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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
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Week 4 Round Up. This is It.

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

This is it. The end of days. The final few hours left for Lobo to hit its goal. I won’t lie, I’m freaking out. So close yet so far away. The rally this week has been amazing and has brought us from probable failure to a very possible success. These next few hours will be crucial so before we get started with this update please open up your Facebook in another browser tab, head to your wall and paste the following:

“Hey Facebook friends. You might have heard me say it before but Lobodestroyo is a game worth checking out. It’s kickstarter ends in JUST A FEW HOURS and it’s very close to hitting it’s goal. Please make this game happen! Even if it’s just by pitching in a few bucks. On behalf of the guys making this thing (who asked me very nicely to post this) I thank you for supporting the revival of the 3D action platfomer!”

Make sure you press enter afterwards so that the little-player-widget shows up too! (That will get them for sure right?!) Then, in another window open up your Twitter account and lay down these characters:

“Rareware inspired indie game’s kickstarter is in its FINAL HOURS. Please support!”

Then close those windows and come right back here. Ok, ok you are more than welcome to post something a little more articulate and clever but PLEASE spread the word. It’s now or never. Thank you!! Alright on to the update!

As I said its getting tight but we stand a solid chance at pulling out a win here. I sent out a backer-only email yesterday with a little insight into where we will go from here if this campaign doesn't hit the goal total. If you want to read more on that topic please consider becoming a backer and then head over to the update! #ShamelessBribery

We also tossed in some Lobodestroyo backer icons which you might have seen popping up on your fellow backers’ accounts. Thank you for the support Wolfpack!

On a more somber note you might notice that we dropped a little in our total. This was not due to people pulling out of the kickstarter but because of an error that had one of our backers pledging $2,500 when he meant to pledge $25. While seeing the number drop is far from awesome, I am glad that it was resolved before we got down to the wire and it became a question of legitimacy in us reaching our goal total or not. Please don’t be disheartened the final 48 hours are coming and I hope we will be joined by a fresh crop of Lobodestroyo enthusiasts!

As I said in the aforementioned backer update, I have learnt so much from this campaign. I know where our audience really lays. I know how to engage the media more effectively and how to avoid the classic pitfalls of social media kickstarter outreach. And possibly most importantly: I know where the holes are in our pitch. When presenting an idea like this it is hard to check all the boxes to ensure a potential backer in convinced. I have received links numerous forums, notes and emails with suggestions, questions, comments and criticisms. Not only for the game itself but the kickstarter presentation. If it comes to a second attempt to get a Lobo-like game out there, I am confident we are much better poised to hit our goal having gone through the learning experience that this first outing.

That, and let's not forget all of you!

Our trailer has been watched by over 20 thousand people! (with 27% of those views being through completion!) Thats a lot of people who know the (longwinded) name of Lobodestroyo. Of those views we have a team of over 530 willing supporters who have backed us and spread the word. We are no longer one voice screaming at the internet. We are a team now.

Before we talk a little bit about a new world in Lobo I wanted to showcase an example of how the hub world music will behave. As seen in Rareware’s N64 games like Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie we will have dynamic music fading. This means that the basic tune in Costa Lucha will carry on as your explore, but certain areas will influence the music as you enter them. The tempo will remain but the instrumentation arrangements will be altered to reflect the environment Mutt is exploring. For example, when you head towards the circus that’s in town, the usual tune will become much more carnival inspired. Or when you make your way up the cold cliffside towards one of our later levels, a much more chilly sounding variation will play. Below is an example of the standard Costa Lucha theme fading to represent the fiery area surrounding the entrance to Tourist Trap Meltdown (and back again).

This week I’d like to delve a little more into our haunted world: RavenTomb Correctional.

This world is a two-parter but is primarily set in a rainy prison yard overlooked by an eerie insane asylum (that would pass for a haunted house better than a correctional institution of any kind). The yard is surrounded by large, concrete walls; searchlights mounted atop guard towers; and copious amounts of barbed wire. The prison has been taken over by former inmate (and present maniac): “Warden” Von Frankenflap. This repulsive bat has an affinity for the maddest of mad science and a way with undead machinery. Using the prison as a farm for subjects, the Warden is building an army of frankensteined zombies out of the unfortunate inmates’ assorted parts.

The stage is littered with security cameras and overhead screens, through which the Warden monitors his inmates. Often popping on the screens to make humorous declarations and service announcements. One of the main objectives in this world is to gain access to the asylum and take down this creep and lock him back up. As with all worlds there are 10 Toll Tokens to collect, each with their own mission. RavenTomb is unique in that three of those missions are all tied to breaching the main gate blocking the path to the asylum manor. These missions are assigned to Mutt by a particularly imposing inmate named Shawshank, and can be completed in any order. After completing one of these tasks the player returns to Shawshank who marks down the progress on his wall diagram. Eventually the two can lead a prison break and Mutt can get to the Warden for a boss showdown.

There are other missions in the world including becoming top-dog in an underground fight club; defeating a graveyard full of lost souls; and taking on a particularly beastly monster that the Warden has locked away in the Maximum Security Wing.

We teased it last week but here it is in it's full form for you to enjoy; the RavenTomb Correctional level track from Gooseworx.

It's a TOUGH time for game kickstarters right now. The holiday season is ultimately not the best time to attempt to crowd fund a videogame project it would seem! That said there are many of us out there looking to get your support. Hopefully you all saw the AMAZING crossover we have running with One Legged Seagull’s Super World Karts: Grand Prix. If not head here for the details. With Mutt as an unlocked player for backers of both Lobodestroyo and SWK we hope that you guys might be willing to help our new Aussie friend Paul out with his project.

  • Also worth your time and attention is Extend Studio’s charming ‘So Many Me’. This game, (by our fellow Wolfpack backer) has an adorable art style and an impressive puzzle platforming mechanic that all our Wii-U backers are going to really enjoy. It’s in its last week and needs some love. Check them out when you get a chance here and tell them Lobo sent you!
  • And for those of you wanting something very different please check out our fellow Free The Games Fund participant GaymerX’s project 'Read Only Memories'. This progressive, cyberpunk adventure is a mix of stylized adventure and puzzle solving. R.O.M. is following Lobo’s lead and also doing a crossover with Super World Kart: GP, offering another unlock-able character for backers of both titles (see I told you guys I have good ideas)! So if you can, show your fellow wolfpack members some love here!

Fanart has continued to come our way in the past few weeks and we can’t stress how cool it is to see our project inspire others to break out some creativity. Here are just a few of the great images that have been buzzing around the net thanks to our talented supporters!

Ok guys thats it for this final week 4 update. The fate of our game rests in your hands. If you where holding off on backing us NOW’S THE LAST CHANCE. Please support us and help us make the 3D action-platformer we are dying to make! This campaign has been a whirlwind of stress and change, but I have loved every minute of it. We have changed our pledge goals, become Nintendo indie developers, been reprimanded by the ESRB's legal department (ask me in an email), updated and improved backer rewards, joined forces with other games, put out a call for a savior… you name it we have done it. Anything I can do to try make this happen I have (and will continue to do so)! This is a great group of friends, old and new, and I am extremely glad to have spoken with many of you over the course of all this craziness. I think we make a good team regardless of this campaign’s outcome!

I will check in with you guys in our final, final hours. Until then I leave you with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and a moderately-stressed-but-ultimately-appreciative plea to spread the word and back our little project.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Shinigami Panda on

      Hyper light drifter is Boktai but i runs on money instead of sunlight

    2. R. Walsh on

      Gartz on reaching the initial goal. Just updated my pledge after I realized 25 dollars now gets you the soundtrack. Can you tell I have problems focusing? =D

    3. Evan Saxon on

      Message posted... also i love the little shameless bribery bit :P
      The music and atmosphere for this game feels like it'll be amazing and instantly become as strong as its inspiration titles. Holding onto all hope that this happens.

    4. LanceCharleson on

      Love the concept behind RavenTomb ( name seems to be a reference to Ravenholm from Half Life 2 :D) and love that "Punch a Chihuahua in the face" hehe.

    5. Ricardo Longo on

      Those tracks, man THOSE TRACKS. We have to make it. Go Lobo!

    6. Paul Hamilton on

      Punch a Chihuahua in the face.. :D

    7. Grady Parrott on

      That art by SOS2 is amazeballs.

      Anyway, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this reaches its goal! (Have I said this already? My memory is bad.) How a game like this hasn't gone all Hyper Light Drifter-successful is beyond me. Go Mutt!