half writing it out in the script, then testing over and over again. Many are done, but some need work and some that are planned have yet to be created. [1 healthy week of making sure the battle system is up to snuff]
  •  Temple(s). I am currently finishing the Forest Temple, which has been the king of burdens. There is still a whole other temple to be completed (of the 3 temples). These are major parts of the game. Maps, Secrets, Puzzles, Bosses, etc. All are crammed into these Temples and it takes a lot of time, trial and error to get done. [3 weeks to polish off the temples]

Finishing up cut-scenes, all around dialogue, last bit of encounters, heavy coat of polish and testing everything to make needed corrections. [2-3 weeks] 

 This should bring us right in line for November, a time we want to remember.

 Believe me when I say I want this to be done more than you guys can imagine. It's a huge responsibility that we never could have imagined would go on for this long. That would take this much work. It's the hardest we have ever worked for $2,500. I am in no way complaining of course, I count it as a blessing that those funds could cover the licensing, project needs and backer materials + make a little on the side. I'm just using that to gauge how much is really put into this, it's incredible to Danielle and myself and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you, thank you... thank you all for your support.

Your friends... 

-Justin & Danielle

Adam Redux

Posted by Justin Fales (Creator)

Hi everyone - Danielle here.

Now that I'm catching up on all of our backers, I wanted to show off to everyone an update I'm particularly proud of.

Back when we first started this project, I was pretty new to digital drawing and coloring. As time went on, I swapped out old character portraits for new ones, when the main cast started to look underwhelming compared to others.

With Adam, I was - at one point - pretty happy with his look. But as the other characters advanced, he looked clunky and out of place, but by that time, I didn't have time to redraw him completely, so I just did touch-ups. Well, yesterday I cut out some time to really give him the makeover he and this game deserves. I hope you're as happy with it as I am:

 For comparison:

Thank gawd for that change, amirite? 

As Justin probably mentioned in the last update, we're still hard at work. We had a couple of delays, but are still dedicated to finishing this game!