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Lobodestroyo - Rareware inspired 3D Action Platformer Game's video poster

A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles. Read more

Orlando, FL Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on December 11, 2013.

A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.

Orlando, FL Video Games
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About this project

Lobo is an action platformer with an emphasis on item collection and exploration. Taking on the role of Mutt, a naive and unlikely hero, players will run, flip, and dropkick across 9 unique, interconnected worlds.

Inspired by the boss battles of MegaMan players take on a league of sinister villains in a themed game world. By defeating and unmasking each of these villanos, Mutt gains new abilities and powers. Doing his best impression of Metroid’s Samus Aran, Mutt uses these newfound abilities to retread through previously explored territory to unlock new areas and secrets. All worlds are found and unlocked from the game’s overworld which holds it’s own challenges and secrets for players to discover a la Banjo-Kazooie.

Players will meet a colorful cast of oddball characters, (some friend, most foe) and enjoy offbeat humor through their gaming experience. Vibrant visuals, diverse worlds and more collectables than an episode of Hoarders; Lobodestroyo is the game for those of us who never really grew out the Nintendo 64 glory days!

The legendary Lobodestroyo is the sentinel of Costa Lucha. His wolf pack protects its citizens by locking away villains who threaten the peace, and maintain order from high atop Mt. Justice!  At least he did...

Mutt, the runt of the wolf pack litter, wakes up to find Mt. Justice in ruins; His wolf pack brothers missing; and the Lobdestroyo’s championship belt strewn across his destroyed temple. To top it off the maximum security lockup has been breached and the 10 members of La Liga de Los Villanos have escaped. Determined to avenge his brethren and prove his worth, Mutt dons the championship belt and takes up the mantle of his fallen hero.

'San Lobo' sits atop 'Mt. Justice'. Home of the Lobodestroyo.
'San Lobo' sits atop 'Mt. Justice'. Home of the Lobodestroyo.

Tag-teaming with the luchador spirit Dorado, who dwells in the mystical belt, Mutt explores the hub city of Costa Lucha and unlocks new areas, while he attempts to track down and unmask the evil villains who have overrun each game world.

The first six members of 'La Liga de los Villanos'
The first six members of 'La Liga de los Villanos'

Click Here to learn a little more about our boss battle mechanics in our Week 3 Update post!

Lobodestroyo has been an active project for a little over a year now. We have been plotting, planning and scribbling down the ideas, scripts and logic that we will build the game on. 

We have our platform selected, our needs lined out and a head-start on the creative assets we intend to work into the final game. We are ready to go to the next step, which will require us to properly arm ourselves with the hardware and software needed to continue.

By building our game in Unity we will not only have the flexibility to deliver the title we want to build, but will have an easier time porting Lobodestroyo to other platforms

During the campaign we have become Nintendo Indie Developers! Click here to learn a bit more about how Wii-U became one of our top priorities!

Not to tip our hand but everyone on the core Lobo team is working upfront for free. We are all passionate about the project and want to realize that age-old gamer dream of creating our own title.

That said there are costs associated with a project like this, and that’s where we need to go all ‘panhandler' on you. Our artists need a few new digital brushes. We need to purchase music, record vocals and get the necessary Unity licenses in the hands of our eager programmers. There are numerous other expenses but the vast majority of what we are asking for is going directly to putting the tools in the hands of the guys who need them to bring Lobodestroyo to life. We are keeping our costs to an absolute minimum to ensure an achievable goal. While our goal total may seem high to many, please be assured that this is a tight budget considering the scope of the project.

Kickstarter is a fantastic tool for crowdsourcing that we are excited to use. Without it we would not be able to realize this project. We hope that you consider becoming a backer and join us on our nerdy journey.

We need Kickstarter to realize our vision for this game, more so we need YOU. We have created rewards that will hopefully not only get you excited about supporting our game, but will really make you a part of Lobodestroyo!

--Become immortalized as part of the game!--Your name will be forever woven into the fibers of the game as a part of an in-game texture! You could be listed as darts champion in Costa Lucha’s pub or even as graffiti on the walls of the prison yard. Backer names might be carved into a park bench or even engraved on an ancient tomb or golden treasure. We will send you detailed instructions on where to find your name so you can explore the game you help make happen and find where you have left your mark!

Step it up to the next level and be featured in our overly lavish Founder’s Wall as a characterized likeness of you looks down over the world you helped create. Or even help inspire an interactive, supporting character that will not only bear your charming characteristics but will be named after you and referenced during gameplay! We will, of course, also have traditional credited status as a Backer or even an Executive Producer available on our website and in the game credits as well. (Totally worthy of adding to your resume/IMDB page if we do say so ourselves)

--Backer-Only Secret Areas!--Gain exclusive access to backer-only game areas designed around our wonderful supporters. Take the express elevator up to your own Presidential Suite on a (yet to be formally announced) skyscraper stage and lounge poolside while being fed virtual grapes... Be on the guest list for access to ‘Da Club’ and have all your drinks on the house while guest DJ Wobbletonne spins an exclusive remix of the Lobodestroyo theme for you. Make a mysterious private island rise out of the ocean waters in the middle of our pirate world, complete with your own virtual mansion!

What’s best about these secret areas? That non-backers will know where they are, maybe even be teased with their inclusion, but wont be able to get the unrestricted access you and your fellow backers do. (I know, mean right? Total Ice Key.)

--Collectible Game Paks Available!--It’s no secret that Lobodestroyo is a throwback title drawing inspiration from the Nintendo 64 era, and our physical rewards pay homage as well. Get your collectable Nintendo 64 cartridge featuring Lobodestroyo sticker art and a download code for you to get your copy of the game! It’s the ultimate throwback for the die hard fan! While the cartridge contents may be long gone, this themed collectible will allow you access to download your digital release of the game. Really show Lobo some love and you can get a limited edition gold version signed by your new best friends here at Lefthanded Games!


Click here to see how we are upgrading our physical reward tiers with bigger, better, backer-ier rewards as we approach our FINAL DAYS of fund raising! Backer Forum--Our forums will be the best way to get exclusive backer news and updates regarding the team’s progress on Lobodestroyo. Stay in the loop with our members only blog and get information regarding new characters, worlds and features you will get to experience when Lobo launches. Interact with the team and weigh in on various aspects of the game via polls, questionaries and forum feedback! Join us on the journey as we bring this game to life! Opening shortly after the conclusion of the campaign.


Click here to learn about the limited edition SAVIOR backer level added. Rewards are tailored for businesses looking to sponsor Lobodesroyo as a backer and make an impact on the game! Rewards included a sharable Golden Mutt alternate costume!

All reward tiers can be gifted upon request. Support our indie game project and give a unique and personal gift to someone special (or at least really cool with discerning taste) this holiday! On your survey indicate that this is a gifted reward and we will send a printable certificate displaying your reward contents, made out to the lucky gamer you are sending it to. The awesome backer rewards make a perfect gift idea for any game enthusiast! Print it out, stick it in a card and BAM! Coolest Parent/Uncle/Sister/Neighbor/Stalker EVER! Much more creative than a gift certificate!

We want to get Lobo in the hands of as many gamers as possible, and on a wide array of platforms. Being that we are building the game in Unity, we will be able to port to other systems with relative ease at minimal cost. These stretch goals will allow us to purchase the necessary licenses to move Lobo onto additional systems, as well as cover the associated costs with developing on new platforms. With the promising future for indie devs on next-gen consoles we are excited to aim at getting our game on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U. Please note that there will be additional development time to port these games to additional consoles and they will not be available at launch should they be funded.

UPDATED MORE: We have rolled the Wii-U into our initial stretch goal! Checkout how/why in our update post!

UPDATED: The Nintendo is strong with you backers! Wii-U bumped to the top spot to ensure a more obtainable goal. To learn more about how and why this happened click here.

At the risk of jinxing ourselves: If the beautiful people of the internet decide that we are able to not only meet these goals, but surpass them, then the additional funds will go directly into improving the balanced game we have laid out. Instead of falling into the trap of promising new worlds or additional content/items/characters, we want to funnel any additional funds to making Lobo the best game it can be. More voice actors, better music, higher production values and levels of polish. The more love you give us, the more we will be able to spend on our baby.

We're participating in OUYA's #FreeTheGames Fund, created by OUYA to support developers making new and creative console games. OUYA will match your pledge dollar-for-dollar up to your goal amount (and a max of $250,000), so help us get there and make a great game for everyone! To be eligible for this match, we commit that this game will be an OUYA exclusive for a period of time. To learn more about OUYA, go to

Lefhanded Studios is a group of professional graphic designers, animators and programmers who work together at our ‘day jobs’ in the attraction and entertainment industry. Based in Orlando Florida, we have worked together as a team for 5 years, for many attraction companies including NBC Universal, Disney, Planet Hollywood, and SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.  We have partnered with several revered brands over the years such as Lucasfilm, Dreamworks Animation, TNA Wrestling, Nickelodeon and Marvel Studios.   #namedropping

Lobodestroyo is a manifestation of our collective desires to produce a video game as a team. We have proven ourselves on hundreds of projects for many clients, and now we are ready to make something for ourselves (and more importantly, all of you!) Our core team consists of:

  • James Guy- Creative Director
  • Kevin Barnum- 3D Design and Animation
  • Tom Bennett- 3D Design and Animation
  • Dane Sit- 3D Design and Animation
  • Jason Pinder- Programming and Development
  • Sean Karp- Programming and Development
  • Bryan Wilkins- Programming and Development

We are extremely happy to have the support of an extended team of talented individuals who are lending their skills to the project. Lobodestroyo will feature character art by revered comic book artist Kelly ‘Treebeerd’ Williams, and renowned cosplayer and designer NoFlutter. Both of which will voice characters in the game. DJ Wobbletonne has agreed to remix Lobodestroyo’s theme for an exclusive, backer-only track, and we have an extensive lineup of guest cameo voice work.

Cooper Goodwin aka Gooseworx will provide a retro soundtrack that will fill your ears with Kirkhopian-nostalgia (that’s a thing). Our themed worlds will all boast original tracks and yes, before you ask, dynamic fading between themed areas in the hub world is the plan! Click below to hear a smattering of his past works featured on his albums Pir8s, Spookworx and the game Devour All Humans:

Please read below for a few common FAQ responses and feel free to reach out to us on the comments page or directly via email to Please also check out our recent update detailing some questions/concerns about the project.

UPDATE #1: Our First week in review. Lobo's theme music. World 6 revealed.

UPDATE #2: The Nintendo fans have rallied and we listened. Stretch goals modified.

UPDATE #3: Backer reward upgrade. Digital soundtrack added to all $25+ backer tiers.

UPDATE #4: Week 2 in review. Press and coverage. Snootsgiving with Tom and Dan and World 5 revealed.

UPDATE #5: Some of you love us. Some of you need convincing

UPDATE #6: Wii-U stretch stretch goal merged into initial goal total!

UPDATE #7: Week 3 recap. Boss battles and WikiTiki Woods

UPDATE #8: The OUR SAVIOR tier added in final hours of campaign

UPDATE #9: Backer reward tiers upgraded for physical reward levels

UPDATE #10: Mutt makes his debut in Super World Karts

UPDATE #11: Welcome to the Wolfpack. What Happens Next?

UPDATE #12: Week 4 roundup. RavenTomb Correctional detailed + Fanart

Risks and challenges

As with any crowd-funded project there are risks that need to be recognized. We have every intention of bringing a quality title to release using our intended budget and available skill set. We will endeavor to keep our backers abreast of the game’s status during development with continual updates and reports.

Despite a diverse resume of high-profile, satisfied clients to our credit, we fully recognize that we do not have a previous game credit to rely on as a team (though a few of us do as individuals). Which is why we are embracing the spirit of crowd funding and asking for your help. By backing us you are not only allowing our team to break into the game dev world, but also showing that you believe in our project and our ability to deliver it.

Due to the scope of our game there might be some unexpected directional changes and/or developments to the story/characters/worlds we intend on featuring in Lobodesotroyo. We will keep our backers and supporters well aware of these changes if they arise.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Yes. Don’t let our title fool you. Lobodestroyo is in English but does have some Mexican influences. Currently we are not planning any translations however we are open to the idea should the interest present itself. (Might even have gotten some kindhearted offers to spearhead the effort too!)

    Last updated:
  • Simply put: cost. Why spend your generously donated funds on anything but the game you want us to make? Our philosophy is to make the best game we can, and to do that we need to be smart about where the money is going.

    Last updated:
  • To keep our initial costs down and focus our efforts we have limited the scope at launch. Rest assured, if the interest is there we will eventually bring Lobo to as many platforms as possible. Please see our stretch goals for more info.

    Last updated:
  • Once the game is completed, eligible backers will receive download access to the full copy of the game. Console distribution will vary based on the limitations associated with each. Next-gen console deployment is yet to be defined but will use the easiest and most user friendly option/s available to us.

    Last updated:
  • Unfortunately no. The cartridges have been hand gutted, painted and sealed. They will no longer work on Nintendo 64 or any other console. However the download code will unlock access for backers to download their copy of Lobodestroyo. They will however look exceedingly fancy sitting on your display shelf.

    Last updated:
  • Our launch platforms are PC/Mac/Linux and Ouya. Additional consoles such as Wii-U, PS4 and Xbox One are stretch goals and are not considered part of that launch window. The exclusivity period associated with Ouya for console release will prevent the game being released on those platforms at launch. During which time we will be able to adequately port and format the title for release. This time would have been spent on the ports anyway. So in essence the exclusivity allows us to spend the time needed to effectively port Lobodestroyo to future consoles. (While granting us access to additional funds which we are banking on to make this game!)

    It's a really great opportunity and allows us to make the game without having to ask for twice as much money from our initial backers. You just can't make a game as ambitious as Lobo on a shoestring budget. (And thats with all of us working for free I might add!)

    Last updated:
  • Yup. It's also a nod to Mario Sunshine.…

    Last updated:
  • No the tiki folk are… special in that regard. The animation style is a throwback to Stan from Monkey Island’s wacky, frame-skip-filled movements.

    Last updated:
  • No, We are not asking for this money for any other reason than we need it to make the game. We are unable to build it otherwise. We need certain hardware and software elements purchased for this to happen. The funds are directly tied to those purchases.

    Last updated:


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    Your likeness will be crafted into one of the hub world citizens as an in-game NPC! Your character will be referred to by name in conversation as well as your characterized photo appearing on the Founder's Wall. All rewards granted in the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER reward tier are also included along with the satisfaction of knowing that you are one of the most generous and attractive backers on the internet.

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    Help save Lobo in it's final hours! Perfect for a business looking to make an impact on the game! Rewards include: Custom in-game billboard with your message/ad. Hub world museum wing dedication. Exclusive Golden Mutt alternate costume code (sharable).10 Dorado Edition signed Game Paks (all with full access to all backer-only areas). Custom 27"x40" artwork signed and framed by the team. In-game NPC character complete with yacht which you get to name. Plus Executive Producer Credit. (Please see our special UPDATE for full details on this limited tier!!)

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