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A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
A retro action adventure game inspired by N64-era collect-a-thon platformers. Channeling the spirit of Rareware's late 90's titles.
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Backers! It’s been a while.


Firstly I apologize for the lengthy pause in updates and backer reports. Going silent (less a few tweets here and there) is not something we wanted to do but considering the landscape and lack of progression on the game, I didn't want to send updates that just stated all our struggles. I elected to keep the problems behind the curtain in the hopes that I’d have some good news later. That is not fair to our backers, and too much time elapsed. The phrase ‘no news is good news doesn't apply here’, and I do apologize for not getting an explanation out sooner.

The good news is that we have had a massive revitalization, and Lefthanded Games Studio is now better equipped, more organized and revved up once again to make Lobodestroyo a reality. New team members, new attitude, new dedication, all of these things will get us back on the map and reporting on the development of this project.

Where Have You Been?

There have been numerous reasons for the lack of an update but it all boils down to one this; lack of progress. We have been chipping away at small efforts on the project but nothing that is releasable as news. This has changed and you can expect a lot more from us as far as news and updates via our new Lefthanded Games Studio website (more on that, and our new attitude in a minute).

I’ll save you the sob story, but the long-and-short of it is that the project hit some stumbling blocks that slowed down development to a crawl. Keeping us on track became difficult; availability and commitments faltered; and the overall attitude was no longer optimistic. Often I found myself asking the question of wether or not we have bitten off more than we can chew…

Last month Josh Griffiths at Cliqist did a video exposé on Lobodestroyo’s lack of updates and presumed the project was dead. Shortly after we did an interview for the site, and answered the questions many people had been wondering. Where is Lobodestroyo? What state is the game in? Is the project still happening?

I strongly encourage you to read the full article as it covers the situation rather well. I very much appreciate the attention and effort Josh put towards finding out what was going on. It’s a testament to the fact that people care about this project and want to see it become a reality. Something we will never take for granted.

But enough of the bad news... on with the good stuff!

We’re Back!

And with a new attitude! We have made changes behind the scenes in how our team is structured and have brought on qualified and eager members to help get us back on track. 

Our reinvigorated attitude is also bringing with it a new website:

This site will serve as our central hub for updates large and small, as well as additional content such as streams, podcasts and videos by the team here at Lefthanded. Our goal is to provide a constant feed of Lobo-related banter that will be updated regularly with morsels and tidbits rather than stockpiling information for periodic backer emails like we used to.

It still has a few kinks to work out (it’s been while since I managed a blog site so I am a little rusty) but we’ll get there! I’ll have some help too from our resident game blogger Leon Fletcher of NintyBuzz, who will be bringing editorials and community related content to the site in periodic BackerBuzz posts. I’d like to also thank our good friend Eric Ferrara for taking on our new server and repository hosting duties. He’s been the driving force in getting the site up and running and we very much appreciate his time. When it’s firing on all cylinders we hope this site will be an informative, entertaining stop for all our backers and supporters to check in and see what’s happening with the game. Check it out!

Project Management

This is a very ambitious title for a team like ours to undertake. We are learning exactly how ambitious the more time we spend on it. It became rather evident that optimism wasn't going to be enough to get us to the finish line. We needed someone to take the reins and steer the game in a positive direction again. Someone who has been down this road before and is familiar with the complexities of game development… turns out such a guy exists. And we’ve snagged him!

Please welcome Scott Malo to the project! Scott is an industry veteran who has delivered games for numerous console and desktop platforms. He specializes as a Digital Artist and Project Manger and is perfectly suited for Lobodestroyo. You can read more about our new recruit here on the Lefthanded website.

Scott is not the only new addition to the team. We also have a talented new programmer on the project (who we will formally introduce to you soon) who will be shaking things up on the programatic side of the team. Adding structure to the overall team via Scott combined with a larger and better equipped programming team will give us the tools we need to function as efficiently as possible. We’ve already made big organizational efforts and established a better plan for version control and the project repository that will keep us moving efficiently and intelligently. The new foundation being established is already making a large impact on how the project operates. This will all be outwardly evident in the coming months.

In Closing

I’d like to keep this update more on the housekeeping side of things so I am going to wrap it up here. We have some new articles up on the site already featuring a new character reveal and some concept art and lots of new content in the works coming soon. Be sure to head over there to get your Lobo fix regularly.

Thank you again for your support and interest in the project despite setbacks and delays. Bad news is never fun to report (or read) and I apologize for the lack of communication the past few months. The community kindness and optimism for this game is still as strong as ever and on behalf of the team I’d like to restate how much that means to us. Our backers are the best in the world and we couldn't ask for a better group of friends, family and fans. This game is still coming. We’ll get there together. Thank you for being with us on this ride.

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    1. Matthew Fuller on

      Glad to hear you are still working on this! Looking forward to future updates

    2. HappyWulf

      Don't forget to add in a Wilde Times level!

    3. Zack DiGiulio on

      Props to you for sticking it out despite hardships

    4. Patrick "Kuntos" Sapp on

      glad you guys are still working hard and not giving up dude. :) keep upt he hard work.

    5. Laurent Mercadal on

      No problem ! We welcome your updates, we just wait to discover the game :)

    6. Justin Holmes on

      I'm sure we all appreciate the honesty in this update. It can't be easy to self-assess like this, but I for one think this project is worth it!

    7. Leon Fletcher on

      Ooh, I'm as excited as a luchador in a luchador mask shop (yes those big macho men still get pretty excited... I'm just not that macho) :D

    8. Diegoctba on

      Can't wait for Lobodestroyo, you guys are really cool too.

    9. Daniel Rodriguez on

      Great to hear about the project picking up momentum again still looking forward to the game!

    10. Signal on

      Good to hear from you guys again, I was thinking about this game recently.