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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
929 backers pledged $43,831 to help bring this project to life.

Some of you love us. Some of you need convincing

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

As with anything online, there will be supporters and there will be skeptics, especially when donations are involved. We fully recognize that we need to impress you with our concept and our goal in order to earn your trust and your support. We have had many people going to bat for us on the various forums and social media outlets out there, and many more putting in good words for Lobo and the team. We can’t thank you enough! That said, there are certainly people with questions and concerns which we would like to address as best as possible. Below are a few points we want to make in response to some of the comments/questions that we have seen regarding Lobodestroyo:

How can you do this ‘for free’ and still need backer money?

The Lobodestroyo team is working on this on our own time, outside of our "day jobs." We are all gainfully employed designers, programers and artists who are not relying on Lobodestroyo for income. We are not paying for any office overhead nor do we need to purchase a large amount of the software and hardware needed to move forward. The money requested is to pay for the remaining software licenses and hardware components we need to allow us to complete this project. The budget was established with careful consideration to ensure that all necessary costs were covered.

Where’s the Demo?

There isn't one. Unfortunately, we can’t get to a playable version until we secure these funds. The footage shown in our trailer uses the models and some of the animations that would go into the demo (at an early stage). We have successfully imported numerous animations, models and environments into the Unity engine with basic abilities controllable. However, it is considered pre-alpha at this stage and is not distributable at this time.

The visuals are not up to snuff

Nothing shown in the trailer is an accurate representation of what we expect to deliver in the final version of the game. We have assembled a collection of assets to convey the bare bones concept of the game in an attempt to secure the funds to develop it. At this stage we are trying to sell you on the idea of the game we want to make. The animations shown and the simple environments showcased are representations of the style we wish to achieve and are not fleshed out or fully developed.

Your funding goal is to low/too high

Depending on your vantage point, our initial goal (and adjoining stretch goals) may seem unrealistic to you. Delivering a game as ambitious as Lobodestroyo is a costly venture. The software and hardware needed to push a game like this to market has a price point we can’t secure with our own funding. The asking price of $35,000 covers the required elements we need to get our team equipped to embark on the project. This cost is kept down due to no labor being factored into the total, as well as the Ouya Free The Games Fund matching our backer-raised funds.

Why is the Ouya getting the game first?

As we detail above, we are taking advantage of the fantastic ‘Free the Games Fund’ offered by Ouya. This program allows us to effectively double our raised total if successfully funded. In exchange for this additional funding we agree to make a version of Lobodestroyo console exclusive to Ouya for a period of 1 month for every $10,000 matched. These funds are not given to us outright by Ouya. They are delivered at set intervals dictated by the fund rules. These can be found in more detail on their page, however no funds are provided until an alpha build is presented on Ouya hardware. These stipulations dictate the initial focuses for our team and the allocation of funds to obtain these goals. They also determine which builds of the game get released first. We cannot deliver Lobodestroyo without taking advantage of this (very generous) program. We hope that gamers who support other platforms outline in our stretch goals, recognize this fact.

Why Write this Update? 

We are relying on the internet to get behind our idea for this game so we can create it. We owe it to you to explain ourselves as best we can. We fully recognize that any truly creative project will have the potential to create as many fans as it will naysayers. Many of you are onboard, and we believe that are lots more of you out there. However, there are a few that don’t see the same vision we do, and/or have concerns about the project. We take all these comments to heart and will do our best to make sure as many as possible are addressed.

I hope this update doesn’t dissuade or worry any enthusiastic backers among you. It is merely a response to some of the skepticism I think we are able to address. We have received hundreds of favorable messages and kind comments from people all over the world who are behind this idea. Our generous backers have pledged over $10,000 dollars to attest to their support of Lobodestroyo. That is AMAZING! People clearly want to play a classic action-platformer. There is certainly a desire for this type of game to rise again. We hope that Lobodestroyo is one of the games to lead that charge!

Please feel free to reference this page on any message board, forum or online group you might be a part of. Thank you for fighting along side us on this project and thank you for your continued support! Two weeks left! Let’s do this!!

Ok back to the fun updates! Look for some world map layouts, boss encounter details and more information on some of Mutt's gained abilities and powers over the Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you for your continued support. You guys seriously rock!

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    1. Grady Parrott on

      While I suppose it is a little disconcerting as a backer to get this in an email, I have noticed a lot of people unfairly critique Lobodestroyo and this campaign, so it perhaps is necessary. I'm surprised to see someone so eloquently and systematically take on the concerns (?) of skeptics, though, that's unusual. Jolly good show!

    2. Sir Jordi

      totally agree with @Brian!

      I'm convinced! the truth is out there!
      (no wait..that belongs to another serial.. ^_^

    3. Brian Doyle on

      As a backer I feel I did not need an email explaining why you need money. If I did not think you needed money I wouldn't have backed. That said this is perfectly good stuff to show the people who have chosen not to back. Figure out a way to get this to those people and you're golden!