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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
929 backers pledged $43,831 to help bring this project to life.

One week down. 73 backers strong. It starts!

Posted by James Guy (Creator)

First and foremost THANK YOU for all the outreach and support you have given the campaign so far. Lobo is getting love from friends old and new, and from all over the world. We really can’t thank you enough. We are starting to slow down a bit on pledges for the dreaded ‘Week 2’ of most Kickstarter campaigns. But I am optimistic that with upcoming coverage and word of mouth we will make it through! Please continue to tweet, share and link to the campaign whenever possible so we can get this game in front of as many people as we can! If you haven’t already, please LIKE US on Facebook to better stay in touch.

Gooseworx, our talented composer has orchestrated the main theme for Lobodestroyo which can be viewed below over the start screen animation. In classic Banjo-Kazooie style the start menu will showcase various game worlds in the background while the logo patiently waits for players to press start. Speaking of classic Banjo-Kazooie… the great Grant Kirkhope, the original composer for the BK games (along with the rest of the Rareware lineup) has shown support for the project (and more importantly our composer) via twitter. Retweeting the campaign link as well as posting props on our sound. Please join me in bellowing a hearty ‘congratulations’ to Gooseworx (@gooseworxmusic on twitter).

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Though it might be a while before you can press the start button, you can listen to the Lobodestroyo main theme right now above! Or check it out on YouTube right HERE.

We have had some very generous donations from our supporters and already have two top-tier backers at the MODEL CITIZEN level! Thanks go out to the very generous Mary and Judith. At this tier both Mary and Judith will be featured as NPCs in the game’s hub world. We have reached out to get some information on both of our benevolent benefactors and have started work on their initial character designs (which we will be sharing in a future update!) If you would like to be given the ‘model citizen’ treatment please visit the main Kickstarter page for more information! 

That said, we don't give out lame rewards here! There are some other great rewards at the lower priced levels for you to check out! We already have had a fair few backers up their pledge amounts to boost themselves into the next tier. THANK YOU all for your support!!

Next week we will be featured on a few podcasts peddling our luchadorian wares. Look for us on the Start-Select Show [] as well as the DK Vine Kongversation []. More info on that when we have it. We are very appreciative of any and all attention these guys are willing to give our game and eager await getting to blab nonsensically about it! 

If any of our backers have any connections to media outlets or websites that might be interested in covering our campaign and/or the game itself please reach out and put in a good word for us! The more attention we can gather the more backers we can potentially reach. Thanks in advance!

The many worlds of Lobodestroyo will feature a wide cast of characters in diverse locales. Each weekly update I’d like to take some time to detail one to give you an idea of the adventures and antics to expect in each. First up: Grottingham Shire.

Grottingham Shire is the 6th world players will explore. Set in a dreary English farm town slogging through a perpetual drizzle, Grottingham’s oppressed citizens are forced to toil away in muddy fields and live in soggy stone hovels. These ‘subjects’ are denied all the perks of modern life thanks to the tyrannical royal thumb of Leopold the Loathesome, who serves as the world boss. This curmudgeony, old lion hates anything and everything to do with ‘new fangled’ technology and has banned it from his lands. Subjects can expect swift trips to the stocks if they are caught with a smart phone, and checking in on Facebook warrants a week in the dungeon (or worse yet a visit with the dragon the king keeps shackled under his throne room floor…) 

While exploring the Shire players can expect to run into a local outlaw and his decidedly un-merry band of men; vie with the waterlogged Lady-of-the-Lake for a special weapon; and take on a kilted clan of mountain men who keep sneaking down to bother the farmer’s sheep.

The showdown with Leopold will take place atop the battlements of his castle in a humorous yet challenging chase segment, that if successfully completed, will earn the player a brand new mask and set of ice-hearted abilities from its former owner. But more on special moves and power ups in our NEXT update!

That’s it for this update. As always please shoot any questions or comments to me via the Kickstarter page directly or via email to We will have another update for you soon with more tidbits and news about the game, as well as potential changes to our stretch goal totals. (we appreciate your patience!)

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