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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
929 backers pledged $43,831 to help bring this project to life.

‘Final Friday’ Special Announcement

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

It’s our final weekend of funding before the end of the campaign. This is where a lot of kickstarters turn to the backers they already have and try and twist your arms into pledging more funds to get the project pushed through. Are we above that? Absolutely not! However I’d rather see this as an opportunity to make your rewards better, rather than try and swamp you with add on items. So with that said:

All GAME PAK tier cartridges are now golden!

The midas touch has hit and we are happy to announce that all LOBODESTROYO GAME PAK tier backers ($150+) will be upgraded to a gold collectible cart reward. If successful we will be selling the remaining cartridges on our website (pricing and availability to be determined) but we have decided that this campaign will be the ONLY chance for you to get a golden game pak and they will NOT be offered post-campaign. This is not to punish anyone, but more to raise the value of our generous backer’s rewards! 

So what about backers already at the ‘DORADO EDITION’ GAME PAK level? 

We want to up the ante on your already golden reward too! Now your gold collectible game pak (which is also signed by the Lefthanded team) will have a golden variation of the standard game sticker, to cement it’s exclusivity. Not only that, but your collectible cartridge will now come with it’s own Nintendo 64 replica box! AND we will also be including an additional download code inside so you can share Lobodestroyo with a friend (and showoff the game you helped bring to life)! The artwork for this box will be finalized at a later date but will feature final game artwork voted on by all of our $200+ tier backers. It will also feature the names of all our backers at this level and up as testament to your support.

Please consider this another way of saying THANK YOU to our generous backers able to support Lobo at these higher tiers. If you where on the fence about committing to the physical reward level, perhaps this added value will sway you towards upping your pledge. And don’t forget making the jump up to the $25 level guarantees you a digital copy of Gooseworx’ Lobodestroyo soundtrack!

Upgrade or not, please know that either way we appreciate your support! We have had a massive rally in the past week and would like to finish the campaign strong. If we fall short of our goal we will stand by the claim that we have the best backers out there. We can’t thank you enough you gorgeous, gorgeous people!  (please note that all tangible items are collectibles and are not functioning game paks or original Nintendo 64 boxes).

-The Lefthanded Games Studio Team

PS- Look for another email update (exclusively to our backers) this weekend, detailing the future for Lobodestroyo should we fail to hit our goal total, as well as how we want to reward those willing to be part of this original campaign effort!  Not a backer yet? What are you waiting for? This is the end!!


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    1. Grady Parrott on

      Ohhhh man, what I wouldn't give to pledge enough to get one of those carts! Sadly, I am a broke-ass college student who cannot afford to do so. :( But I really hope this game makes it! I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for good luck.