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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
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Announcing 'Our Savior' Tier

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

At the end of days a cry went out for a hero to save us. Will the call be answered?

We are coming up to the final few days of the campaign, and thanks to a big rush of pledges, media exposure and backers spreading the word, Lobodestroyo stands a very solid chance at hitting its goal! It is at this time we would like to announce the exceedingly limited new tier in our 11th hour: OUR SAVIOR TIER

This tier is designed with the sole purpose of filling the void between our current total and the finish line, and comes with a heavy price tag of $5,000.

This tier is not for everyone of course, but was suggested by our friends over on the Monochroma team who recently had great success on Kickstarter. This is for the big-deal benefactor that wants to swoop in in our final moments and be the savior for our campaign. This is our cry out for our hero! Or heroes…as there are THREE spots available for this illustrious tier! Why limit it? Well besides the fact that due to our generous backers we only need three to hit the goal, the reward is extremely exclusive… more on that in a minute. First let me take a second to talk to the potential candidates for this exorbitant tier...

So you have $5,000 and an itch to bring a team of fledgling developer’s dreams to life? Well clearly fine sir or debonair madam, money is no object to you. Perhaps we could help take some off your hands? Lessen the burden, as it were.

We need your help. We have gotten this far thanks to the donations of a select few generous backers. But alas, in the final few days we are facing a possible shortfall in funds. If we fail to hit our goal all the efforts will be for naught and we know you don't want that to happen. Your discerning eye and aptitude for spotting potential can’t let you leave without pledging a paltry few dollars. And let’s not hide from the fact that your innate desire to make dreams come true (in strangely nerdy ways) needs to be satiated! This is that chance! It’s all but a button press (and a few subsequent annoying pages) away! Take that next step. We need you!

When figuring out what to offer at such a high dollar amount we turned to other kickstarters for inspiration. What we found was that our top tier MODEL CITIZEN reward is already really hard to beat. But I think we’ve done it. We have developed a reward that is designed for the aforementioned billionaire philanthropist OR for a business person or group looking to make an impact in the gaming community…

An In-Game Billboard in the hub world 

This is your space to make your message. Promote your business, website or product in a stylized way, on an in-game billboard prominently displayed in the hub world of Costa Lucha. (We reserve the right to determine what is acceptable content and will work with you in developing the artwork). Constantly visible in the hub, this posting will allow you to connect with the gamers playing Lobodestroyo for years to come.

A Wing of the in-game Museum named after you 

Your name will be etched into the marble arches overhead in glorious fashion. The citizens of Costa Lucha will speak of your charitable contributions as they gaze up at your proudly displayed name. Conversations with NPCs inside of said wing will lavish you with praise and humble appreciation, and a portrait of you will hang in the foyer for all to marvel.

The Golden Mutt Code 

Change Mutt into a hero worthy of your gold standard. Dropped entirely into gold, Mutt will shine with the luster and majesty only you deserve. This EXCLUSIVE code will be provided only to you and will be tethered to your name or business. Should you wish to share this reward with the common folk, a message will appear once the code has been entered declaring it’s activation and the fact that it was made possible by a generous pledge by you and/or your business.

10 Dorado Edition Gold Replica Game Packs with Download Codes 

To be distributed as you see fit amongst your favorite Vice Presidents, stable boys, personal assistants and/or loved ones. (or stored in your Scrooge McDuck vault to be enjoyed at your discretion of course). All copies have the full version of Lobodestroyo as well as access to all backer-only content and are signed by the team here at LeftHanded Games Studio. Extremely limited and completely unique these could make for some great auction times at your next fundraiser or fancy soirée! (No? Still doing the Scooge McDuck thing? That’s cool too).

27”x40” framed full color poster

Limited run, never to be printed again. Featuring custom artwork created for you by our team, per your specification. Your name and your rightful billing as an Executive Producer will be prominently displayed, so be sure to hang this in your office lobby where everyone can see how baller/trendy/benevolent you are. The print is also signed by the whole crew and shipped to you with our utmost respect and gratitude. Seriously, each bubble wrap pops with a soft whisper of ‘thank you’*. (*That’s a total lie. We will probably use packing peanuts)

SUPER Model Citizen

Much like the reward enjoyed by our MODEL CITIZEN backers this will have your likeness crafted into an in-game character. As with your fellow backers, your NPC will be referenced to by name in conversation… However! Your character will not only be designed to reflect your illustrious pledge level with opulent and lavish attire, but he/she will also be found on your own private yacht, docked off the coast of the hub world. You also get to pick the name of your floating status symbol, which will be artfully adorned to the side of your virtual vessel.

What? You’d don’t have 5K sitting about during the holiday season? How do you even live with yourself?? All joking aside we recognize that this is a massive price tag and are not sure what to expect in offering it. Please don't feel that your support at any tier is under appreciated or that we are becoming money-grubbing sellouts. We are doing what we need to do to secure a future for Lobodestroyo. For the game we want to make for you.

Perhaps you don’t have the funds to do this, but maybe you know someone (or someones) that do! You have all been amazing in spreading the word to friends and family and bringing in the individual backers. Perhaps we now aim for the small business owners (large too!) that could benefit from making a massive pledge towards a game like Lobo? There is a market for these games, and this is a genre that has laid dormant for far too long. There are people out there who are clamoring for the return of the collect-a-thon action-platformer! This is the perfect way to reach that audience!!

Please continue to spread the word! We have 5 days left and things are getting close!! 

-Your friends at LeftHanded Games Studio

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    1. James Guy Creator on

      @Sir Jordi and with the upgraded Dorado cart tier I don't blame you!!

    2. Sir Jordi

      I wish I had those 5000... :(
      But I'm working to get that much more affordable Dorado cartridge!

      Go go go!