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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
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Week Two in the books.

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

After slowing down on the totals a bit for the usual week 2 slump we have doubled our overall backer count from last week! Welcome new backers! We have had a few high tier supporters join the fold including our third ‘Model Citizen’ backer who will be appearing in the game! I can’t stress enough how much your support means to us across the board. Thank you!!

We have been featured on many indy gaming blogs and new sites, as well as a lot of Nintendo community pages. Thank you to everyone reaching out and putting in a good word for us and helping spread Lobo all over the internet! I recently did an interview with Swedish website Ninside who have posted the article here. Make sure you have your Google translation ready and go check it out! It’s very cool to get international support for the project! We where also featured on Furstarter which is really cool if not unexpected. Thank you for the support!

Last week, Tom Bennett, (character animation on Lobodestroyo) and I, sat down with the DKVine guys for the Kongversation Podcast. Chad and Hyle where gracious hosts and are very supportive of our efforts. Even to go as far as making Lobodestroyo their ‘officially supported game’. This is quite the accomplishment because DKVine is for the most hardcore of Rareware fans. So if they are throwing out props then we must be doing something right! The podcast is live here or available in iTunes. (contains mature content)

Tonight I called in to the Start-Select podcast to chat with Adam, Andy and Chris about Lobo, next-gen launch impressions and assorted debauchery. These guys have been onboard with our project for forever and have shown nothing but love and support for Lobo. Tonight's 'cast will be going up as soon as tomorrow for you to check out. Do them a favor and be sure to check them out at and subscribe (NSFW).

With the Thanksgiving break about to hit midway through our third week of fundraising, it will be interesting to see how support is affected, particularly with our American audience. If you get to see some friends or family over the holiday that you think might get a kick out of the project please do let them know about us!

As is now tradition, the guys over at A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan (voted Orlando’s #1 radio show) put on their annual ‘Snootsgiving’ event last night. This year themed as ‘Realman Fest 2013’. We where in attendance and got to spend some time with Tom, Dan, Ross and the rest of the T&D family to talk a little about Lobodestroyo and their involvement. There are plans for us to sit in on a future episode of the show to promote the kickstarter (which I am extremely excited about). More details on that as soon as they develop!

For those of you not familiar with AMT; Tom and Dan have both agreed to voice cameo characters in Lobodestroyo. These characters are visualizations of their alter egos from the show; Pigman and Whaleman. Their unique sense of humor and killer radio presence makes them a perfect fit for Lobodestroyo, and we are EXTREMELY grateful that they are willing to help us out!

Fans of T&D will be able to run into Pigman and Whaleman (attorneys at law) in Lobodestroyo’s hub world of Costa Lucha where the duo have set up their law offices. The cameos are inspired by the voice work of Conan O’Brein and Andy Richter in Halo 4, but taken to the next level. It’s great to be able to put our own spin on the idea and get the guys into our game!

As with last week we want to take the time to fill you up with information on the various worlds Mutt will be exploring in Lobodestroyo. This week we heat things up a bit and take you to Tourist Trap Meltdown (working title)

No adventure game is complete without a lava world, and this is ours. Set in a theme park built in the rolling hills, 'Meltdown mixes classic fire world archetypes with the sights and sounds of a modern day theme park. Add in a military occupation and you are on the right page.

Wonderwish Studios is a blockbuster film powerhouse that has expanded to a world renowned theme park. People from far and wide visit every year and enjoy the park’s various themed lands, costumed characters and assorted attractions. Well they did…

Igniting the long dormant volcanos and rolling in with his militia, the abhorrent Commander Salamander has returned to liberate the lands from the current inhabitants. Having been ousted years ago and locked way by the Lobodestroyo for crimes against his own people, the Commander seeks to reclaim the land he sees as rightfully his. Setting up his headquarters inside of the flooded central castle and dispatching his troops throughout the park, the Commander is determined to rule again with an iron fist.

We will be detailing the boss fight mechanics with the Commander in our next update and delving into the way we want to handle encounter events with the gameplay. Stay tuned!!

Players can expect to run into flame-throwing militia tanks and blockades set up throughout the once peaceful theme park. As well as explore rides in various states of decay such as a dinosaur riverboat ride, an extremely unsafe roller coaster and try their luck atop a massive freewheel and in a mummy’s tomb.

Banks Lee (host Attractions Magazine: The Show!) will voice The Scalper, an enterprising (if not somewhat shady) character lingering around the studio entrance. Players will be asked to collect loose tickets they find throughout the level, which will become an ongoing mission while the various other tasks are completed in the park. He’ll be joined by our friends at the who will be voicing the bumbling troops occupying the streets and lands of Wonderwish Studios.

The music for this world is an interesting mix. Mashing up traditional lava world sounds with both a theme park flair and the harshness of a military invasion should be difficult to assemble. But Gooseworx delivers! Check out the work-in-progress track to be featured in the game world.

Adding the soundtrack at the $25 and up reward level has lead to quite a few of you rolling over to the higher tier. Thank you! The soundtrack is shaping up to be simply amazing and I cannot wait to continue to work with our boy Gooseworx as he churns out digital magic. If you haven’t done so already, please consider backing us at this level so you don’t miss out on the full soundtrack when the game launches!

How cool is that!? It’s been great seeing the creativity of our supporters online. Below are a few examples of great fan-art that we’ve been sent! Keep them coming, you guys are amazing! 

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    1. Sir Jordi

      great fan artwork!
      and nearly 10K! horray!

    2. James Guy Creator on

      @Andrea awesome! Glad you found us!! T&D are amazing. Real stand-up guys supporting local Orlando efforts. So glad to have them onboard.

    3. Andrea Cates on

      Love it! I heard about this project initially through A Mediocre Time!