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Habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.
Habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Wine Guy on

      I liked the April Foods, er April Fools! Thank you.

    2. Elan Harpaz on

      Can you add a secondary way to subscribe in-game. Like PayPal / Google Wallet / Amazon Payments. Thanks!

    3. Elan Harpaz on

      This app is really taking the shape I've always hoped for.. thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting in daily!!!

    4. Roman - Jagged Weresheep of Sin on

      Old school RPG fans check out InSomnia it looks amazing.

    5. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      known bug (very strange and inconsistent, only effects a few people) we're working to fix that on, follow up here: .

    6. Missing avatar

      Wine Guy on

      I had to do a password reset with the new download: no biggie, but now it's not accepting my new password AND the re-reset (after clearing the cache and the cookies) isn't accepting the newer habitrpg generated password either. Suggestions?

    7. Dark Smile Games on

      I'm so glad to see this new site! It loads! I can click buttons!

    8. Elan Harpaz on is working well, thanks!

    9. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      I'm going to post a blog to Tumblr tonight about the issues and our roadmap for overcoming them. For now use as a lower-traffic website which uses the same database

    10. Elan Harpaz on

      Haven't been able to open the site.. Keeps saying server is restarting. All of the amazing artwork and ideas in this site make me want to use it so bad but whenever I remember to it doesn't work! :'(

    11. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      @Michael - alas, the platform we're using to compile the mobile apps (PhoneGap) won't easily export our project to Blackberry. It will make a build, and we'll probably build & upload anyway, but no promises on what it will be like. Luckily, since it's open source and will get the app 80% there, we hope BB users might step in and sort of finish it up

    12. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      BrowserQuest Hangout Thurs 7/11 @7p EST - (also, follow that tumblr if you're not already - faster updates there)

    13. Michael Haughian on

      Hey is there any chance this could be available on the blackberry ?

    14. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      Elan - Derby 0.5 upgrade is just around the corner, I'm deploying to test servers today and should push in the next few days. If this doesn't solve most of the "basic functionality" bugs, I don't know what will!

    15. Elan Harpaz on

      I am still having trouble with basic functionality. I already only visit the site about once a week and during those times it does not even seem to make the recording of completed tasks simple. It may register a checkmark for 1 task, but trying a second recording of the next one down will do nothing as many times as I click the checkmark.

    16. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      Got a big update on mobile & the framework upgrade (stability) coming up in the next couple weeks, just about there! In the mean time, follow Twitter / Facebook (either or, they're mirrored) for micro-updates, and Tumblr for medium updates. I try to post back here as often as I can, basically copy/paste the Tumblr blog - but (and I know this is super trivial) the KS's WYSIWYG is a mega-PITA and it takes 45m to fix the formatting and links, so I usually save it for the really important updates. Links:


    17. Philip Spina

      How about an update? It's been about a month since any real news...

    18. Darryl Fleming on

      How is the mobile app coming along?

    19. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      @Elan hang in there, mobile and framework upgrade (aka, uber bug fixes) are just right around the corner

    20. Elan Harpaz on

      I'm really bummed out at the execution of this website/app.. so much downtime on the site and hope diminishing on the greatness the app will bring.. :(

    21. Stan Lindsey on

      Lonenut - To use just go to

    22. Lonenut on

      I kickstarted this back when and then promptly just stopped looking at it. I couldn't figure out how to install and start using it. Is there a guide on using it anywhere so I can actually take advantage of it?

    23. Adam M. on

      Any idea's on an update any time soon?

    24. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      @Erin chime in here: - looks like there was an Express session invalidation on a very old bug (for users January or older)

    25. Erin on

      Hey Tyler or someone in the know, the website just reset but when I try to log back in it says I don't exist. Help, I don't want to lose the tokens I got from pledging, or lose my progress if I need to start over again with a new account.

    26. Roman - Jagged Weresheep of Sin on

      guys inXile is doing their closing party for their campaign.

    27. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      Hey @Erin, it's . That plus the other crits in that queue are being worked on night and day, believe you me.

    28. Erin on

      Gah, my actions last night didn't take and so I died today. Any chance you guys are making it a priority that the servers stop going offline every couple of minutes so actions aren't lost repeatedly?!

    29. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      @Divina and @Wine, could you follow up on ? got some questions, and wanna start a centralized convo

    30. Missing avatar

      Wine Guy on

      Same thing happened to me. Using chrome on Windows Vista. Chrome version: Version 25.0.1364.172 m

      HabitRPG doesn't even recognize my username.... and it won't let me apply for a new password.

    31. Divina Magracia on

      Hello Tyler~ My HabitRPG chrome extension was just updated recently -which is all find and dandy- however all of my information was *completely* scrapped. Not a single bit of my data was left over from the update. TT~TT Even my party was disconnected; I can no longer see my party member's avatar. I am very saddened by this as HabitRPG has actually done a lot to improve my lifestyle and I would hate to see all of my progress gone. I was using my Facebook to login to the extension.

    32. Leo Staley on

      Thank you so much. YOU ROCK

    33. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      @Leo - I added this for you:

    34. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      Those are very good points. We're trying to make as many things opt-in for the power users as possible, so perhaps we should add a shortcut mechanism for social features, for users such as yourself. Email me (tylerrenelle gmail) your user id and I can unlock some things for you. At present, we're gonna be rigging things around and our curent thought is there won't be much more to unlock (feature wise) after lvl 5, so you should be in safe territory

    35. Leo Staley on

      Thank you. I apologize for my slightly sarcastic tone. For me, the social aspect is the #1 important part, and the gamification is #2. I understand that for many people, it is probably reversed.

      I definitely understand that there is a difficulty with how to present it. I myself would like all features available at once- but for others, that's too intimidating. So do you make everything available at once, and satisfy some people, or limit and introduce things gradually, to satisfy others? I think you've made a good choice, over all, but for users like me, that choice ends up being limiting. The whole "impossible to please everyone at once" thing.

      If I'm interested in using powerful or interesting features, is there a higher level than 4 that i should set my level to, to gain access to? Other details you might suggest to change to access other features?

      Thanks very much for your time, Tyler.

    36. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      level requirement penalty? We introduce new features to users over time so they don't get confused by complexity right away. Multiple times I've shown people the app using my own account as a reference, and they say it's too confusing for a todo-list. I logout and create a new user, "ooohhh! so much simpler". It's very important it stay that way, though we're considering a different unlocking mechanic than levels.

      You're actually the first to complain about this. You can use the restore tool to set your level higher if it's bothering you:

    37. Leo Staley on

      Is there a way i can bypass that level requirement penalty? like, is there a way i could pay for it or something? I'm gonna have to just give up on this and find something better if i can't start off doing this with my partner. Not sure why you'd want to penalize players for being new like that, but there's got to be a way around it, right?

    38. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      Plus the stretch goals. We have many KS promises to fulfill, not just the mobile app, and we'll fulfill them all.

    39. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      If you check out the "What this campaign funds" (, the app is #3. obviously very important, and it's making very good progress - but not the only thing

    40. Missing avatar

      James Freedley on

      Love the game. Simple but motivating. However, weren't we backing an "app" not a website?? The idea is fantastic, I just feel it would preform smoother and quicker in app form right? Wasn't that what we were backing??

    41. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      Quick question, when are we supposed to get our tokens for backing? I filled out the survey but I don't believe I received any.

    42. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      @Kathryn see solution at

      @Leo Just one person need to unlock parties (lvl 4), and you can invite the others

    43. Leo Staley on

      my best friend and I are really eager to try this out, but the biggest draw is the party system. I don't want to have to be penalized for not playing it alone for a few days, before i can play with my friend, so is there any way to unlock it from the beginning? my motivation for doing this comes almost wholly from the teamwork/competition with my friend...

    44. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Schmiedicke on

      I just got 4482736 / 800 experience and about 379958 gold for filing my taxes XD

    45. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      well, as once the tavern feature is in place ( you can opt out of Habit until you feel better. Use as a stop-gap to restore your character's stats for now

    46. Dana Ford on

      Hey, I recently have been quite sick with the flu meaning that I haven't been able to finish many of my daily tasks. I was wondering if in the future you could organise an update for a sick option. Maybe meaning that health lost is halved? I just dont think its fair that my character should die when I cant get out of bed :/

      Im not sure how to use trello, so maybe someone else could suggest it up there?

    47. Tyler Renelle Creator on

      Shameless plug for a friend who's about to start a Kickstarter campaign. He's creating a remote vehicle diagnostics service for sending engine info to your smartphone app. Deets at, fun ad video at :) Hopefully any car owners amongst us can share some love with him!

    48. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      Oh, got it! Thanks!

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