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Enter a world of enchantment and passion as Mine to Love takes you on a journey through the Labyrinth and into the depths of the heart.
Enter a world of enchantment and passion as Mine to Love takes you on a journey through the Labyrinth and into the depths of the heart.
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More packages!

The second batch of packages is getting picked up today!  I fly out for Europe tomorrow, so if your package doesn't arrive I won't be able to fix it easily until the middle of August.  Do feel free to let me know at any point though if there was a problem with your shipment, and I'll do my best to take care of it as soon as I can!

~Leannan Sidhe

Still alive! With album in tow!

Yes, I have in fact FINISHED the album!  I've spent the day packing up many of your packages before I ran out of albums on hand. (I'm doing short runs this time, for various reasons, but the robot gets tired and cranky so I don't ask it to do too much at once).

If you contributed to BOTH Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there may be a bit of a wait on one or two of the items. My apologies for that, but they WILL be coming!

Everyone else that contributed $50 or more (and most of the $25 backers), your packages are going to be mailed TOMORROW!!! Watch for emails with download codes over the next couple of days.

Everyone else waiting for a CD, as soon as the new batch comes in, they'll be packed up and shipped to you (by me or my packing team). 

Everyone waiting on download codes: They'll be emailed out by Friday morning at the VERY LATEST, because that afternoon I am getting on a plane and heading to EUROPE for the first time!  A gift from a dear friend, and I can hardly think of a better way to celebrate! :)

Also, tell your friends that Thursday night I'm opening the new album for preorders (to be delivered by September).

I am so very glad to finally be sending you packages!

~Leannan Sidhe

More of the story...

Some of you may have made note of the fact that I've been working out of two studios now.  Part of that really has been because travel is iffy this time of year, and its saving me money to not have to have my musicians drive to Oregon and back to record.  There's a bit more that I haven't been able to discuss until recently.

The gist of it (if you can't read it on FB directly, is that Alec had to give up Fae Hollow and his studio and has been dealing with that and finding a new place to live, and feels terrible about letting his fans down.  So if you're wondering how your money has been spent on the album, everything that's gone to him has paid for musician time and engineering at it was supposed to, but then it was used by him to buy food, pay moving expenses and get a new place to live.

This album project?  May have made the difference all by itself between he and Kore having a roof over their heads and not.  So if things have been delayed a bit on my end, and if they get delayed any further, please bear with us and forgive the delay.  Even under these conditions, he's still working on mixing the album and making it happen, and it may yet be done by my birthday in March!

When you back small projects like this, you may be affecting more people's lives in a positive way than you ever realize.  Thank you for helping us all get this far.

Next week: Cello!


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Progress is happening! (No, Really!)

I do apologize!  It has been far too long since I posted an update, and I'm sure you'd like to know how things are going!

There have been a lot of bumps in the road this album with things going wrong and scheduling issues and whatnot, but the album is still moving forward.  I am now working out of two studios, SeaFire (with Alec as my main Engineer) and Criminal Studios (Which is local and easier to schedule with).  This does make for interesting times as we pass music back and forth between them.  Most of the recording is happening at Criminal Studios, with Dara making some of the obvious fixes before handing the files off to Alec.

I made the move for a couple of reasons, one being that the roads get untrustworthy this time of year going to SeaFire, and the other being that I can save a considerable amount of money on travel.  I am so far coming in over budget due to some unfortunate recording problems, so saving money where I can is a Good Thing.

I now have FIVE guitar players on the album, with only a couple more guitar parts that need to be done. (Rob Lindfors, Alexander James Adams, SJ Tucker, Mickey Phoenix and Wednesday Phoenix).  No, I don't intend to have that many at my album release concert. ^_^ I've been going with who I can get when I can get them so the album can get finished that much sooner.

I also have TWO cellists, Betsy Tinney and her student Jeri Lynn who is joining the album for one song (Voiceless).

I've got... SIX singers.  (Me, Alec, Mickey, Wednesday, Jeri Lynn, and I'm hoping the final one works out)  Not on everything, but all the ladies can be heard on Voiceless.

As I was saying, guitar has been recorded for all but one or two songs.  Cello has been recorded for about half, My final vocals are underway (recording more of them today in fact).  They've been waiting on the instrumentals, because I always sing better once the cello is in the mix.

My current goal is to have everything done being recorded and mixed by the end of January in order to have the album ready in time for Norwescon.  From there, I've allotted a month for mastering and another month for replication.  If something goes wrong, that month of replication can act as a bit of a buffer.  As long as the mastering is done by a week before the release date, I can do a short run of duplicated CD's for the release concert, so one way or another I have high hopes of being done in time! 

I'm working on putting together some youtube videos from my Halloween concert, at least one of which features a song from the new album, so I'll be sure to let you know when it is up.  For those of you who get early access to the music, expect to start seeing some of that in the next month or two as Alec starts sending me mixes for approval. 

Also, if you're curious, Dara at Criminal Studios has a blog in which she talks about some of the process, as well as some great music that is nothing like mine!  So wander over and check it out!