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I’d like to invite you to come alongside me for the long awaited, highly anticipated, nearly abandoned… second Lee Koch album.
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The New Album is Getting Done Right

Posted by Lee Koch (Creator)

It’s funny. When I tried to raise funds for my last album, the country had just fallen into recession. A few friends were able to help and I pulled a student loan to cover the rest. I just wanted to get it done. I didn’t give much thought to the inevitable expenses that came after the recording process: art, design, manufacturing and touring.

So, Kickstarter helps me to align my goals and ensure my budget. It also provides listeners with the opportunity to fuel the project as it’s being completed. Instead of having to wait until it’s done to pay their $10 on iTunes, supporters can say that they helped get the album finished by pledging ahead of time. It also gets them dibs on exclusive goods.

I love this model. All the people who believe in the quality of this next album can collectively fund it and hold the finished product with pride. If you’d like to be involved, pledging is obviously a great way, but please share this project with others too. That would be huge.

And for those of you who enjoyed my first album, it’s exciting for me to announce that Jesse Siebenberg, the man behind all that music, will be producing this next one as well. He has just assured me that, “We’ll outdo ourselves.”


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