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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
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Wii-U Stretch Goal Readdressed

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

We have an announcement for our backers (and potential backers!) regarding Lobodestroyo on the Wii-U.

Firstly please let me explain our initial logic on the original stretch goals. The costs for developing on the next-gen platforms is nice and low. Sony and Microsoft are making rather respectable grabs at the indie market and are trying to make development of titles as easy and appealing to guys like us. With Xbox Ones acting as dev kits (much like the Ouya) for example, the cost is already significantly lower. It was due to these lower anticipated costs that we put the PS4 and Xbox One goals before the Wii-U. 'Put the cheaper targets first so they are easier to obtain'... Pretty simple logic, and something that made sense to all of us on the team. No favoritism. No politics. Just the desire to get Lobo out there on as many consoles as possible after launch.

Lobo’s roots and inspirations are clearly and unabashedly plucked from the memories of our N64 days. So it makes sense that the Nintendo fans would be attracted to the project. We didn’t realize how much support we’d encounter on any stretch goal system, but the people have spoken and the answer is a resounding vote for the Wii-U.

It is with that said I am happy to let you know that we are restructuring our stretch goals and making Wii-U development our number one priory. Please visit the main page to see the updated stretch goals. We hope that this effort will ease the minds of many of you backing with the expressed goal of getting this game on Nintendo’s console.

How does this effect the launch platforms? 
Simply put; it doesn’t. We are relying on a matched fund donation from Ouya’s Free the Game Fund to make this game happen. We have budgeted and planned around this in order to keep our initial goal so low. (The asking price is very much the bare-bones cost for us to be able to make the game. We are all working on this project for free).

The Free The Games Fund is an AMAZING opportunity for us to double our funds, and we are extremely appreciative of the people at Ouya for accepting us into their program. Plain and simple we cannot make this game without their support on ANY system. Per our agreement with Ouya there will be a console exclusivity for Lobodestroyo at launch. We are allowed to launch on PC, Mac and Linux formats as well, however we are prohibited from any other console for a period of 1 month per $10,000 matched. A pretty killer deal for us, and one that we are happy to agree to. For more information on the rules and requirements of the Free the Games Fund please do visit their site here. I can’t stress enough how awesome it is that a company would do this. Regardless of any platform affinity you may have, you have to admit thats a classy move.

So What about the Wii-U Version?
Now what would that mean for the Wii-U version? A delay after initial launch? Yes. But that delay will allow us to really trick out our game and completely customize it for the new platform. This would essentially be exclusive development time for port optimization. The Wii-U has some great features and capabilities that we would love to take advantage of. The controller alone will open up a world of possibilities to our team while we work on the port. I’ll leave it to you guys to imagine what could be done (in fact we welcome your suggestions!) but no time will be lost or wasted when it comes to this game. It’s our baby.

As a total Nintendo-head as a child it has always been a personal goal to release a game on a Nintendo system (I am certain there are many childish sketchbooks in my parent’s attic that can corroborate this claim). Believe me when I tell you that we WANT to get this game on the Wii-U, and we NEED your help to do it.

We have applied for a dev kit quote from Nintendo and await a response. We made our goal estimations based on what we where able to pull from the web, plus a small buffer margin. This is to ensure that we don’t make promises we can’t keep., should the cost be higher than expected. If the final price come back lower than we budgeted for (fingers crossed it will) then rest assured we will lower the asking price. Again, lobo is done at cost. So if it costs us less, it will cost all our backers less too.

So there you have it. Updates to follow as available. Thank you for supporting Lobodestroyo and for continuing to spread the word on our project! If you haven’t already please tell your friends, family, random people you meet on the street… we need as much exposure as possible and we can’t do it without your support. THANK YOU.

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