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Yomee is revolutionizing homemade yogurt: With its Keurig-like design, just add milk and a Yomee pod to enjoy fresh, healthy yogurt
Yomee is revolutionizing homemade yogurt: With its Keurig-like design, just add milk and a Yomee pod to enjoy fresh, healthy yogurt
Yomee is revolutionizing homemade yogurt: With its Keurig-like design, just add milk and a Yomee pod to enjoy fresh, healthy yogurt
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    1. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      @Yomee - Take as much time as needed to get it right - don't rush a defective product out the door. People will soon forget the delay if what they ultimately receive is a great product but they'l never forget their displeasure if they receive a product that doesn't work properly. Thanks.

    2. William 5 days ago

      I just want to say WTF. Why are you keep changing prototype, when we should receive the product early this year!

      STOP boasting how is your company being recognized when you can't even fulfill your commitment to us backers for so many months!

      You are just spending our money on your advertisement and roadshow!

    3. Missing avatar


      I guess since I am making vegan yogurt I am not worried about getting the coldest temperature. I work from home, I want to make the yogurt and then put it in the fridge anyway. I won't likely be eating it right from the container so that's why I'm bummed about the year delay. Wasn't there a time you realized right before shipping that it wasn't getting the temperature you wanted? I didn't realize there was still so much prototyping to do when you mentioned all the conventions and shows you've taken it on already and the development with the pod company. Are they going to back out on us if it's this long of a delay?

    4. Missing avatar

      Stefan Mann

      When will we receive this? Have they been shipped out?

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrea on

      I am pretty disappointed for the second delay. With this one it is almost 1 year of delay. Make me think that when you started campaign you barely had a first stage prototype

    6. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      I make Kefir at home. I want to know if the unit temperature can be regulated using the app to make Kefir yogurts including Greek type texture without harming the live cultures please? I know that the metal stirrer that’s connected to the unit is metal and as far as I know stainless steel is ok for Kefir though plastic or wood is desired so the cultures stay live. It would’ve been good if the metal stirrer could be detachable and a strong plastic stirrer could be attacheable for Kefir recipes. I can’t wait to start using Yomee at home. Thank you. A. Irish.

    7. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Daniel Bloom: we will have an update coming shortly.

    8. Daniel Bloom


    9. William on

      Any shipping plans to update us?

    10. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Austin Zang: you can change you address at

    11. Missing avatar

      Austin Zang

      Hello. I moved, and I have to change my address. How can I do that?

    12. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Guy - we will share lot more details in updates to come. Stay tuned!

    13. Guy Yoselzon on

      While Qdesign seems a serious company, You have yet to post anything about the actual production.
      If you are shipping in august, you right in the middle of it.
      Is it possible share some production pictures with us ?
      Looking forward to eating my first yogurt!

    14. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Britta - We plan to ship in August. Thank you for your support and patience

    15. Missing avatar

      Britta Stanton on

      Looks like you're doing a lot of marketing and travel, but there is no update on when you will ship the product to your backers who have already financially supported you.

    16. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Yipeng - you can make the change at

    17. Missing avatar

      Yipeng Wang on

      Hi, how can I update my shipping address?

    18. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Brad Richards: we plan to ship in August.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brad Richards on

      Is there a new date for shipping Yomee?

    20. Paul Driver on

      I never thought to ask about this before, but is there sugar or any sort of sweetener in these pods? Being insulin resistant, I try to avoid sugar when I can.

      Excited to get mine!

    21. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Faiz Saleh Balweel: we are working the relevant agencies and will keep you posted. We hope to get this done before shipping.

    22. Faiz Saleh Balweel on

      any update about wheter pod is halal?

    23. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Cosimo: we plan to ship in August 2018.

    24. Missing avatar

      Cosimo on

      Hi. Is this shipping yet? Haven’t heard much.

    25. Lecker Labs Creator on Hi. We will have an update coming soon. We have been hard at work on production plans. All good news! We are still on track for August ship date.

    26. joshislookin on

      its been over a month since the last update. How are things going? is the last update on shipping still relevant? have you guys improved anything? are there any new problems?

      updates guys updates its a small thing but keeps your backers in the know and makes you look better thanks

    27. Katy Moon on

      @V - I think @Courtney England is asking the company to add a shipping note to her order so that the local carrier knows how to handle delivery. This kind of thing is done all the time to ensure the security of delivered parcels.

    28. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Yipeng Wang: We will be shipping in August 2018. We will have more updates coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

    29. Missing avatar

      Yipeng Wang on

      Hi, when will the product be shipped? I haven’t heard anything yet.

    30. Missing avatar


      I hope you don’t think posting a comment publicly here will somehow get to your local mail carrier.

    31. Courtney England on

      Mailboxes are being broken into here and things stolen from the garage. Please when mine ships to put behind the iron fence so dogs will more likely keep thieves away. I hope this isn't a problem.

    32. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Diana - We are shipping in August 2018

    33. Missing avatar


      Is it normal I haven't received mine yet?

    34. Missing avatar


      That would be very helpful thank you. With homemade milks I’m not expecting a thick dairy/Greek yogurt consistency as I know that without a lot of binders that’s not feasible. I just want to make sure the probiotic cultures will Work and feed off of homemade. I use 1 cup of almonds to make 4 cups of almond milk and strain out the pulp. It has way more almond content than store bought milk. If necessary I can make my own coconut milk or soy milk. I think this is a great innovation and appreciate the work being done for a dairy free alternative. Store bought vegan yogurts are quite frankly terrible and expensive.

    35. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @V: Results with boxed milks are more predictable. Homemade plant milks work well too but it depends on your recipe. We plan to do a series of tests with the new prototypes and pods in the coming weeks on various dairy and plant milk brands. We will post results on homemade plant milks too. Stay tuned!

    36. Missing avatar


      Do you know if the culture manufacturers have tested homemade nut milks? I would like to do this and not use boxed plant milks and make sure the yomee will still work for me with vegan pods

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Snapp on

      @David. Sometimes I forget that tone doesn’t read well in print. It was a joke.

      Your question is as all questions are 100% legit.


    38. David Allen on

      @Michael, I don't sleep in my kitchen, but I have a studio apt and the kitchen is close to where I sleep. It is a legitimate question to which I was happy to have an answer. It also isn't something that I had thought about until now. Making yogurt overnight is great for folks with homes large enough that the kitchen is away from sleeping areas. Making yogurt during the day while at work is perhaps better for folks with small or studio apts.

    39. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Kleomenis Katevas: Stirring the milk at the beginning of the cycle does have some audible noise. This doesn’t last beyond 20-30 minutes though ( can also be controlled in expert mode). The fan runs at the end of the cycle when the yogurt is being cooled. This is a lot less noisy. During incubation (most of the cycle in term of time) there is no noise.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Snapp on

      Do you sleep in your kitchen?

    41. Missing avatar

      Kleomenis Katevas on

      Hello. How noisy is Yomee? Will I be able to sleep while making yogurt?

    42. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Guy Yoselzon: we will have an update in a couple weeks

    43. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Jorgen - You can edit the delivery address in the survey. You will be able to edit this prior to shipping as well.

    44. Jorgen Hartogs

      Hi, am I correct in thinking we only made our choices known so far in the survey but not the delivery address yet? I think that is what most below are asking.

    45. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Jackie - the survey was sent to your email address. You can resend the link to yourself at by entering your email

    46. Jackie Alan Giuliano Ph.D. on

      I don't see the survey in my Kickstarter inbox.


      Jackie Giuliano

    47. Lecker Labs Creator on

      @Abraham irish: Yes. We have. Thank you.

    48. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      Hi I filled-out the backer survey and wanted to confirm if you’ve received my response please? Thank you. A. Irish.

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