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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
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Mutt Makes his Karting Debut

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

What’s this? Another update!? But it's about another game? What gives? You guys realize this is your FINAL weekend to raise funds right? Trust us. You are going to want to hear this!

This kart racer comes to kickstarter from our friends at Australian studio One Legged Seagull. Paying homage to the 16-bit retro racers like the SNES Mario Kart, SWK offers all the pixelated kart racing fun you remember… but in HD! Relive all the classic mode7 style racing on all the same launch platforms as Lobodestroyo! There are 16 days left in their campaign and they could use some support too!

And to make it all the sweeter for Lobo backers…

Following in the footsteps of his forefathers Banjo and Conker, Mutt will be making his in-game debut in a kart racer*! Available EXCLUSIVELY to backers of both Lobodestroyo and SWK:GP!

Now THAT’S how you do a cross promotion! I can’t begin to express how excited we are to have Mutt appear in this great title. Please head over and show our Aussie amigo some support! Be sure to tell him Mutt sent you to get access to this amazing in-game backer reward!

*Not that you forgot but both Banjo and Conker first debuted in Rare’s Diddy Kong Racing before they where the stars of their own franchises.

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    1. James Guy Creator on

      Hey backers! We have been chatting with our pal Paul over on the Super World Karts team. We are going to work with him to make sure this game makes it to Wii-U if funded. Please see his updated stretch goals and consider backing him now that he has taken a page from the Lefthanded playbook and joined the Nintendo bandwagon! You can see the details here:

    2. James Guy Creator on

      @Bernie glad you found us! Thanks for the support!!

    3. BernieTime

      I only found out about Lobodestroyo because of the Cross Promotion. Now you both have my money. Now get crackalacking

    4. James Guy Creator on

      Thanks to your support SWK doubled their pledges after adding Mutt to the roster! That's really cool. Thank you guys for showing the Lobo love and helping out our boy @Paul on his project.

    5. Paul Hamilton on

      Hi people interested in SuperWorldKarts having wiiU/3ds support.

      When I started this I had no idea there would be so much interest for those platforms, seeing that they already have such awesome kart games, and so I didn't even look into becoming a Nintendo developer. That's not to say that I wont be looking at doing that later, it's just that right now, doing this on my own, I'm way too stretched attempting to do this for the 6 platforms (and all their variations) I'm currently aiming at. :)

    6. Brad Silvia on

      Hey Left-handed Games, urge your One-Legged Seagull friends to make a 3DS/Vita version, and then I'll back their game as well!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lucas David on

      this should be in the wiiu/3ds for me to back this

    8. Missing avatar

      Rueckkoppler on

      Yeah. Nice idea, but unless there's a Wii U version, I won't back this...

    9. Buddy Hall on

      I was all excited and ready to back this and then I realized all the same platforms didn't include Wii U. Hopefully they announce an achievable stretch goal and I can get on board.

    10. Sir Jordi

      great cross promotion, indeed!

    11. Sir Jordi

      @Gary, I agree!
      Wii U should see this kart game!

    12. Patrick "Kuntos" Sapp on

      this would be a game i'd be playing nonstop! i still bust out my SNES and will play MarioKart for hours.

    13. MicroGamer.TV on

      I really hope they both reach their goals!!!

    14. Signal on

      all of my YES!!!!!

    15. G on

      I'd be all over this if there was a 3DS/Wii U stretch goal. I find it pretty alarming that a game inspired by Super Mario Kart isn't going to be on a Nintendo platform.

    16. Adam Jones on

      This is kind of amazing.