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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
929 backers pledged $43,831 to help bring this project to life.

Week 3 in review. We approach our final days!

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

Thank you for your continued support on the project and welcome to our new backers! Week three saw a lot more joining the fold and we appreciate you all! The big Thanksgiving news about our Wii-U stretch goal being absorbed was a big hit and got us some positive coverage across the net. This campaign has really opened our eyes to the importance of the Nintendo gaming community and titles like Lobo. Becoming a part of their indie-dev program is a really big deal for us. We hope you guys are as excited as we are!

Sadly, as of this weekend, we are trending low as far as our kickstarter’s goal. That’s not to say things can’t change, and I am remaining optimistic! Please if you haven’t backed yet or know anyone that might be a good candidate to join our ranks, now’s the time to let them know and pledge your support! 9 days left! We are down to the single digits, and kickstarters famously amp up in the final hours. It will be a stretch at this stage for sure…but wherever we end up, let's finish strong!

It’s a tough time for indies on kickstarter at the moment. Perhaps the time of year. Perhaps the new consoles launching… I am sure it is a combination of many things. But with Bolt Riley failing to hit its goal last week and the heavily publicized DinoRun2 trending short too, it’s rather evident that we have an uphill battle this next week. That said (as of writing) we only have 225 backers, and have raised over $12,600! That’s AMAZING. The successful kickstarters have substantially more backers and more exposure than Lobo does, so please don't be discouraged by other games having made their goals more handily. We are a relatively small group of backers, and an unknown team of developers, and to have raised that much already is a MASSIVE feat (and one that I am truly grateful for). You guys are the best backers out there. Period.

We have learnt a lot from this campaign...

WikiTiki Woods is our opening world and takes place in a lush, tropical woodland inhabited by simple tiki-folk. Regrettably they have been joined by new neighbors led by the industrialist beaver Gnawton Sawtooth III. This ‘self-made’ millionaire is looking to expand his wealth by ripping down trees and damming up rivers in order to make way for a new line of luxury mansions. His team of lumberjacks are deforesting the land and making life miserable for the good-natured natives.

The level consists of two primary areas; The tiki-village near the world entrance, and the deforested areas surrounding Gnawton’s newly built mansion. Players will encounter a massive buzz-saw-wielding sub-boss, climb atop a giant dam (complete with a Mt Rushmore-style carving of Grawnton’s face) and explore creepy caves in the mountains above the treetops. The world’s Boss will taunt you from his lavish balcony during your stay and is unreachable until the players return later with additional abilities. Not being able to directly take on the first world boss until taking down a few of his cohorts is an example of how the worlds of Lobo will not play out as traditionally as many past adventure games.

Below is a basic layout of World 1 as it stands along with a few indicators of item placement and enemy locations.

World 3’s Mascara de La Muertos is required to access Gnawrton’s mansion and bypass his security system. The mask is gained in World 3, ‘Raventomb Correctional’ by defeating the repugnant Warden von Frankenflap. We will delve into this world in a future update, but check out the spooky prison yard in musical form right now, courtesy of another work-in-progress track from our composer Gooseworx!

Each world in Lobodestroyo features a showdown with the villainous League member who has taken over the area. In addition a sub-boss fight can be found in each world as well. These bosses allow us to bring larger than life encounters to the mix while keeping our league of villains intact. That’s not to say that all of our ‘Villanos’ characters are going to be small scale or 1-on-1 battles. For example Commander Salamander (the charming military leader who has overthrown Wonderwish Studios in world 5), takes on Mutt and Dorado inside a fire-belching tank.

This fight takes place inside the central ballroom of the occupied theme park castle (fans of a certain tale-as-old-as-time will appreciate the influences of the room). The overhead balconies house hordes of armored salamander troops cheering on their leader. Completely invulnerable while inside his mechanical monster, the Commander proceeds to charge about the room attempting to run the player over.

Using matador skills the player must force the tank to charge into one of the columns surrounding the ballroom. This will cause the balconies to teeter and drop a few onlookers into the area. (As gamers will have found out already in the level, these armored variants of the salamander foot-soldiers are also invulnerable to Mutt’s standard attacks)

The objective for the player at this stage is to have the rampaging tank run over the new enemies as they chase you around the room. If successful, the enemy will be defeated and the advanced armor they wear gets stuck in the caterpillar treads of the tank, forcing it to a screeching halt. A confused (and furious) Commander Salamander opens to hatch to survey the damage and opens himself up to an attack. Jumping onto the tank and striking him with any standard attack will register as a hit and send the Commander back below.

The 'rule of three' will make an appearance in most of the boss battles including this one. Forcing the player to repeat the previous steps two more times to fell the boss proper. Each round gets harder however with the tank gaining new abilities and moving faster with each landed blow. Fiery landmines are dropped as hazards on the floor in the 2nd round, and a flame blast attack, which must be dodged to avoid massive damage, is added in the 3rd.

So week 4 is our final chance to bring is some last minute backers. As I have said before, I am optimistic but at the same time keeping a realistic outlook on the campaign.

I have been asked many times if we will still make this game if we are not funded. My simple answer is an unfortunate ‘no’. We are not sitting on a completed game, nor are we in a position to release anything. We need the funds to make Lobodestroyo, which is why we are trying our hand at Kickstarter. Will we let the project disappear? Also No. Passion projects are never dead, they are just delayed. How we will realize it, and when that might happen, is completely up in the air. Substantial changes would need to be made to the scope and delivery of the title, to warrant trying another kickstarter campaign. It’s not out of the question, but it’s not happening any time soon. If you want to see this game made, we need to get this campaign funded! I know many of our backers share this belief and are onboard with us until the end.

We have had dozens of you signup for a kickstarter account just to back Lobo. That’s extremely flattering and very cool. In light of that I wanted to quickly explain how funding windows work for those of you who are not familiar:

If we don’t meet our goal in the timeframe allotted, we will be deemed "unsuccessful". At this time NO FUNDS ARE EXCHANGED. Your pledge will never be charged and you will not lose anything for supporting us. Please feel free to leave your pledges as they are without fear. You will not be charged anything should we not hit our goal. If we do, you will be charged the amount that you pledged by Amazon, who will in turn, send the funds to us (after taking their cut of course). 

You can modify you pledge at any time by pressing the MANAGE YOUR PLEDGE button in the sidebar. Please consider upping your pledge and enjoying some of the higher their rewards such as the included soundtrack we announced or gaining access to the backer-only secret areas of the game! Thank you!!

Ok final week. Let's to this!

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    1. James Guy Creator on

      @Grady hahahahaha nice one
      @Bradley awesome. We can help you out with that when/if the time comes
      @Ricardo Thanks man! I'm with you!

    2. Bradley Carter on

      man i hope people pledge to this kickstarter, this game looks awesome, plus when this comes out ill be doing a playthrough of this game for sure

    3. Ricardo Longo on

      I'm crossing my fingers for you guys. I love the characterization and the mood you're shooting for. Here's hoping I get to play Lobodestroyo on my Wii U sooner rather than later!

    4. Grady Parrott on

      What you describe about the Commander Salamander battle... this is everything I love and nothing I hate.…
      (skip to 0:16 if it doesn't go there automatically)